Sunday, November 10, 2013

Boden: Diminishing Discount Sale Starts Today!

Boden has given all of us an early present--22% off with free shipping!

UPDATE (11:08 am): Found this image at the Boden facebook page, which explains why they chose 22% off.

Hi, all.  I received an affiliate e-mail that let me know that starting this morning, Boden would be giving us banners/coupons for the new sale, the diminishing discount sale, which may be the very most favorite sale they offer, since it is for *everything* barring clearance items (usually).

This time is no exception, and having placed the appropriate banner in my sidebar, I gave the link a click, and yep, there it is--22% off everything, including all of the new holiday arrivals. 

In past years, November is a huge month, sales-wise, for Boden (and probably most retailers), so it makes sense that they would start the month off with a huge sale.  I do know that they will have other offers throughout the month, but one thing that I know will happen is that many of the "sought after" items will be completely gone by the time other sales come to the Boden site later this month.  (In fact, many of the sought after items are already gone, barring occasional popbacks--of course if they *do* popback, you can definitely get 22% off of them this week, so watch for them!)

Basically, my advice is to grab what you know will probably be gone (easy enough to tell--if there are many sizes/color gone or in the pink low stock checkmark state), get them now if you can so that you can ensure you have it in case it does sell out.  Waiting for a better price is only good advice if you can live without the item, or if the item is clearly not selling well (all sizes/colors in the blue in stock state).

Okay, so I will likely do a small picks post from this sale, but not today.  Tomorrow is a holiday here in the United States, which means the kids are home, so there is a chance something Boden related will appear here (either the picks post for this sale or the picks post for the Spring Preview), but I need to see how it all goes since three kids under 7 make figuring it all out difficult sometimes.  ;-)

If you need to see if something will work for you size-wise or fit-wise, there is a possibility one of the Boden Weekly Review Roundups could help you, so go ahead and check out the last few months worth.  The one that was just published on Friday has a ton of items, so you may find your choice there. 

That's it for now--do you all have any choices from the items?  Any dark horses that you know will sell out but none of us are even noticing?

Thanks and enjoy your (sale) shopping!