Saturday, November 16, 2013

Boden: Spring 2014 Preview Picks!

47 of them made me smile.  :-)

UPDATE (January 8, 2014): I linked to the website on items that are available now.  Many of the below items, though, are set to be rolled out in late March.  If that is the case, I have no direct link.

UPDATE (January 6, 2014): Boden is switching over to the new spring line today! You can use this coupon for 20% off with free shipping!

Hey, everyone.  Happy Saturday!

Monday night, November 18, 2013, the promo PRV3 is set to expire over at the Boden preview site and I wanted to make sure to get up a picks post for two reasons.  First to show off all the pretty and second as a way of reminding everyone that the promo is going to expire.  (I know I need the reminder, anyhow!)

The 20% off includes free shipping and returns, and as I have seen the past two years, a lot of items sell out before the rollout actually happens (for most of these items that will be 8 weeks from now, though some are slated to rollout in 16 weeks).  I used to be sort of bummed that I would buy something in preview and then the item would rollout, prove to be unpopular, and then be reduced by 35% a few weeks later, making my decision to purchase early a questionable one.  However since Fall 2012, I have had no regrets purchasing early.  I have bought the odd item here and there outside of preview, but for the most part everything you have seen on me was purchased during preview.  Most of the items I chose have not completely sold out, but a few very solid choices of mine have, and I am very happy I bought them early ( Chic Tweed Shift, Ingrid Coat, and the Heeled Loafer to name some from the Fall/Winter 2013 season).

Anyhow, I only encourage you to choose something for you or your family in preview if you would be bummed that you missed out on it, versus buying because it may sell out before the rollout even commences.  :-)  (That is my non-enabler alert, btw.  LOL.)

Okay enough talky-talk.  Let's look at the bright, colorful pretty!

Audrey Ponte Dress
I love the color, and the very versatile shape.  Also comes in navy and black.

Easy T-shirt Dress
Nothing is more comfortable than a t-shirt, and I wanted to highlight this printed version since the aqua is so happy and bright (it is a bit dreary here today, and seeing  this color is a literal mood lifter).

Erin Dress
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.
It is a sleeveless version of the very popular Amelie Dress (which is back for the preview, too, btw).  It also comes in a very pretty yellow striped shade.

Flowershow Dress
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014. 
Such a lovely printed cotton frock in a wonderful blue shade, worthy of any outdoor event you may choose to wear it to.

Leila Ponte Dress
We know that Boden has been "inspired" by J. Crew (come on, it's obvious, right?), but this dress screams J. Crew circa 2008.  That *is* a very good thing.  ;-)

Monte Carlo Dress
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014. 
I know that some of you prefer Boden's less bright, less "in your face" options, and this dress is just that, a bit of subdued color paired with just the right amount of eyelet flowers.

Nancy Dress
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014. 
Mark my words.  This one will sell out.  Hand on heart.  It just has that right amount of yummy combined with "I really wish I was vacationing in the Riviera and not here in my backyard for a barbeque, but if I can't vacation, I will just wear this dress instead."

Notch Neck Shift
UPDATE: The orange version above is due late March 2014.  Some of the colors are available now, though.
I own a *few* of these already, and yep, this one is another one I will add to my collection (but I will get rid of one that I own to make room for it, promise!).  I don't think this one will sell out, but if it did, I would be mightily sad if it did, so I will get it early, just in case.

St James Dress
There is no way my bedonkadonk can fit into this wool dress (especially since all of Boden's straight shifts are not made for us pear shapes), but I really want to live vicariously through one of you all, so please, one of you buy this orange version and review it so I can know that someone out there is enjoying its awesomeness.

Selina Dress
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.   The link brings you to a sale item from last year that is basically the same dress.  Just in case you like the style but want it for less.  :-)
It is really hard for me to recommend an all viscose/poly lining dress that is priced at $218 (well, with the 20% off, however you knew what I meant), but I have seen these sell well at Boden, and since this print is amazing, I figured I would put it out there that this could potentially sell out.  (It is also on the model in the catalog, and the version the model wears often sells out first.)

Wool Peter Pan Dress
Swoon.  The color.  The printed detail on the back facing.  The shape.  The darling collar!  'Nuff said.

Pretty Shift
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014. 
This is a great summer dress for work, especially if you work in a climate like we have in DC.  Ugh.

Canvas Shopper
UPDATE: Due late January, 2014. 
Even though I can sew a shopper just like this, I won't since I am in big time love with the print, so sweet.  It's a decent enough price, too, for what you receive.  I keep mine in the back of the van, and I am always finding uses for these bags.

Opaque Tights
Yay!  They are rolling out their awesome tights in a red and grey shade.  :-)

Palermo Tote
It isn't quite Celine, nor is it a J. Crew Tartine Satchel, but this is a darn good-looking bag that shows that Boden is trying to keep the chic up.  There are also non-animal print versions, too.

Printed Scarf
If you liked my Johnnie b. harem pants from last spring, the print from those is now on a scarf.

(BTW, no Johnnie b. preview which is a bummer because I do buy from Johnnie b.!)

Mayfair Coat
A very solid, very lady-like classic spring coat you can be assured would serve your wardrobe well for many years to come.

Pimlico Jacket
This reminds me of the Astrid jacket from J. Crew (minus the berries on the trim, obviously).

Richmond Blazer
I love Richmond, VA, so so so much, but not enough to buy this blazer.  However, I have seen a lot of buzz out there for this jacket, so I think it is another potential sell-out.  The floral print is really pretty, so I can see why!

Broderie Cardigan
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014. 
This cardigan is the item that made me smile widest.  It is happy-inducing.

Button Back Sweater
I have not jumped on the button back sweater (jumper) bandwagon yet, but this version has convinced me to give it a go already.

French Knot Sweater
Sometimes Boden's sweaters and tops can be very derivative...year after year of the same look, but then items like these in the knitwear picks show up and make me stand up and take notice.  This is stunning.  I won't be buying it, but I would love to see it on some of you!  (Hint, hint.)

Sophia Sweater
Amazing.  This very "60s French chic" sweater would look really darling with the yellow polka dotted pair of pants below.

Bistro Crop Trousers
Happiness for your legs.  :-)

Summer Linen Pants
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014. 
It's a shame they couldn't get a sample where the print lined up properly, but provided you receive a pair that has matching patterns, these could be showstoppers.  Whenever I wear my loudly printed pants, I always have folks stopping me to talk about them.  These would definitely start conversations.  Ha.  (I have noticed that there are the 20% or so who will stop me and talk with me about my loud pants and not be especially complimentary, but they do always give me credit for "thinking outside the box."  LOL.)

Bistro Short
Although I am not buying the Richmond blazer in this print, I will give these shorts a go, especially since the longs are a nice, decent 5 inches.  (And I am sizing up--I don't want to even deal with the 8L being too tight.)

Boho Boot
These are really cool.

Florence Court
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.  
I imagine it is hard to find heels in a color like this, I appreciate Boden for always bringing the color to all their items.

Mid-Heel Wedge
Boden may do color well, but they also do the practical, all leather construction shoe well, too.  These would definitely serve you well, especially in this navy shade.

Penny Loafers
Hey, I am recommending a loafer...what a shock, right?  Not.  Anyhow, I own the nude version of these from last spring (wore them today again, btw), and I will own this version in a navy (in a 40.5--woo hoo!), so yeah, I am going to say you should consider the Boden penny loafer.

Emily Skirt
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.  
The skirts from Boden have been boring me (outside of a handful) these past few years.  Now I don't need fun skirts aplenty, but yawn, so many choices were just blah.  This skirt is a great mid-point, a bit "fun" without looking "I am a 95-year old cat lady."

Fancy Embroidered A-Line
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.   (Possibly earlier, will update when I know more.)
This is very Milly.  Very Milly.  Wow.

Full Stripy Skirt
And if that one above was Milly, this one is very Kate Spade.  BTW, this one is practical, too, the pleats only are on the front, and there are nice deep pockets in the seam.

Wow Pencil
The name Wow Pencil made me lol.  The skirt is pretty enough, but I would love to tell people that I am wearing a Wow Pencil skirt.

Must Have Tee
This one is likely to go fast, since the rest of the tees are very meh.  (Sorry, they just are.)  This tee, though, is a bit more special, and the flying seagulls are a great print for summer.

Sleeveless Shirt
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.  
I remember wearing this style of button up back in high school (yes, the 90s), and it really hasn't been popular since then.  Maybe it's coming back???

Sleeveless Shirt
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.  
The sleeveless button up trend may be back since this version of it is completely sold out (what the wha???).

Sophie Lace Top
I have the Alice Lace Top from this fall, and this is clearly its little, shorter sleeved sister.  Very pretty in this pink!

Towelling Scoop Neck
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.  
If only I had less massive hips, I would be all over this.  Narrow hipped ladies, wear it for me.  I love their towelling line, but find the full coverage ones a bit much for our summers here.  This is Virginia summer friendly, but not Dina butt friendly.  Agh!

Mini Boden:
UPDATE (January 6, 2014): mini Boden has its own special coupon for the spring line, which is below.
Shop our new Spring Mini Boden Collection and take 20% Off Orders Over $135 Plus Free Shipping! Only at

My Baby Knitted Dress
This is my only baby Boden choice, and I don't even have a baby girl (anymore, sob!!!).  If CW could fit into the size 2-3, I would buy it for her.

The rest of the baby Boden line is not cute enough for me to spend money on it for Angus.  Instead any money I spend for him from Boden will be from the mini Boden line (he can wear the 1.5 to 2 size).

Action T-shirt
Such a cool shirt.  I mean, yeah, the poor diver is getting manhandled by the octopus, but look at that octopus, he is cracking me up with his angry eyes and arched eyebrows.  It is obvious my boys are getting to me, right?

Appliqué Hoody
For every manhandling octopus I find hilarious, there are also really sweet, unicorn and fairy dust items to show off too.  Look at this!  Rainbows!  Lavender!  Hearts!!!  Pockets!!!

Board Shorts
Rex owns a few pairs of these, including a grey skull version, and I can definitely recommend them to any of you who have *very active* boys.  They go through everything and look amazing.

British Print T-shirt
I have a kid named Angus.  And our last name is Scottish.  Yes, the boys will be sporting this red-bearded fellow on their chests this year.

Fun Appliqué Skirt
UPDATE: Due late March, 2014.   (This version above, anyhow.  Some colors are available now.)
CW loves flamingos.  That is all.

Hotchpotch Jersey Dress
CW already owns a dress with this print, but she is about to outgrow it, so I wanted to get her this in the next size up.  THANK YOU, Boden, for reissuing prints like this.  :-)

Pretty Patchwork T-shirt
"Put a little birdhouse in your soul."  I am clearly getting tired and the song by They Might Be Giants popped into my head.

Pretty Pintuck Dress
Yeah, CW had one like this, too, but it is too small.  Yay!  Another one in a bigger size.  (And I won't be getting rid of that matching Notch Neck this year.)

Okay, that's it.  Thank you for sticking around till the bitter end.  There is a lot here to digest.

Do you have any favorites???  Do tell!