Tuesday, November 12, 2013

J. Crew Reviews: Embroidered Front, Funny Birds, and a Pebbled Leather Tartine.

Embroidered-Front Tee. Size Extra-Small.  This top is currently almost sold out, barring a size extra-small in the navy/burgundy shade.  (I am in the light grey/ivory version.)

I thought this was a very pretty top when it debuted whenever (maybe two months ago?) and put it on my (teeny tiny) J. Crew wishlist.  Since my J. Crew wishlist is so miniscule, I can actually now afford to budget for the two-three items I am interested in per season. 

When this tee went on sale, and there was a decent promo going on, I bit, and was more than happy with the $45 I paid for it.  I don't know that I would have spent the entire $63 full price, but the extra bit of savings made me feel like I hadn't been swindled by the Crew.

I wore it for an entire morning in the back of my van while my hubby drove all of us to New York City.  My stepmom and I, by virtue of being *smaller* than my dad and my hubby, were squished in the back with Rex in his booster in between us.  Surprisingly, the Routan's back row is more comfy than you would expect, but let's not praise it too much, it is still the back bench row of a minivan.  The top survived the trip and barely looked worn when the photo above was taken after we finally alighted from the clutches of the car.

I think the potential for snags in the embroidery is there, so I would caution you to wear the tee when doing less physical activities.  I definitely would not wear this while toting Angus in the Ergo, for instance.

Anyhow, it was super comfortable, very pretty, and I think true to size (I typically wear a size xs in J. Crew's knits/tees).

BTW, that is the Tartine Satchel and I did buy the grey version after having bought the ivory version over the summer (again, I got this purse on a pretty decent discount, something like half off, I think I hit the sale/promo at exactly. the. right. moment.).  Anyhow, I highly recommend the pebbled version, and have worn it non-stop for the past two months.  My review is exactly the same as for the ivory over the summer, but I would say the pebbled version is proving to be very hard-wearing, so I recommend the pebbled version especially for anyone with a very active lifestyle (read: lots and lots of children).

Funny Birds Tee.  Size Extra Small.  I love the mid-century modern styling of these birds on the front of the tee.  I didn't wait for this tee to go on sale, I just bought it with a 25% off the first day it came out (I wanted the free shipping they offered that day).  I see that it is fully stocked, so if you want it, but want a better price (I paid around $35), I think you could probably wait. 

I could have bought the size small for a bit more of a loose fit (like the way the model in the catalog is wearing hers), but I am not exactly disappointed in the fit, I think it works for me the way I wear tees, so I won't be returning to size up.

Anyhow, this tee is very nicely made, with a soft feel, and interesting seam detailing (the shoulder lines are a bit dropped).  I didn't grab a photo of me in this with just the tee on (it was COLD that morning), but I have plans to wear it again and soon, so I should get a photo of it on its own soon enough.

Okay, that's it from me for tonight.

I should be back tomorrow with something, I hope.  I can't count on anything these days since my littlest man seems to be in the habit of midnight freak-outs/crying jags, and I won't lie, I am just a bit tired.  ;-)