Monday, November 18, 2013

Boden: New Sale Frenzy! Everything Reduced!

So once again I was alerted to the new sale by the affiliate program, but even with the prior knowledge, I had no idea that the current sale running at Boden would be this awesome.  It turns out that the "25% off with free shipping" coupon code is not just 25% off or just "up to 25% off."  Instead it is "AT LEAST 25% OFF."  "AT LEAST!"  Love that!

And, to make things even more sweet, they have decided to restart the sale of the week promotions, with two going on this week.  The first part of the promo started today and takes 30% off dresses, shoes, bags, and cold weather accessories.  The 30% off expires on Thursday night.  Now here's what I recommend...if you had your eye on a dress, shoes, bag, or cold weather accessory, and it is a *popular* item (looking low in inventory or selling out), grab it at the 30% off since the item will probably go to 25% off once the sale ends on those items on Thursday. 

There is no double combining of coupon codes, though.  Can you imagine the absolute bedlam there would be if we could?  Ha. 

So you know there was a huge restock of items this morning.  There are popbacks in the Ingrid Coat (review here),  Chic Tweed Shift (review here), and the Heeled Brogue (quickie review here), to name a few.  So if something you had wanted had sold out previously, and you can grab it today, you will get a pretty decent deal since these items had sold out when the coupons were for lesser amounts. 

I know that this post is specifically about the current autumn/winter line at Boden, but I did want to remind you also that the Spring Preview 20% off code is set to expire today at the Preview site.  Apparently it was pulled early from the British site (thanks for the update, Lou!), making a whole lot of European and Canadian customers super ticked off, but as far as I can see, the American code (PRV3) still works.  I wrote a massive picks post on Saturday if you missed it.  (It is massive in part because I combined all my picks into one post.  Must split them up in the future!)

Okay, that's it for now.  I think that's enough, honestly.  LOL.

Link to the new coupon code (expires on December 13, 2013):

Link to the current "sale" (that ends on Thursday night):
Take 30% off Dresses, Shoes, Bags, and Cold Weather Accessories (plus Men's/Boys' Trousers) at Four days only beginning November 18.