Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boden: Winter/Holiday 2013 Picks!

Good day, all.  Now that Halloween has passed us by, it is time for everyone to get ready for the holidays, and now that I can actually focus on the upcoming festive time (instead of on my daughter's insane Glinda costume that I agreed to make her), I figured a picks post was in order.

(I have the Spring 2014 picks post to do as well, especially considering that the preview 20% off code is set to expire in a couple of weeks.  That post will be done soon, hand on heart!)

Okay enough talking on my part, enjoy the sparkly, shiny, and special pretty that Boden has for Winter 2013...

The above image came in an e-mail today.  Stunning!
Luxurious Lace Dress.  Wow.  Well my first pick is all sold out or on deep backorder (depending on color).  I can see where the allure is since I happen to own a few lace dresses myself.  If you do have a thing for lace and really want this dress, watch the site over the next few weeks for popbacks as there are bound to be a few returns, but if you do see it popback, grab it, since anything sold out will stay that way (as evidenced by the Ingrid Coat and Chic Tweed Shift dress).

Well, here's to hoping I look like this at my reunion.
Tulip Party Dress.  If you spend anytime over at my facebook page, you would have seen me asking everyone if I should consider this dress as an option for my high schoool reunion.  I was worried that it would look frumpy on me and that I was worried I would choose the wrong size.  I decided in the end to get it in a size 6L since the measurements were a touch bigger in the 6L than the measurements of the 8L in the Chic Tweed Shift, and I love the way the chic tweed shift fits me, so here I am, declaring my love for a dress that hasn't even arrived and I am not even sure will work for me...all based on how darling the model looks in it. 

Anyhow, this one is slower to sell out, but if you wear a long size, you may want to act faster since there are quite a few out of stock/low stock boxes in the long sizes.

Looks really really good on her...
Sequin Pattern Dress.  On the dressform this dress looks kind of dowdy, but on the model it is *banging*.  I am halfway recommending it, but I fear they worked some kind of pinning magic to make the model and the dress look that good.  Hmm.

I do own the sequinned dress from last year and found it a great party dress, so I can definitely recommend the dress from a well made perspective, but I will reserve judgement on this one until reviews start pouring in...

Dazzling Tunic Dress.  I am throwing this one in the mix NOT because I like it, but because apparently a lot of women out there do, since it is almost all sold out in both colors.  I think it is pretty and could look stunning on the right woman, but is it $268 worth or pretty, especially considering it is made of viscose?  Hmm...no, in my opinion.  Even the sidebar coupon of 15% off would be enough to sway me, since even at the discount, it is still too much money on something that is made from a fairly shrinkable fabric and in a fairly blah shape.  However, if it floats your boat, more power, and here's to hoping that it can pop back for you!

Jersey Sequin Top.  This is viscose, just like the dress above, but unlike the dress above, this is $88, which is a lot more reasonable, especially since this tee can go chic casual or dressy.  I like this purple shade, which is a great holiday color, especially in a sea of green and red.  :-)

Siena Top.  This is the same kind of sequins my dress last year had, so I can 100% recommend this top to you.  Plus, unlike my dress, this can go more places, and would look especially cute with some winter white cord skinny jeans, ankle booties, and a fab statement necklace.  And a cocktail, of course. 

Metallic Top.  I love this top.  I am probably in love with it because it matches my hair color, and I think wearing items that match my hair looks kind of nice, but since that is my own personal reason to love this, I don't expect any of you are going to be all, "ooh, great reason," but there you go.

There is also a green polka dot version that matches the Tulip Party dress above in case that would be more your thing.  ;-)

Jewelled Collar Sweater.  I am sort of surprised this sweater isn't selling out, since it is so cute, but hey, if it doesn't sell out, I can wait and grab it when it gets reduced by even more.  So stay away, everyone.  LOL.  Just kidding.  But seriously, it is darling!

Handknit Cable Sweater.  My, this looks cozy.  Yum.  That is all.

Wool Bistro CropI imagine some of you LOVED the crazy blue version of these pants from my winter picks post, but thought, "well, it is an awful lot of blue tartan."  So for you all, this grey version may be more your speed.  (I have the blue version and it is very blue, and definitely bright!  Sizing wise, I went with an 8L, and think it fits fine, if a touch too tight through the hips, but a size up would be too loose.)

Italian Lace Jacquard Skirt.  Well, you all know I really have a thing for yellow, lacy items, so are any of you surprised I really like this skirt?  ;-)  It does come in much more muted shades, just so you know, but I luuuuurrrrrrrvvvve this pretty yellow one best...

Boyleg Underwear.  Boden has gotten in the knicker business!  Pants!  Teehee.  Okay, enough fooling around...these look to be super comfortable, and if they are anything like the rest of what Boden makes, it will not only look good but feel good, too.

Okay, with the lingerie up last, I am ready to bid you all adieu! 

Do you have any thoughts on this festive line?  Anything you would like for yourself or would like to gift someone in your life?

If you do desire to do so, there is a 15% off coupon running right now, which does include free shipping.  ;-)