Friday, November 22, 2013

Boden: Winter Warmers Sale!

They do look oh so cozy and oh so photogenic.

Apologies for not posting this yesterday either here or at my facebook page.  I was wrong in thinking the dress sale ended last night.  In fact, it ended on Wednesday night.  Eep.  I feel like I fell asleep at the wheel. 

I was out all day yesterday, and when I was home I was continuing to work on my most insane sewing project to date (this Vogue Paris Original from 1969--why are set in sleeves SO HARD???), so I really wasn't paying any attention to the computer outside of an e-mail here or there.  (It was an e-mail from Boden to my other "secret" e-mail account that alerted me to my misstep!)

Okay, so the deal is the same as it was for the first sale of the week, which I blogged about here

My feelings are the same...if you really really need the item before clearance (even if it is fully stocked), grabbing it now at 30% off is a great price.  If you really like an item that is nearly sold out or sold out but pops back, then DEFINITELY grab it at this price since it is unlikely it will go for even less (outside of a *possible* Cyber Monday/Black Friday deal--don't know 'bout that, though).

This sale extends to the whole family and is for the coats, knitwear, winter accessories, and boots.  There hasn't been a restock today, but many favorites have at least some popbacks, including my favorite, the Ingrid Coat (review here).  I am not sure how well the Vintage Heeled Boot will do at keeping your feet warm, but that is one fine looking boot.  :-)

Anyone out there have any picks for us?  Share in the comments if you get a moment!