Friday, November 29, 2013

Boden: *At Least* 30% Off Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Well I am not going to go on and on since you all know how Black Friday and Cyber Monday work.  In fact, many of you probably do what I don't do (because I am way too cranky at 2 am to do so*) and go shopping outside of your house when the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday morning.

*I did indulge in a few of those on-line sales that popped up yesterday that said "hey, here is our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal RIGHT NOW! 

This year's big Boden Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is to take *at least* 30% off everything on their site, and having just had a look around, I see that everything is at least 30% off, including the gorgeous (and made in the UK!) Tulip Party Dress that I am set to wear to my reunion tomorrow night.  (Remember size up, even if you think pear hips should fit better into a tulip skirt, lol.)  Now I had to purchase it at the 20% off since I needed it sooner rather than later, but if you love the look of one of the party dresses, and can wait a few weeks to receive it, this is a great deal on those since every year, without fail, most of Boden's party dresses sell out.

I already bought a sought after dress (the Woodland Knitted Dress) for CW this morning since that one is selling like hotcakes and had been sold out.  So I grabbed its popback and I look forward to seeing her happiness at that dress under the tree this Christmas (I got her the deer version).  There are a ton of popbacks this morning, so Boden is acting smart and putting out their returns at the same time as their sale is on...wish all retailers would do that!

If you need help with sizing or colors, check out prior Boden Weekly Review Roundups since they have a lot of information in them regarding all those things.  (This season has been well covered, too, I have had more reviews per roundup then ever in the past.)

Do you have any items that you will be grabbing this morning or over the weekend?  :-)

Below is the link to the sale: