Friday, September 4, 2009

Dress-Up for Whole Foods, Part Two and a Little Bit of SAHM Clothing!

Happy Friday before Labor Day Weekend!!! I know that some of you have already started your long weekend, so please do enjoy and be safe (!!!)...

Today, I had planned on showing you my outfit that I wore to the White House last weekend with the fabulous DC JCAs but then when I looked in my computer this morning, I realized I never uploaded them...and I am being lazy so I will just publish the post this weekend. (Gingersnap, this is the outfit that has the Cole-Haans, so rest assured, you will see their fabulous-ness sometime soon!) Also, for those of you thinking about buying the twist-sash dress on sale, that is the dress that I wore to the I will treat it as a mini-review for those of you on the fence...

Here is the polyvore for the first outfit (and only the first outfit--the second outfit, as you will see, was not worth doing a polyvore for...).

Yes, I dressed up to go to Whole Foods again. I mean, really, now that I am only venturing out of the house five times a week or so, I really make the outfits sing as much as possible. I have even turned to wearing nice outfits in the house because I love dressing up so much! (Although my SAHM outfit in the second photo is my very casual daily look--especially useful in the mornings.)

A Bigger Closet reviewed these sandals, and I put some comments in her post to talk about the if you have questions on the shoes, try her post first. The rest of the outfit's info is in the polyvore, but if you have specific questions, go ahead and ask in the comments!

Yes, this is my very casual, let's just hang with the kiddies look. The head-scarf is J. Crew, back when they thought it was okay to produce head-scarves. Can you imagine Jenna Lyons approving them now? way, Jose. The striped tank is from J. Crew back in February 2009. I actually had to shorten the tank straps and dry it in the dryer to make it fit properly. Irritating, but worth it for such a nice-looking tank top. The shorts are Ann Taylor Loft and are so comfy and cozy. The flip-flops are J. Crew...and one of about 7000 pairs that I own (I am a swim coach--I can sort of get away with the excess...)

You all have a great day...I will be posting a bit this weekend...come on by if you need a break from all the sun and playing and happiness that these long weekends afford us. ;)

Oh, and P.S.: I am at 99 followers!!! Lemonade Makin' Mama joined in as a follower yesterday...her blog is really funny, btw. I just want to say thank you to each and every single one of my followers...I love that you all get to join me daily with whatever I have in overabundance in my life (and with 99 followers, I would say I have you all in overabundance--YAY!).


Meredith said...

The blue green color is gorg on you, Dina! Have a good labor day weekend!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

you look super cute! Have a great weekend Dina :)

Jemma said...

I really like your whole foods emsemble, is the top j.crew too? You look very pretty!By the way, how do you keep CW from grabbing your necklaces? She must be so tempted all the time with all the beautiful baubles you have!

Joyce said...

I have that tank and the straps were too long for me too! That was when I thought JCrew could do no wrong, so the problem must be with me. Now I am dying to know how you shortened the straps. It may be too late for this summer, but I can get ready for next.

HeidiG said...

Love those sandals! And you look so darn cute in the 2nd pic!! Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!!

Together We Save said...

Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Tiffany said...

such cute outfits! you are inspiring me to dress up more when i go out. i used to dress to the 9s no matter where i went, pre-baby. i find i'm reverting to a lot of "soccer mom" looks, and i need to get out of the rut!

by the way, you mentioned ann taylor loft in this post. can i just say i am AMAZED at their new offerings!!! i went in yesterday and they have a TON of items that echo some of jcrew's stuff, for much much less (and what feels like better quality, especially in some of the t's). also- have you had a chance to check out lands end's fall stuff?! i just got their fall catalog, and they have introduced a "fit 1" that is a more modern fit. their audrey leg modern fit cords look VERY much like the matchstick cords from jcrew, but for $39.50. our local sears carries lands end, so i'm planning on trying them on in store, and i'll pass on the review on them! btw- can't believe i'm mentioning buying clothes at sears.... they aren't for just hammers and screwdrivers anymore! haha!

enjoy the weekend!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! I hope your Labor Day Weekend is still lovely! Unfortunately for us in the mid-Atlantic, it is kind of yucky! Sad!

Jemma Ruby: The top is Banana the flowiness of it! Also, I actually wear the necklace to keep CW amused...they hold up a lot better than you would think! There is a necklace (called the Seychelles) that was made by J. Crew last year and it has plastic beading (still very pretty) and it is PERFECT for a teething baby!

Joyce: I shortened the straps by going to my tailor (smile). She is awesome, and took off about a half an inch from the top of the straps, near where the seam was anyhow. After it was tailored, I washed it and put it in the dryer, and walah--perfect fit! HTH!

TNorwood: I am finding that I go to J. Crew less and less when I know I can find really really cute things at Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, or Boden, and get lots and lots of savings, too. That said, I will always buy those special pieces from J. Crew because when J. Crew brings it, they really BRING it! :)

I will totally be checking out those pants, though!!! If they are as awesome as you describe, it sounds like I need them! ;)

Have a great holiday Monday, everyone!