Monday, September 7, 2009

Let's All Go to the White House!!! (Mini-Review of Twist Sash Dress, Also...)

I have been telling Gingersnap that I was going to publish this post for over a week now, and all because she and I have a love for Cole-Haan shoes in common. She wanted to see the fabulous-ness that these new Cole-Haans I have, in all their amazing glory.

Well, it turns out that we have another thing in common, a love for the amazing Banana Republic Floral Statement necklace, which she and I both fell in love with because of the world's biggest jewelry enabler, aka Ms. Patina. So now I felt DOUBLE the pressure to publish this post...the shoes and the necklace!

And being me, I really wanted to show you all a fantastic dress, the twist-sash dress by J. Crew, that is currently on sale, so that those of you considering it for purchase will know if you are choosing well (and you will be...). :)

First things first...the polyvore of the entire outfit I wore to the White House. Yes, I was even so inclined to wear the nail polish you see in this set...admittedly it came off two days later, but I did wear it!

Second, the wonderful Slastena and 3-Penny Princess each had their own posts about the day, so go ahead and click on their names so you can see their write-ups (which will be way better than mine, because I am really tired right now and barely able to give this write-up everything I should). (Which is also why, if you have further questions, add them in the comments, and after a couple of hours to a couple of days later, I should be able to answer any question you have!)

Yes, I wore what is basically a party dress to the White House. I was feeling very mid-century modern woman when I was planning my outfit. I also knew that it would be hot and ridiculously humid outside, and because this dress is made from linen (with metallic threads interspersed), I knew that it would help me stay cool...linen is any preppy southern girl's best friend in July and August! I also threw on the navy patent open-toed Carma Cole Haan heels on, a knotted satin headband on, and the amazing floral statement necklace on. Altogether, pretty nice...but lacking...I threw something else on but I will get to that in a second.

The dress is well made and perfect for a summer party. The twist sash is just precious enough, without being all in your face twee. I like that this is a dress that can be worn to the office (see how in the next photo), but with just a few tweaks can be all sweet and sexy for a couple of mojitos or mint juleps out on the patio or veranda. (Can you tell I spend a lot of time imagining where I will wear things? It is all part of my pre-purchase process....and this time, it actually came to fruition!)

I ordered the twist sash dress in my normal J. Crew dress size 8. I could have just fit into the 6, but I would rather take something in than squeeze in... It is flowy and full on the bottom-half, so if you are bigger on bottom (like me), you should go normal size or possibly size down. If you are a bit "bust-ier," go with your gut and size up...the empire waistband sits right at your bra strap line, and it can be a tight squeeze if you don't properly size the dress (there is a metal covered zipper at the back of the dress).

If you are now interested in purchasing it, please visit here to find it, on sale. I bought it at nearly full-price and I don't regret it, so I think if you buy it on sale, you have scored!

Now, I wasn't about to traipse into the White House wearing a linen dress whose hue is almost a match for my skin color (it looks less so in real life), so I knew I had to find a jacket or cardigan to wear. The cardis I tried were all too unstructured and looked sloppy, and many of the jackets I tried were too boxy or the wrong kind of fabric. Then I remembered...I own a navy, belted linen jacket by Ann Taylor Loft that is just the right fit and fabric and weight for this outfit. I tried it on and voila, perfection...this was the right jacket. What made this jacket even better was realizing I had bought it on sale for something like 15 dollars (down from near 90 dollars) and in a size petite 6. I know...a petite 6. CRAZY! This jacket even reminds me of the Fiona jacket by J. Crew, with the exception of being well-fitting versus boxy.

So there you are, everyone...a perfect outfit for a perfect day. Thank you, Cleo26 for arranging the tour, Rosa for getting us into the Occidental Grill, and Kelly, 3-Penny Princess, and Slastena for being the absolute best company ever. Oh, and so you know...this necklace is like some sort of drug...after Gingersnap and I saw it on Patina, we just HAD to have it, and after Kelly saw it on me, she just had to have funny...I love that we are all just enabling one another left and right...I guess that is what friends do for one another!

P.S. I answered comments earlier today from the fairly recent posts, so if you have left a comment or asked a question, I have attempted to answer it as best I could!


AppGal said...

Beautiful! I just love this dress...loved it when I first saw it and love it on you! And the BR necklace looks great with it. Sounds like you all had a lovely time that day--how great that you live near such fun outing options!

Oh! And I just noticed that you're now at 104 followers! That's awesome! :)

Unknown said...

You look fantastic. I really love how you paired it with the jacket. Cute!

3-Penny Princess said...

Your outfit was positively stunning! I loved the dress on you, and I loved how you made navy your accent color. You looked so ladylike and charming!

I updated my post and added a link to your post. Nice review!

Cate said...

love the dress!! such a cute outfit! the necklace is amazing as well... i kinda want it too now lol

Summerilla said...

You look absolutely beautiful in this dress! You have such a movie star glow in this outfit, love love!

Really bummed I missed this event, it really looks like a lot of fun and I regret I couldn't be there.

jcmama said...

You always look stunning with dresses and this outfit with the jacket and all the accessories really put together well.

My baby girl is getting baptized in October and I have no idea what I should wear? Do you have any idea you can suggest? Should I go with a wool dress or a separate? I would appreciate if you could share some of your ideas. TIA!

Cleo said...

Dina, you looked absolutely gorgeous in your ensemble! The pictures can't describe it as well as IRL. :) I'm so glad i was there to see and had so much fun.

Cloggsy said...

That dress looks STUNNING on you!

Julia said...

You look gorgeous!! I love this dress, it's been on my wishlist for a while :) Do you mind me asking how tall you are? I'm curious to know how long the dress would be on me.

Julia said...

Ahh!!! I ordered the dress, it was just too good to pass up with the extra 20% off final sale!! Thanks so much for the review Dina, you convinced me that I needed it! :)

dinagideon said...

Hi, ladies (and gents???):

I have a moment because CW is asleep (yay), so I can answer questions and comments while she dozes (and Rex goes CRAZY running, running, running...).

AppGal: Yeah, 104? Amazing...seriously when I started out both my brother and I were amazed when I had two followers... :) I was at 105 this weekend and then someone dropped out...whatever...I am definitely a believer that if my blog is not your kind of thing you shouldn't follow me.

Gigiofca: Thank you...the jacket is fantastic...I love it!!!

3PP: Thanks for the update on your blog post...although I wanted to just pretend I was born here in VA, I couldn't let the lie stand, being all guilty Catholic and all... ;)

Cate: You are so sweet...and if you find the necklace, snatch it up...even if you didn't end up wanting it, I know you could re-sell that puppy on ebay no problem!

Summerilla: Movie star glow? That makes me smile...most likely the reflection of the metallic threads combined with the flash, but hey, I will take a glow, no matter how I got it! :) I hope you are settling in okay in NYC!!! (Oh, and we will have a lot more outings that you can be home for...promise!)

JCMama: Hi! Thank you...I would suggest a pretty, floral sundress if it is still warm where you live. I am planning on wearing a Theory sundress in a Liberty Print for my darling CW's baptism (on Sept. 20)...partially because it will no doubt be warm here, but also because baby CW's baptism/birthday party (we are doing both on the same day) dress is a liberty print from jacadi. (Our dresses are not the same liberty print, however...)

For Rex's baptism, also in September (2007), I wore a Studio M dress (you can find them at Macy's) that has a modern was green with brown blocked pattern on it.

I think of the current J. Crew offerings, you could wear any of the dressy jersey dresses (like the flutter scoopneck or dressy jersey ruffleneck versions) or you could wear the slub silk betty dress. From the sale section, you maybe should think about the Jayne dress (love this one and so versatile), the edie eyelet dress, or even the swiss dot melody dress (I have photos of me wearing this back in late May/early June).

I hope that helped you...let me know if you have any more questions. Also, if any of you ladies have any ideas, chime in, please!!! :)

Cleo26: Thank you for providing us the opportunity to be ladies who tour and lunch!!! Too fun... :)

Cloggsy: Well, thank you!!! I like stunning...that's a good word... ;)

Julia: I know, that 20% off is awesome, right? I am 5'8", but because I have a short torso and shorter thighs, this dress hits me at the same place it would hit a 5'5" or 5'6" woman. Most of my height is in my head, neck, and calves (weird, right?)...

Hope that helps you!

Everyone, have a great Tuesday, regardless of weather (it is just terrible weather here--rainy and sad...blah)!

tm said...

What a lovely dress, it looks so different (and also lovely) with the jacket!

GingerSnap said...

OMG! I'm so glad that you did this post! How cute are you? I love your whole look (...especially those gorgeous Cole Haans and that BR statement necklace!)

I think it's so funny that we are a bunch of enablers! Once I saw that necklace I HAD TO HAVE IT. And I must say, you look gorgeous in it!

I am so glad that you had a fun day and that you found the perfect outfit to wear to the WH! I love that it's linen - I am a big fan of it too - especially in summer! It's so cool and chic :)

BTW, what's the next outfit you have in the works for those Coles and BR necklace??? :)

Julia said...

Thanks!! I am also 5'8" with a short torso so I hope it fits me the same way it fits you!! :)

A said...

Wow, what a gorgeous outfit Dina! So elegant. You look fantastic. :)

dinagideon said...

Tastymoog: I totally agree...I am glad that I was able to put the two items together...I was this close to chucking the dress altogether because I couldn't wear the dress all by itself to the White House!

Gingersnap: If you suddenly start wearing a ton of seersucker I will officialy start calling us twins...I also really (heart) seersucker. Hmm...maybe some seersucker with the Cole-Haans and the necklace? Oh, and btw, I bought another (nude) pair of Cole-Haans at DSW the other day...not as gorg. as this pair, but because they are nude, they make my legs look longer... :)

Julia: Oooh, I hope so too!!! Let us know, okay?

A Bigger Closet: That is how I felt...elegant!!! Thanks for coming by and checking my blog out...I love that you can come on by!

Alexis {J.Crew Aficionada} said...

So many things... First, I am thrilled to hear about the event and how successful (& fun) it was. Second, I am loving that necklace of yours! {J.Crew take note: that's how you do a "one of a kind" necklace!} Third, that dress is perfect! What a great piece- I love it! :)

Alexis {J.Crew Aficionada} said...

P.S. I don't know when you changed your note for posting comments, but I *love* it. :) I find your number one blog rule both funny, clever, simple, and spot on! ;)