Monday, September 28, 2009

A Little More Boden Love...

I WAS planning on doing my outfits in sequential order, which would have made these two outfits have a debut date of sometime next week (and that is only if I plan on being uber-productive)...but then I noticed something...I have been writing A LOT about Boden these past few days, so I figured, "Oh, just go and publish all the outfits that have Boden in them." So that is what you are getting...two outfits that I actually wore fairly recently (and I have some outfits that I still need to publish from back in late August/early September. Whatever, it doesn't even really matter anymore...all my days kind of run together lately. :)

BTW, I have a HUGE sub job coming up starting this Thursday and going into all of next week. I plan on posting (and even hope that I can do more--breaks and all), but I have no idea if that will actually occur. I won't go completely off the radar, I can promise that at least.

So this is the polyvore for outfit #1. (By the way, I wore this when I met the awesome HeidiG. for shopping and fun at Tyson's last Wednesday.)

And here is the outfit in real life. First thing, though, isn't Rex just insanely cute here? My little mimic. I just love this photo...

The top is from the Fall 2009 Boden collection. It is called Silk Cotton Scoopneck and it is really nice in real life. Very lightweight and special looking. The band is constricting, though, as it is grosgrain ribbon, and it has a side zip. I bought this in a UK 12 to make up for the lack of give. I normally can get away with a UK 10. The shoulders are also a bit tight, less so on me (my skinny shoulders are so bony), but I could see that even for me the shoulders are not all "loose and easy." So definitely size up in this if you want to buy it. (Purchase info can be found in my polyvore...just in case you didn't realize that.)

The shorts are J. Crew from this spring, and are the lovely bermudas that I bought in nearly every color. This color is grey. ;) The shoes are the ANCIENT sandals I own and just will not give up the ghost (yay for small miracles).

This is the polyvore for outfit #2.

Okay, here is the outfit on me, without the cardi. The brown dress looks very drab and boring in this pic, but in reality this dress looks very nice. In fact, at the sushi place we went for lunch on Saturday, the waitress complimented me on the dress and said she loved the fabric. (She's right, the fabric is very soft and forgiving...a linen jersey...sounds weird but that is what it is.) This is from Boden's summer 2009 collection and is called the knitted summer dress and is in Boden's sale section right now. I bought this in a ten, and if it weren't for the Henley placket, I could have bought an 8. (8 is the smallest Boden size.) Definitely size down, ladies. :)

To give this dress a bit more oomph, I added the ladybug necklace in yellow from J. Crew last fall (2008) (and currently making multiple appearances on the new ABC show Glee...the neurotic counselor wears it and the bracelet ALL the time). The sandals I bought on super sale from Banana Republic and are from their summer 2009 collection.

I cut my head off because the face I was making was that stupid. Really. But the outfit looked okay, so I wanted to salvage the photo. This is the outfit with the merino snow leopard tartine cardigan from J. Crew last fall (2008). I have worn this cardigan may be one of my favorites. :) Roawr. (Or some sound like that--what sound does a snow leopard make anyhow?)

Good night, all. Wish me luck. Rex will be going to preschool tomorrow, and although we have tried everything to instill a sense of urgency over his inability to play nice, who knows what my sweet little guy really has up his sleeve?


TarHeelMom (formerly JCAUNCMom) said...

Dina, you look precious in these pictures -- such cute outfits on you! LOVE the new Boden!

Just wanted to let you know, too, that I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award -- Hope you'll enjoy it! See my blog for more details at

HeidiG said...

Love the outfits - well, I got to see the 1st one in person and that top is even prettier IRL. Love the Boden dress outfit, too - looks oh so comfy!

Good luck with preschool tomorrow!

Patina said...
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Patina said...

Hi dina. Good luck with your little one tomorrow. Let me know if you cry like i did on my son's first day. I adore that snow leopard cardigan. *sigh* That's another one that got away before i could buy it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have the Snow-leopard-print Tartine cardigan? I am so jealous!!! I wanted it so bad. Love the dress, cardi, necklace combo. So cute. And yes, Rex is so adorable.

Cloggsy said...

LOVE that Boden top on you!

Yes, I'm jealous too that you have the snow leopard cardi. :(

dinagideon said...

Hi, all...Thank you for your patience in waiting for my reply!!! (The kids have been making it tough for me to compute lately, so it is "post or comment," and lately it has been post...) :)

JCAUNCMom: Your words were so sweet on your blog. I truly appreciate them, sometimes we need that virtual hug and you gave me a huge one last week!

HeidiG.: Preschool was great on Thursday, he was GOOD, GREAT, etc. There was a collective sigh of relief in NOVA. Did you hear it across the Potomac?

Patina: I had a much better day with Rex, thank God, I am so glad to know you get it. :) The snow leopard cardi is really nice...maybe ebay has one? I also like the sequin leopard cardi that came out in January 2009!!! (Good luck!!!)

Rosa: This cardi is awesome, it is true!!! :) Thank you for your sweet words about Rex. Your story about preschool still cracks me up to this day. LOVE IT!

Cloggsy: Thank you, hon!!! Do you ever buy Boden...what with it being all British? :)

L said...

I love all these Boden outfits! Especially that scoopneck top. Thanks for the sizing info -- it's really helpful. I hope preschool is still going well!