Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boden: Spring Sale Picks by Percentage Off!

Hello, all.  Happy Wednesday! 

I have been reading over at Boden's facebook page that they many people are having trouble figuring out what items are on sale during this spring sale, and for what percentage off.  I agree, this particular sale is NOT user friendly.  I really think Boden would be smart to compartmentalize items in a separate sale tab, and then split them into percentages off.  Also, it would help if they only showed colors that were available for sale at that particular percentage off, because as you will see below in my picks, not all colors are for sale at the same percentage off.

The way I was able to see what was on sale and for what percentage was by doing this:

1. Click on the direct sale link here (or enter the code H409 in the shopping bag page): Save up to 40% off + free shipping in Women's, Men's, Mini and JB at! Use code H409.

2. Go to the women's section (or men's, girls', boys', or babies').

3. Then go to each clothing section you want to view (dresses, shoes and boots, tunics, for example).

4. Before you start browsing, click the "view all colors" button at the top of the page and also click "view all."  This gives you a sweeping view of all colors on one page.  This will allow you to see immediately what colors are at the great percentage off and which ones are either not reduced or are not reduced as much.

5. Have your calculator handy.  If you spy an item that is $148 originally and see it is now on sale for $103.60, you can do what I do to figure out how much it is off.  I input $148 and then I times that amount by a fraction of one, like 0.8 (for 20%), or 0.7 (for 30%).  In this case, $148 * 0.7 equals $103.60, which lets me know that the item is 30% off, since 0.7 is 0.3 less than 1.0 (0.3 equals 3/10 or 30% of 1).  

Anyhow, I know most of you know how to do that, because it is elementary math, but you know, it never hurts to mention what works for me personally.  LOL.

Okay, onto my picks from the sale.  Remember, if you do see something at Boden that is not on sale and you would like to get it, I do have the 15% off (with free ship) coupon running on my site in the sidebar.  That discount is good until next Monday night (3/4/13).  This coupon does not work with the sale, though (does not stack together).

50% Off:
Gathered Tunic Dress
Gathered Tunic Dress (all colors).  I will recommend this at the 50% off because it has finally received a good review on-line.  It is made from really nice materials, so I know it will wear well, the issue seems to be sizing.  I say read the reviews carefully and use a sweaterdress of your own to compare to the garment measurements of this dress.  I think the light blue shade is lovely, perfect for the early spring.  :)

Trim Dress
Trim Dress (all colors).  The reviews are split between love and not so much love.  The poor reviews do come from the same reviewer, so I would actually say that 2/3 love, and 1/3 do not.  :)  Anyhow, the stylists at Boden did not allow this beauty to shine in the catalog, and they really should have considered using the yellow or sweetpea shade in the catalog rather than the navy, since the trim on the navy dress gets lost.  This dress is a linen outer with a cotton lining, perfection for humid climates.  Unfortunately, linen and my life equal insane wrinkling, but if you can handle linen better than me, this is a GREAT buy.

Hand Knit Cable Jumper
Hand Knit Cable Jumper (all colors).  Ooh, it is half off.  LOL.  I guess I should have waited, but I will say I love mine a whole lot and I really enjoyed wearing it the day I did, so I have no regrets.  That said, definitely size way down.  I went with the extra-small and liked how it fit, but if you are smaller than me, you will not be able to wear this one, sadly. 

For what it's worth, the size extra-small is looking low in stock, so if that is your size, this may be your shot to get it at this lower price.

Transitional Tunic
Transitional Tunic (Blue/Caramel and Grey Melange/Navy colors).  This one may be a dark horse, a really nice item, just done in by poor catalog styling.  The one review makes it seem that it is a great piece if you have a place to go where you need to stay warm, but still look presentable and lovely.

Raw Edge Hotchpotch Top
Raw Edge Hotchpotch Top (all colors).  I admit it, I had to bite!  This should be on my doorstep soon since it came from Pittston, and when I receive it, I will at least update this post to let you all know how I feel about it.  I bought the sage shade since I think the brown/green will work well with my coloring.

40% Off:
Casual Pintuck Dress
Casual Pintuck Dress (Soot and Fox Colors).  I own the denim version and had a bit of an issue with the first one I received (read below in the 30% off section for more on that), but the second one is awesome, so I can happily recommend this darling dress.  It is a dress that can go many places as it is definitely the dress version of my favorite style of dressing--casual dressy.  (How many times can I say dress?)  The soot and fox colors are selling less well than the green or denim, but since they are constructed from the soft cord wale fabric that Boden uses, I can highly recommend them.  I have plenty of cord dresses in my closet, but if you need one and the grey or red suit you, this is a great price for a wonderful dress.

Notch  Neck Shift
Notch Neck Shift (Iris Stripe).  I own the almond spot version, and I think it is so pretty, the linen/cotton blend exactly right for keeping cool, but still looking put together.  I personally think it runs large and long, and the 8 long I bought may need to be returned for a 6 regular (which I have not received, btw).  I say err on the side of going down a size and only going up in length if you really need it.

Cashmere Textured Jumper
Cashmere Textured Jumper (all colors).  This is a beautiful sweater.  The slight horizontal ribbing is interesting and unique, and the colors on sale are divine.  I love the quartz shade the most, but the yellow looks beautiful, too.

Cashmere Hoody
Cashmere Hoody (all colors).   I am surprised this one is not selling as well as it has in the past.  However, I know this one is a popular item, so grab it before too long, since the 40% off is probably as good as it is going to get until the second cut this summer in clearance.  (Added bonus--if you live in the US, you can wear it now, which you won't be able to do in summer--well, okay, west coast people, I know you can wear it at night in summer, but still...)

30% Off:
Casual Pintuck Dress
Casual Pintuck Dress (Denim and Cypress Colors). Okay, so here is the deal with this dress.  I bought the denim version for a good price (25% off) in a size 6 long.  I received it and it fit, no problem.  Then I attempted to take it off and the zip and it broke!  Sigh.  I then decided not to chance it and exchange for the 8 long just in case, and I have received that one.  I wore it yesterday, and while I personally think the bodice is rather large on me, the hips and waist were awesome, a touch looser than the 6 long, and no zip malfunctions.  I do believe I could have exchanged for a 6 long and been fine (it really was a crap zipper, sorry Boden), I won't be sad for the 6 long on my "fat" days when pulling out the dress with just a bit more room will make me feel better.  (I also know that I can figure out how to alter the top half on my sewing machine--I will likely try to create some crafty folds or tucks to make it a bit less blousey.)

You will see it in real life in the next Boden Weekly Review Roundup.

Fabric Mix Dress
Fabric Mix Dress (all colors).  Ooh, it's back on sale.  What a great dress that is pretending to be a skirt and top.  :)  I like the dune/navy color best.

Weekender Dress
Weekender Dress (Red and Caramel Colors).  I did a review of the red here.  I think this dress is best for those of us with pear shapes, since most of the poor reviews are complaining of the poofiness, which I adore as it skims my rear end instead of clinging to it. 

Hotchpotch Jumper
Hotchpotch Jumper (all colors).  I have been waiting for this one to go on sale.  The reviews are very positive, so I bit on the yellow.  I won't be receiving for a long time as it is coming from England (sigh sigh sigh), but when I do, I will likely wear it straight away (since it is coming from England I figured I would use that phrase instead of "right away").  ;)

Sheer Shirt
Sheer Shirt (Dark Blue and Sapling Colors).  This one is proving popular, so much so that the ivory/red version is not included in the sale.  If you like this blouse, it may be the time to grab it, since the 30% off is a decent price.  I would personally not buy this viscose shirt at full price, but if it floats your boat, and don't mind viscose, and you would wear it, more power!  The 30% off makes the viscose fabric a bit more acceptable.

British Mini
British Mini (all colors).  This is made from a very nice wool fabric, and in a unique design, so I personally believe this one will go the distance in any wardrobe.  It can be made longer by buying the "long" version, so if you work in a rather conservative office, the navy color in the long length would be a wonderful buy.  For us moms on the go, the orange or green version (with tights and a cute sweater) would be a darling option.

Okay, those are my choices.  There are many many additional items in the sale at 20-50% off, but it would take me all day and night to list them.  I chose to only show off my picks in the 30-50% off range since many items that are on sale at 20% off with later go to a deeper discount (but not always!!!). 

Do you all have any picks?