Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boden: Summer 2013 Preview Picks. Part One of Two.

I usually try to pick all my favorites from the Boden previews in one fell swoop, but because of the current dinagideon family schedule, I realize that if I am going to get the "picks" post done, I had best do it in two parts.  :-P 

Anyhow, there are some very pretty, unique, and special pieces from Boden for Summer 2013 (site is here).  I especially am loving the unusual fabrics on the dresses and the bright colors in the knitwear.  You will definitely be seeing a lot of my bias towards those two throughout my choices.

I typically try to pick out things that will sell out so I can let you know what I believe will end up completely gone early.  This is a bigger deal in the winter and summer lines because in those lines, Johnnie and co. will not re-order items, like they typically do for fall and spring (like the Chancery Dress currently on deep backorder--this means they ran out of the first run and have reordered for a second set of dresses to be mailed in 11 weeks time). 

That said, I don't see a whole lot that is likely to sell out.  I think Boden summer is usually strong, but if the past years are any indication, a lot of what is sold for summer sticks around until clearance in early July. 

So here is what I say...if you like it, want it at the 20% off, and would wear it in early March to early April, then go for it.  If you can wait, say until mid-April, buy then, since a lot of the choices will be on a bit better of an offer by then.  If you can wait until early July, you can grab them at clearance prices, but there may be much more limited numbers, and there is never a guarantee that what you want will be there.

I also know that this 20% off offer (with free ship and returns) is meant to expire on February 8, which is this Friday.  In the winter preview, they extended the 20% off offer even though they said they were going to have it expire, but when they debuted the mini Boden and Johnnie b. preview, they let the women's line use the offer, too.  I am not going to chance it, and will be doing my preview order earlier than the 8th, but if you feeling like living on the edge (ha!), then you could wait and see if they have a mini/Johnnie b. preview. 

The offer code, btw, is PRV3. 

Today I am looking at knitwear, dresses, and accessories.  Here are my picks!!!

Button Back Jumper.  Just like in the spring preview, I am loving this style, with the pretty row of buttons in the back.  The only non-solid in this sweater from the spring was the adorable blue and black polka dot version, but for summer we have this groovy paisley print in red and white and yellow and aqua.

Clara Dress.  This dress is straight out of the late 60s, with the shape of the dress and the daisy jacquard fabric.  I could 100% see Mrs. Brady in this one.  And because I am fond of the retro, I could see me in it, too.  But not at this price.  If it makes it to half this price, it's mine.  ;)  (BTW, thanks to my mom for pointing it out to me.  I could see her in it, too.)

Fine V-Neck Cashmere Cardigan.  I just love this color orange.  So bright, fun, and beautiful.  And the fact that they made it in a lightweight cashmere is pretty awesome, too.

Fun Shopper.  Didn't Madewell have this bag recently?  Anyhow, this seems to be proof that Boden is getting serious about chic-ing up their line.  Of course they will still have a penchant for the fun, bright prints, but bags like this show that they know that we need some practicality in our wardrobes, too!

Gingham Shirt Dress.  This will be part of my order.  I actually could see this dress sell out, so take that as my fair warning to you all.  I have no clue if I am going to order the right size, but I will take a chance on one size (probably the 8 long, but I might see if the 6 long would work since it looks like the skirt is a-line--and nearly all my dress orders from this season have been way too big in the 8 longs).  Plus if it is the wrong size, I can return it and receive the right size at the 20% off price.  This dress also comes in a pretty red and a stately navy.

Hand Crochet Dress.  This is simply stunning.  And expensive.  But stunning.  The model looks amazing in it.  I won't get it for me, but would love to live vicariously through someone else...

Hand Crochet Jumper.  I like to think of this as the poor woman's version (though still expensive) of the dress above.  I also could see this looking adorable with a white tank underneath and paired with a crisp pair of khaki bermuda shorts.

Jersey Maxi Dress.  If you spend anytime here on my blog at my ootd posts, you know how much I LUUUUUUURVE my Boden maxi dresses.  This year's version is very special looking, but I am not sure I care for the elastic bit below the neckline.  I don't know if I will get it in the preview, but if it goes down to around 40% off, I will bite on this color. 

Lace Dress.  This reminds me a lot of the J. Crew Lucille Dress in lace from last summer.  I love this version, and may get it.  I don't know if my budget will allow for this in preview, but maybe later.  I am hesitant to order later, though, since I could see this particular dress selling well.  Hmm.

Lila Dress.  Aw, it looks like a top, tucked into a skirt, and belted.  But it's not!  It's a dress...made from stretchy jersey so it will be super comfortable.  :)

Newquay Dress.  Like the Lila, we have a striped winner, with a belt, made from stretchy yummy jersey fabric.  :)  Oh, it has pockets, too.  Swoon!

Off Duty Shorts.  How long have we been asking J. Crew to make a longer short in great prints for us tall ladies?  For-freaking-ever.  Thank you, Boden, for taking our plea and making it a reality. 

Pintuck Midi Dress.  What a pretty dress for attending all those summer weddings.  Unfortunately, it is 100% viscose, so the price is a bit high.  I think if it were to go below $75, I might consider a purchase.

Relaxed Colourblock Dress.  This is a nice way of doing colorblocking.  I am not a huge fan of colorblocking, but I can see its appeal.  If I were to dip into the colorblocking waters, this would be the dress I would do it in...it is viscose, but has silk in its blend, so still expensive for what it is, but not as obscenely so as the pintuck midi dress.

Sparkle Cotton Top.  I have a tee very similar to this cotton sweater that I bought from J. Crew in 2007 that I wear. all. the. time.  This one is neat, though, since every few rows, there are sequins, allowing for a bit of bling on your not so bling-y errand runs.  (Well, at least I would wear this on my errand runs...)

Okay, that's it!  Do you have any favorites from dresses, knitwear, or accessories?  Any definite passes?

AND, please, please, Johnnie Boden and company...if you read this blog, would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the garment measurements up on the womenswear so those of us who aren't model-shaped can choose wisely for their preview preorder???