Monday, February 18, 2013

Retro Boden Roundup: A Beginning.

Hey, all!  Happy Monday (or President's Day, depending on where you are)!

Like I said I would do eventually, and definitely promised in the last post, I give you the very first "Retro Boden Roundup!"

It really isn't all that retro, especially since a lot of these pieces are only a few years old, but I liked the way the title sounded, and if you are reading this in 2025, these pieces will definitely be retro then.  (Will it be in a bad way, the way I feel about the clothing I wore in 1991?  Only time will tell...)

Okay, without further discussion, let's start this revival.  :-)

Retro Knit Tunic (Fall 2011), Semi Precious Pendant (Spring 2012), Draycott Coat (current season).  I plan on doing an in-depth review of the Draycott Coat in the next Boden Weekly Review Roundup.  :) (This is a size 6 for those of you just dying to know.  LOL.)

Love this "tunic" a whole lot. It may be one of my all time favorites from Boden, ever.  The shape, the drape, and the lovely wool make this a definite winner.  You can't be shy when wearing it, though, definitely a bright print.  

Retro Knit Tunic (Fall 2011).  I guess great minds and all.  :)  I was inspired to pull mine out after seeing Lou in hers. See entire post here at What Lou Wore 365.

Easy Crossover Tunic (Boden Maternity Spring 2011), Suede Brogues (current season).  Will also do an in-depth review of these lovely shoes in the next review roundup, but I did need to go one size smaller (size 40 instead of 41) as these shoes run wide and a touch long.

This tunic works nicely as a very short dress or longer tunic.  It is maternity, but the way they designed this minimizes the fact that it is meant for pregnancy, since they used a stretchy cotton blend and slight gathers in the empire waistline.

Striped Skirt (Boden Spring 2010).  I love love love this skirt and wish I had bought it back in the day.  How about you all?  If so, live vicariously through Lou! 

Tweed Jacket (Fall ???).  Joanna's lovely neutral outfit is topped with a divine Boden jacket.  :)

Notch Neck Knitted Dress (Fall 2011).  Izzywizz shows off her love of color and her (teeny) baby bump in this darling sweater dress.  Read more about it here.

I had some outfits recently that incorporate retro Boden, but since they have their own blog posts, I will just link to them below.

1. Hotchpotch Tunic Dress.

2. Flattering Knitted Dress and Merino Ruffle Tunic.

I hope you enjoyed this tour down memory lane.  I also look forward to doing this again in the near future.  I think after one year, I will need to give a prize to the person who has worn the most "retro" piece...aka the oldest piece.  Right now the oldest piece in my closet is from Fall 2004 and is this cord skirt I wore last fall.  I know you all can totally beat that, right?

BTW, the next Retro roundup should be in a couple of weeks, if you would like to join in, do send me a photo or link to your blog post at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.

Thanks to Lou, Joanna, and Izzywizz for participating this week!

Since you likely aren't reading this if you despise Boden (lol, if you do, this must have been some treat), I will let you all know that Boden put up some new items in their spring trim today.  There are quite a few repeat items ( Hand Knit Cable Jumper, Raw Edge Hotchpotch Top, and the Gathered Tunic Dress) interspersed throughout, too.  From the "new" trim items, I like the look of the Textured Ponte Dress, the Embellished Spot Cardigan (only grey is on sale, though, I own the white and it is divine), and the Cashmere Hoody (green and grey are on sale).  As a reminder, you can use my blog's sidebar coupon to receive an extra 15% off of the trim items (which are 20% off!) and free shipping.  It works out to 32% off with free ship.  I have included a coupon below, too, just in case you are on a mobile device (or don't want to pan back up!).