Friday, February 1, 2013

Boden: Last Catch of the Day Picks!

Happy Friday!

As promised, today is the last day of the "Catch of the Day" promo over at Boden.  Since most of you already know the deal with the Catch, I can get started, but if you need more information about how the Catch works, head on over to my Monday post.

Today is a real hodgepodge of everything, and I think Johnnie saved the best for last.  They have included many items that were already available on other days, but there are many new items up for offer that were not available at the extra savings before.

Onto the picks!

Cashmere V-Neck Jumper.  I wanted to include this bright red (true red) version in my picks today because February 1 is the beginning of National Heart Month, and the official "Wear Red" daySince I have personal reasons to promote heart health, I definitely make sure to incorporate some red in my wardrobe on February 1.  This sweater is the exact right sweater for the day.  :)  (And it is part of the 25% off Catch promo!)

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper.  This peach sweater is a beautiful color, perfection for spring, but still keeping you toasty warm when spring hasn't quite sprung.  I have the dark pink version from last fall and did a review on it here.

Not all colors are part of the promo, but with five at the promo price, there might be one in your favorite hue.

Casual Pintuck Dress.  I am surprised they threw this one in the offer, since this style of dress is a best seller, season after season.  I am partial to this dark denim version, but the baby cord versions are really pretty, too (the mint is lovely on Edda in the model shot).

Off Duty Sweatshirt.  The color I own (and reviewed here) is not on sale, but the grey and blue are in the promo.  It seems to be a love/hate kind of item, with really no in between.  I am clearly on the love side, but can see why it might be a hate for others.  That said, this 25% off is a reasonable price, and based on its infamy/popularity, I think it will be a best seller that will eventually go to low stock and then out of stock.  (As long as you find the right size for you!)

Wedge Desert Boots.  This was the one I was most surprised by...I fully expected that these would sell out, not be on promo.  However, it could be that the ladies are waiting for a good discount before biting.  (The other spotty version is not in the sale, btw.)

Leather Clogs.  Since most of us can wear Johnnie b. shoes, I have included two pairs from the promo.  This pair I actually bought during the preview.  I like them a lot since they remind me of Salt Water sandals.  Two things about these clogs, though.  That pink up there in the photo?  Yeah, that is subdued.  In reality, those puppies are BRIGHT A@@ DAY GLO PINK.  I love that color, but they are eye searingly bright.  They run wide, too, but not enough for me to exchange the 41 for 40 (I wear either size depending on the style of shoe).  (I also wear a 9.5 in J. Crew, fwiw.)  The 41 is exactly the right length.

These clogs also come in a silver metallic leather.

Tassel Loafers.  These Johnnie b. shoes are a favorite of one of my favorite bloggers, Louise (What Lou Wore 365).  They are very cute, versatile, and well made.  They are also a great price, especially with the promo.

Skinny Graphic T-Shirt.  I am always a fan of graphic tees, especially ones with surly birds on them.  Take my advice and do not size up since I have found the graphic tees from Johnnie b. to run large.  I would buy a size 13-14 for my short torso/32B bust.  (I also wear a size xs in J. Crew tees.)

Okay, that's it!  Do you have any final picks from the last day of this sale?

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