Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Bright. Blue. Baby.

Hey, everyone!

It has been a while since the last Boden Weekly Review Roundup, so I figured I needed to get my derriere in gear already and get another one out.

Thank you to everyone who sent me reviews, be it through e-mails, comments, etc.  I know everyone here appreciates all the work you all put into the reviews!

Couple of things before we begin...

1. Boden has once again featured a "Spring Trim" this week, which means that those items are 15% off.  If you use the coupon in the sidebar (or at the bottom of this post), you can stack them to end up with about 28% off and free shipping. There are some cute items in the spring trim for almost all members of the family.  Only Johnnie b. got the shaft this week.

2. For a brief while yesterday my sidebar coupon wasn't working.  I caught it before there were any issues, but if you ever do notice that the coupon doesn't work, you are always welcome to facebook me or e-mail me (dinagideon AT aim DOT com).  The affiliate program appreciates knowing that, so they can fix it right away (which they did!).

3. I did my Summer 2013 Preview picks in two posts this year.  Post one features dresses, accessories, and knitwear, while post two features shoes, skirts, and tops.

4. The code for 20% off (with free ship and returns) is set to expire tomorrow night, February 8, so make sure you make your preview orders before then. It is possible they will extend the preview code, like they did with Winter 2012, but I won't chance it, since it is never a guarantee.  The code, btw, is PRV3.

Onto the roundup!

Regular Boden:
Cashmere V-Neck Jumper.  I bought this bright blue sweater from the Spring Preview.  I know it could have waited, but I also knew that this shade would be unlikely to make it to a better discount (preview discount of 20%) for a long time, and it could possibly sell out before it even went to a better discount since this is the shade the model wears in the catalog (that shade usually sells out first).

I bought it in a size 6, which is my usual size for Boden knitwear.  As you can see in the photo above, it fits fine through the shoulders and waist, and is more than long enough on my arms.  It is a touch too long for me, but this one was not offered in petites, so I have to deal since I have a very short torso.  It doesn't look bad, just a bit too long.

Was a very nice day that day, with a high of 70.  It had started out cooler, though, so I wore a J. Crew quilted jacket on top.

The scarf is the Liberty floral scarf in the Tresco floral print (it's silk, btw) that has the same design as this shirt I wore here.

I was taking my two youngest into DC that day since CW had the day off from school.  She had been begging me for a while to take her.  We ended up at the Natural History museum to see the gems and then at Pret a Manger for lunch.

Angus only slept for part of the day.  BTW, his hat is baby Boden from the winter.  They sell out fast, but if you have a baby in your life, buy them the baby Boden hats since they all have a button closure on the chin flap.  Guess what babies can't do?  Ha!  (Angus always tries to get the hat off his head and I just lol for days watching him attempt it and get all confused on why it isn't happening.)

Close up of the fabric of both the scarf and sweater.  The sweater is such a beautiful shade of blue.  Very saturated and clear.

Cashmere V-Neck Jumper
Cashmere V-Neck Jumper.  The stocks are fine for all colors.  Only the largest sizes are on backorder.  That said, Boden's cashmere sells well, and rarely gets a huge discount.  The only time I remember seeing their cashmere at an amazing discount was from the Limited Edition line, and that was likely because there were a lot of embellishments on them.  Some folks just don't want their knitwear all bedazzled (not me, lol, bring the bling on).

Adelaide Dress
Adelaide Dress.  Lou is wearing hers in navy again and looking lovely!

Short Rainy Day Mac
Short Rainy Day Mac. Terilyn13 had this to say about the coat:

I wasn't expecting the material which is like a slicker? Don;t know what else to call it. I bought the navy one and really liked the white contrast stitching and buttons. The sleeve length and coat length were perfect for me, I have short arms and J Crew is always too long. I was looking for a casual spring jacket and this fits the bill, with the stackable promos it was also a good deal. My only complaint is that the fabric makes a weird sound {don't know how else to describe it} when you move in it, probably because of the material.

Thanks, Terilyn13!

Clearance Boden:
Sheepskin Lined Boots
Sheepskin Lined Boots.  I celebrated grey in these awesome boots whilst attending a sewing class.  The outfit I wore them with can be found here at this post (last outfit).

Effortless Suede Boots
Pretty Cardigan  
Effortless Suede Boots and Pretty Cardigan.  I kept myself cozy, comfy, and warm wearing these two pieces.  You can find the look here at this post (the second outfit from the top).

Fairisle Jumper
Fairisle Jumper Joanna wears hers casually with some amazing boots in this post here.

Zip Ankle Skimmer
Zip Ankle Skimmers Lou wears these in pine with a pretty mint sweater from H&M.  She also wore them in the deep pink color here.

Twist Front Jersey Dress
Twist Front Jersey Dress.  Lou is wearing this pretty floral frock with tights and heels here at this post.

Drapey Jersey Dress
Drapey Jersey Dress.  Izzywizz is wearing this dress with an adorable yellow cardigan from H&M.  She also is pregnant, and I applaud her choice of first trimester wear.  ;)  The jersey dresses from Boden are the best for expectant mommas. 

Okay, that's it for today!

Below is the link for 15% off and free shipping.