Monday, February 25, 2013

Boden: Spring Sale! Up to 40% Off.

Hey, all!  Happy Monday!

I have been pretty regular with updating my facebook page weekly with reminders about the "Spring Trim" promos that have been going on since the spring line dropped, and was planning on doing so again this morning, but I saw the "Spring Sale" banner instead, which promises "up to 40% off loads of lovely styles!"

I have only had the *very* briefest look round, but I do see a few things that are reduced enough to make it worth buying now in sale rather than waiting for a bigger discount down the line.  I have to compile all my picks to do a picks post later on this week, so definitely throw your favorites from this sale into the comments section and I will make sure to include it in the picks post!

Here's the deal, as far as I can tell:

1. You will not receive 40% off of everything, only a select number of items are 40% off.  Some items are 30% off, some are 20% off, some are 50% (!!!) off, while many don't have any % off.

2. For the items that are not on sale at all, and you want to buy them, use the 15% off coupon I have in the sidebar.  BUT!  Remember to use the new code H409 (or SPRG) when buying any items from the Spring Sale, since the 15% off coupon I have will not give the prices that the spring sale will on those items.

3. There is no stacking coupons, sadly (can you imagine the prices if there was, though?).

4. This sale looks to end this coming Sunday (March 3).  My 15% off coupon also expires around then, on March 4th, so bear that in mind if you need the 15% off.

(I suspect, though, that I will get a fresh coupon for summer when this spring coupon expires.  I just don't know what the discount will be.)

Hotchpotch Jumper
Hotchpotch Jumper.  There is one item from the sale that I already had my eye on, and with the 30% off, seems like a pretty good deal on something that I think is really pretty and also wearable right now.  I really adore the yellow color the model is wearing, and that color is selling better than the other colors.  I think, though, all three colors are special.  :)

Okay, that's it for now.

Below is a direct link to the sale.  I also put the 15% off coupon below that, just in case you wanted something not in the sale (for instance, almost all the pants are excluded). Also, if you look at the model in the 15% off coupon, she is wearing the pink version of the hotchpotch jumper.

Save up to 40% off + free shipping in Women's, Men's, Mini and JB at! Use code H409.