Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boden: Summer 2013 Preview Picks. Part Two of Two.

As promised in yesterday's post, my 1000th (OMG!!!) post would be my Boden Summer 2013 Preview picks, part two of two.

For more information on the summer preview, do head on over to my post from yesterday.  (It also contains all of my dress, accessories, and knitwear choices.)

BTW, before I begin, I went over to the Boden FB page and begged them to "pretty please with sugar on top" put the garment measurements on their clothes so that those of us that aren't models can choose wisely from the preview before the preview 20% off code expired.  Well, they listened!  Woo.  I feel pretty excited that social media can work that well.  :)

Okay, here are my picks from shoes, skirts, and tops.

Breton Sweatshirt.  Well, it's official, Boden has now made the Breton in every shape and fabric possible.  :)

This doesn't mean that the derivative style is played out, though.  Really...there is nothing wrong with loving stripes in a heavier weight for the cooler days.  (I would not choose this for summer around here, but I would happily buy this now and wear it now until April.)

As with other Boden sweatshirts, I would probably size down to a 4 rather than a 6, since all of my other sweatshirts in the 6 are too large.

This particular style will likely sell out, since this is the first time they have offered the Breton in this style.

Jersey Maxi Skirt.  I don't need another maxi skirt, since the one I have in navy is fine for now, but I do highly recommend buying one if you think it would suit your frame and lifestyle.  I love how easy, yet vaguely elegant the longer swishy skirt feels in midsummer.

I don't care for the way they styled it in this shot, but I have a feeling many of you lovely Boden fans could come up with some awesome ideas.

Marcy Top.  If you like the look of the lace dress and can't either a) afford it, or b) imagine yourself in that dress, then this darling little top may be a great substitute.  And as a bonus it can go from casual to dressy very easily. 

This one will probably sell out in this shade since the model looks so beautiful wearing it.

Off Duty Mini.  Boden sure likes the name "off duty," huh?  Anyhow, I love staples in a wardrobe, even if I personally only own a handful myself (I guess I have a penchant for the unusual).  This skirt can pair with all sorts of tops, and in a pinch (provided you buy the long length) could work in an office environment as well.

Oh, and it has pockets!

Penny Loafers.  I suspect this shade of nude will actually be darker in real life, which to me, is better, since I would prefer a pair of shoes to be just a bit darker than my skin tone.  This pair could be an incredible addition to most wardrobes since it clearly would work in all seasons.  I would wear them with a darling printed mini and graphic tee, with no socks.

All leather construction, of course.  Boden is one of the last mass market retailers still doing this, so thank you, Johnnie, for not cutting corners there.

Piped Short Sleeve Top.  I adore this shape and print, but it is a viscose, so I will reserve judgement until all the reviews are in.  The other colors are pretty, too, but this shade (mid grey/purple) is my most favorite.

Spotty Bow Espadrille.  I know you all, and I bet 25% of you just went, "oooooooh, I want those!"  Cute as can be, right?  The bow, the dots, the slight wedge.  Girly and over the top, and that's okay.  :)

T-Bar Demi Wedges.  Consider these leather sandals as the practical, yet cool, antidote to the bow espadrilles above.  While the bow espadrilles are perfectly at home in a garden party and brunch, these demi wedges are exactly right for strolling on the boardwalk and at late night tapas meals.  (Can you tell I need a vacation?)

Textured Party Top.  If the Clara dress from yesterday was too expensive or was just a little too "Mrs. Brady" for you, then maybe you should consider the top made from the same fabric?  My favorite bit is the cap sleeve.

Okay, that's it!  I enjoyed compiling my lists, and thank you for having the patience to allow me to create two separate posts.  :)

Do you have any picks from the shoes, tops, or skirts?