Friday, March 27, 2009

Florals and Citron (a Friday Theme, it Seems)...

Florals and Citron for a Nice Day!
Florals and Citron for a Nice Day! - by dinagideon on
This is the polyvore of the outfit I wore today. I love when I can find the pieces I am wearing on means I don't have to individually list the all can go see them yourselves. Whee!

The necklace is a bit different, though. I have that heart necklace but the one I am wearing today is the apple necklace (felt like celebrating the fact that I am a teacher). The cardigan is similar, but is merino wool with brass buttons and is in a deeper shade of citron.

Here is the outfit without the cardigan. Can I tell you how much I like this top? The cap sleeves are so feminine and really balance my upper half and my lower half. The neckline is also smocked and elastic, making it very stretchy and comfy. The fabric is some sort of blend because I have yet to see a wrinkle and I have been teaching all day long.

The jeans are from a while back and I can fit into them again. Yay! :) Love that...obviously!

Here I am with my little man, with the cardigan on. I love the look without the cardigan, but if I didn't run hot all the time (I am one of those people who wear tank tops in winter), I would have worn this cardigan all day...that is how much I think that cardigan works for this outfit!

For all of you who love pics of my kids, I am so glad Rex cooperated this cute!!! I love the fact that those pants don't fit him and yet he doesn't care (and obviously neither does Jim who dressed him). Rock those capris, Rex. (Or is it some other name when boys/men wear them?)

Close-up of the pretty print, smocking, and the buttons from the cardigan.

I am walking home I did bring another pair of shoes to walk in...I have a bag that I can carry on my wrist to make it easier and not to heavy at all.

Have a great day. More from the awesome Paris Catalog this weekend (don't have enough time today to post more pics)!


Anonymous said...

I love that tuft of hair that's sticking up on Rex's head. Too cute!

HeidiG said...

More Paris pics this weekend. Yay!!!

Love the outfit - such a great top on you. I love the cardi with it, too. I am one of the "other" people, who always run cold.

I believe that Rex is rocking the "board shorts". so cute!!

Emily said...

Lol Heidi and the "board shorts"! Rex is such a cutie. I really think that top is stunning and I love it paired with the cardigan.

KatyO. said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again: lovelovelove. :)

Unknown said...

Rex cracks me up :-).

The cardi really sets off the floral print. I love it, too. I run cold. I wish we could trade body temps once in awhile ;-)

Patina said...

I just adore your kids. They are sooooo cute. Great combination of colors. Thanks for the idea. I haven't gotten anything in citron because I didn't know what to pair with it. I love the purple and citron combination. It really works.

dinagideon said...

Anon at 4:25: I didn't even notice the tuft till I saw your comment. It is precious. Thank you for noticing!

HeidiG: Paris pic either tonight or tomorrow. :) You were the one I was thinking of when I said I ran hot...I knew that you were a running cold kind of gal. You would love my classroom. I literally am wearing a tank top in winter and I am still too hot, that is how warm they keep my room. BOARD SHORTS...I love it...That is what they are!

Emily: Thank you...I love the mix of worked nicely yesterday and perked me up (it was a rough day at work, a lot of middle-school madness).

KatyO.: You keep bringing on the love, love, love. :) I love it!

Gigiofca: Thank you...Rex is such a freaking ham...he is like my dad.

If we could trade body temps, I would do it!!! I am a makeup is all gone by 3 pm because of my good circulation (hmmm...lucky me).

Shopaholicdiva1027: My kids will always ham it up, so I will continue to plaster their faces all over my blog. :) Please try purple and citron...I bet you would look so nice...and from personal experience, I can tell you that no one else in your circle of life will be wearing it (well, except a few of us color-freaks). ;) There is a good reason I am called flourescent at school...