Friday, November 30, 2012

Boden: New Sale!

Hi, all!

I am back from my L-O-N-G trip to Mississippi, and am glad I can sit down and just write on my blog again.  :)  I love traveling, but I think that November may have been a touch much.

Anyhow, I had heard that the newest offer from Boden would start yesterday, but I couldn't find the moments needed yesterday to actually write about it, so I do apologize for the delay on my part.  I know that many of you receive Boden e-mails, so I figured most of you heard that way.

The deal is this, many women's party clothing are 35% off as well as many mini Boden and Johnnie b. winter warmers.  This special comes with free shipping.  In addition to that, you can continue to receive 25% off most items at Boden.

Here is the list of women's items that are on sale.

Here is a list of mini Boden and Johnnie b. items that are on sale.

Here is a list of items excluded from all sales.

I have included a link to this sale in my sidebar, but remember to use the code SAVE in the shopping bag (if it doesn't already appear in the code box).

I have also put the link at the bottom of this post for those of you on a mobile device.

I want to give a shout-out to one item on the women's list, the Fitted Ponte DressI reviewed it here, and I really do believe that if you have a need for a pretty, comfortable, and conservative dressy dress, this is a very nice option.  I have the grey/black spotted version, and if you like that one, you are in luck, as that is one of the two color options in the sale.

I am going to be writing at least one more blog post today, and hope to get a lot of posts done this weekend.  I have a bunch of overdue Boden reviews to do, and would like to get some of them done before the clearance sale happens.  My thinking is that though many of my reviews are on currently sold out items, if there is a popback on one of the items during the clearance sale, you will have at least one IRL review to reference.  :)  I don't know if I will get the BWRR done, though, but it is on my short list of things to do, as well...

Talk with you all soon.  

Take 35% off party + 35% off mini outerwear + 25% off all other selected styles + Free Shipping! Use code SAVE at