Sunday, November 18, 2012

OOTDs: Leo Scarlet.

Good Sunday night!

I have been a very bad blogger.  Wow.

Anyhow, not gonna even bother explaining, as I have a feeling you either...

a. don't care about my absence from blogging,


b. didn't even notice.

So, on that note, let's begin!

Last week my dad turned a pretty big "important" number, and as our wont in our family, we celebrate all big occasions with lots of eating out.  I think we, just our family, keep many of the restaurants in the Northern Virginia area open simply because we seem to always be celebrating someone's birthday, graduation, baptism, "good" days at school, etc.

And because we are clearly certifiable, we went out to eat with my dad, even though he wants to lose weight, two times, at lunch to a Mexican place, and to dinner at an Indian place.

But since this is a personal style blog, let's just say we had a great time, yummy food was had by all, my dad felt very feted, and November 9, 2012 was properly memorable.  ;)

Since I had church at Rex's school before we went to eat with my dad (the Mexican restaurant is three blocks from the school), I wanted to make sure that my outfit was properly conservative enough for the mass.

I originally had planned to wear booties, but they ended up being too clunky, so I changed them out for the ballet flats instead.  (I wore the booties with the second outfit instead.)

I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear the shirt untucked and slightly open over the Loft tee, so I tucked it in and took a photo.  In the end I went with the untucked version, but either way, the outfit would have been fine for this SAHM.

These skimmers from J. Crew factory are weird, btw.  I found them pretty tight at the waistband but more than fine at the thighs.  It is usually the opposite. 

The Liberty perfect shirt in Leo Scarlet is beautiful, btw.  I really love the colors and find that because there are so many shades within the pattern, this button-down works wonderfully with so many pieces I already have in my wardrobe.

It fits similar to the other Liberty shirt that I bought earlier this fall, so I am glad I went with a size 4.  I think it is a touch smaller, though, so if you find only your bigger size is available, you should be okay.  (It is on sale right now, plus an additional 30% off, at least for the next few hours.  This is how I bought mine.  I am THRILLED that I got this one for $70, definitely stings less than paying near full price.  I also picked up the adorable crewcuts shirtdress in this fabric for CW for Christmas.)

The necklace ended up getting broken, thanks to Angus.  He decided he wanted to play with it at church and in the process of pulling it, it broke where the ribbon and pearls meet.  It can be fixed, but because I know myself, it may be MONTHS before I get around to it.  Sigh.

Here we are at the restaurant.  The kids managed to all look happy and content while posing with the birthday boy.  I believe this was their present to my dad.  ;)

I was whispering for CW to be agreeable and to pose nicely, but the way the photo looks, it appears I am sharing a "mommy secret" with her.

And here is the shirt done up for a night out at one of our favorite Indian restaurants.

It was actually cool enough for the jacket, and the color worked quite nicely with the Leo Scarlet pattern.

Since the jacket and the shirt are pretty in your face, I toned down the rest of the outfit with neutrals, including the booties I scored from Target for $30.  These have suede uppers and are very comfortable, so definitely consider them if you like the look of booties but don't want to spend a lot of money.

This is last year's version of the sterling skirt.  I am so glad I chose to buy this one when I did, even though I was pregnant.  This one has a small waist and full hips, whereas the new one is more like a modified pencil skirt shape.

If you have a pear shape like me, it may be worth your while to try and find last year's version.  I took this in a size 6 and it fits exactly as a pear shape needs it need for me to size up for my hips like I have to when purchasing pencil skirts.

One more view of the skirt.  The pockets are fab, and I found I was using them often over the course of the evening.

CW didn't change her dress, but she did change her tights and boots...because she could.  She will often go to her room, and I will think she is playing with her toys, and then she comes out all dolled up in a new ensemble.  She has recently taken to waking up and changing before she comes to find us.  This morning she pulled out her crewcuts Maritime dress (red/blue version), white leggings, and a pair of black boots.

This jacket is the Funnel Neck Jacket for those of you who are curious.  I did a review of it here.

Close up of the fabric next to the necklace.  Isn't that print so special?

Leo Scarlet...

Above is the polyvore of the night outfit.

Alrighty!  If you did a review of this shirt, would you mind dropping the review in the comments?  I know that Gigi did one, but I am not sure who else did.

You all have a great night!