Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boden: Spring 2013 Preview Picks.

Happy Thursday night, you all.  :)

With only a day and some hours left to get Boden Spring Preview 2013 items at 20% off with free ship and returns, I figured it was about darn time that I actually put all my picks out here in one post already.

Here's my deal, though.  I am really tired after a long day of child-care and bowling (holla--I nearly beat Dottie for those of you that care), so I am going to publish the photos and links of the items I just LUUURVE or the items that I think will sell out early and TOMORROW I will add text on why I chose what I chose.  I know you all understand, but I figured you would want to know why normally verbose me would be so reticent tonight.

The text is updated with my full analysis (not anything dissertation-like, of course, lol).

BTW, I see that the 20% off deal still doesn't just show up at the top of the preview site.  In order to receive the 20% off, you will need to put the code PRV3 in the shopping bag page (once again, thank you to CC for getting us the code!).  (UPDATE--You can now shop the preview with the 20% off with free ship and returns until November 26, 2013--woohoo!)

Adelaide Dress.  I *used* to LOVE the old Boden hotchpotch garments, which would have two or three disparate patterned fabrics joined together in one.  I have matured style-wise from the very Garanimals versions that Boden had for so many years, but I still adore the basic idea of it.  Boden shied away from it during the last two seasons, really, only incorporating it in this dress (seen on me in this post) during the summer.  I am glad to see they have a pretty, normal-enough looking version of hotchpotch on this very modern silhouette.  This is definitely going to be in my pre-order basket, regardless of whether I think it will sell out or not.

Audrey Jumper.  Jump on this jumper early, all.  The Sixties Jumper from the fall (same look, different knit) proved popular, and this textured merino-cotton version in this gorgeous orange shade will sell out.  I would buy it, but I have recently acquired an orange sweater from J. Crew, so I don't have a need, but if you love the style and the shade, make this one yours...

Ballerina Wedges.  One of the most practical items a lady can have in her shoe closet is a pair that elevates without pain, yet still looks pretty.  The sweet combo of navy and tan bow is perfection for all year, but will look especially nice with bermuda shorts in paisley and a fitted tee.  

Ballerinas.  These are duplicates of the Cece Flats from J. Crew...except that they are much less expensive.  Definitely recommend grabbing them early because Boden's shoes do well when they are in a great shade and worthy of many different outfits (these are another year-round go-to pair). 

Button Back Jumper.  I recently did a review of the cashmere polka dot sweater in green from J. Crew (here at this post) and I think if you have a love for that sweater, at a lower price point, and in this shade of blue, you had best jump on that train early, as well.  The model shot is incredible, and usually the item the model wears is the color that sells quickest. 

Cashmere V-Neck Jumper.  I really want the J. Crew version in pagoda blue, but it is too expensive for I will grab this one now in preview, at 20% off, and feel great that I am getting a similar quality garment (or maybe slightly better quality) for far less money.  :)

Classic Denim Shirt.  Since every company over the past year has had some version of this shirt, and it has sold well at all of those clothiers, it would not surprise me if it does the same at Boden.  The only real test will be if the British ladies have a fancy for denim micro-dotted fabric as much as their counterparts here in the good ole Ew Ess of A!

Draycott Coat.  I love these lines in this garment, especially the waistband button detail.  So feminine and retro.  I would probably get the blue in preview, as I have the Spring Trench in this hue from last year, but if you don't own a yellow coat and love the color on you, you may want to give this one a try.

Fabric Mix Dress.  Will not be buying in preview, but once the reviews start trickling in about fit, I may have to give this one a try in one of the colors (not this one, too much like my Alexa dress).  I won't even attempt it until I know how it will fare on my birthing hips, however.  ;)

Kensington Courts.  All leather and in a gorgeous blue shade, I think these will sell out!  These shoes remind me of Easter eggs, and I think that is such a good thing for spring.

Lace Top.  This top is very popular this season, and it is now in a sumptuous rose shade and a practical olive color, too.  The current ivory version sold out, but you can buy it either at the normal Boden site or the preview and receive it in 9 weeks time.  (Preview site is better, btw, since you get the full 20% off, though.)

BTW, speaking of the Lace Top, this styling looks an awful lot like the way I styled it way back when.  LOL.  Oh, Boden...great minds and all.  ;)

Modern Woven Top.  I was over at Mumsnet a few weeks ago and some of the ladies were having a field day with how "UGLY" and "VILE" this top is.  I was sort of surprised, I think it looks quite lovely.  From what my British readers tell me, though, Mumsnet is not known for their optimism or cheery outlook, so the contrary is preferred, and the negative is celebrated.  So in honor of that, Miss Pollyanna here will celebrate this top.  :)  I also think because it is very unique, yet versatile (wonderful dressed down or up) and playful with gorgeous candy-stripes, it will sell out, Mumsnet or no...

Notch Neck Shift.  I think this will sell out! Linen/Cotton Combo?  Check.  Polka Dots in a neutral shade pairing?  Check.  Pretty Bow Belt?  Check.  There you go.  Sell out.

Off Duty Sweatshirt.  I LOVE and will wear as soon as I receive it.  I ADORE sweatshirts like this and thank companies for coming out with comfy-wear that doesn't look dowdy and/or frumpy.  ;)

Pencil Dress.  I think it will sell out!  Again...classic sell out formula...stripes in a pretty neutral color combo...pretty bow tie-belt...lovely fabric in a work-appropriate length.  I won't go near that skirt with my hips, but for those of you less well-endowed down below in the bedonkadonk, have at it!

Pointed Mary Janes.  I think these will sell out the first day.  Seriously.  J. Crew had shoes like this a few years ago in a similar shade, and I think everyone either wanted them or bought them.  This color does wonders for a leg-line, and the pastel pink is exactly the right shade to work with quite a few colors...

Pointed Mary Janes.  I LOVE!!!  I have neutral heels, however I do not own a pair of heels in this color...and since I have many MANY items that could pair well with these, I think these are high on my "want" list.

Sheer Shirt.  I LOVE!  I also think the white/pink version will sell out quickly.  I am not interested in purchasing the green version yet, but hope that it will make it to a time when I can get a bit more off than 20%.  Since I have plenty of pretty patterned shirts, I really should wait for a good sale to get another one (and that also buys me time to sell some more of my shirts already in my closet).

Wardour Dress.  I LOVE and this baby is gonna sell out. Since every woman I know wants to be Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, this may be a good opportunity for those of you who want the aesthetic to get in on the action.  I prefer the soft red version myself, but I do look horrid in black, so there's that.  ;)

Wedge Desert Boots.  I think these will sell out.  Polka dots on a current "in" style bootie?  Smart, Boden, SMART.  You already have AppGal's vote.  :)

Weekender Dress.  I LOVE and it will sell out. The linen version of this last year sold out in a heartbeat.  This has some cotton, so I prefer it to last year's, so I am glad I waited.  The button-down front is nursing-friendly, btw.

Wrap Swimsuit.  I LOVE the print!  (I saw a painting at the National Gallery of Art that reminds me of this, so I have a fondness for it because of that.)

Do you have any to add to this list?  Are there any other items that you think will sell out as fast as some of the fall/winter favorites did? 

Have a great night and I will be updating this post tomorrow at some point!