Saturday, November 24, 2012

OOTDs: Teal, Grey, and Pink.

Good evening, all!

My poor poor lil Angus has come down with some sort of congestion and that combined with some real nasty teething means my lil guy is almost incapable of nursing.  He kept bucking and struggling and arching his back, which led to a visit to the local Urgent Care here in Mississippi.  Sigh.  I am so tired and down after this day of not being able to meet my baby's needs.  Fortunately the doctor ruled out any sort of awful infection and has given us a script for antihistamine to clear Angus's nasal passages, but blegh, poor kid.

*He has nursed since this morning, but it is a struggle, at least he is trying...*

Since this is a personal style blog and not a baby blog, I will move on, but I am going to keep it brief since my ability to type, think, and write are almost non-existent right now. 

Two Fridays ago, on the 16th, my brother and I hung out all day, he had the day off and I needed to get about a billion errands run, so we did them together.

It was a lovely, pleasant day, with bright blue skies, sunshine, and mid-50s.  Truly the best sort of fall day...

I had received these Cafe Capri in Herringbone pants in the mail a few weeks ago, but it has been just a touch too warm to wear them.  I did know, though, that I wanted to combine the pink with teal and grey, seemed liked it would be a pleasing color combo to the eye, even if the colors read more mid-winter or early spring.

With the utterly perfect temperatures for wool dressing on that Friday, I figured a grey herringbone (the Ryder jacket from 2006--worn here last) and the pink herringbone would keep me warm enough, and be texturally interesting, as well.

The capris, btw, are a tall 8.  I could have bought the regular 8 and had them hit higher on the calf, but I have discovered that if a capri is too short on the leg, it looks kind of ridiculous on me, so I always buy the tall when given the option.  Though these read as regular pants instead of cropped, I am okay with that, as I think this looks a bit less casual.

Without the jacket, the look becomes more casual, but still very collegiate preppy.  :)

I had to go to the neurologist for my annual check of my head.  Although my hubby would like to argue with her, I am not completely crazy, and it looks like my head is in perfect health.  Besides regular run of the mill migraines, I have no other issues.  (She confirmed that all the business with the PFO had been taken care of with my closure back in December of 2010.)

That bag is the Quincy hobo that I was able to pick up from the outlet down in Lynchburg for a ridiculously low price (I think it may have been $40).

There's my partner in crime, looking all hip to my square.  I seriously need a pocket protector and I would be set.  Peter *is* the reason fathers lock their daughter's windows at night.

Close up of the details of the jacket, vest, shirt, and necklace.  I kept missing the Crystal circle necklace on and figured I would never get it, but with a bit of money in my paypal account from selling some of my own items, I decided to see if it was available on ebay, and it was...for a great price (much better than the price on, too). 

The blythe blouse in polka dot was a random add on (sale, of course) purchase I made one day, and it turned out well, quite like it, and having seen it styled on so many bloggers, I get the appeal.  In fact, the lovely Audrey Bella has it on in her blog post from earlier today.

There's the patient.  He was in far better spirits that day, of course.

Since I have you here, I figured I would throw in this one off outfit, too.  The only thing that ties them together is the fact that this one has a sort of teal sweater as well.  (Although it looks like a deep dark blue here, I can confirm there is a bit of a green hue to it.)

The oversize merino pocket sweater is amazing, but I really can't see a way to dress it up.  I wore this to take Angus to a Little Gym class, hence the stretchy leggings, lack of accessories, and ballet flats.  If you have an idea of how to make this sweater more fancified, I would love to read it (or see polyvores). 

Here is a close-up of the sweater.  The pockets are there right below my hand, and I did find myself placing my hands in them throughout the day.  I wouldn't say you can put anything really substantial in there, but my phone went in there just fine and didn't fall out.

AJC did a great review of it a while back.  :)

Okay, that's all for today.  I definitely will be back tomorrow, so I will talk with you then.

I hope everyone is having a great couple of days, especially if you are in the United States and have had the last few days off from work.  ;)