Monday, November 5, 2012

OOTDs: Popping Out in My Popover.

Good evening, everyone!

Thank you for letting me know whether or not you were able to get into the Boden site from my links in the review roundup yesterday.  It appears the problem is on my end, through my computer.  I suspect my wifi router, although it could just be the computer itself.  (10:04 pm--IT WORKS!  Yay!) I tried the link on my cell phone today and I had ZERO problems getting to the diminishing discount sale through the link at the bottom of the BWRR, so I think I am the isolated incident of having no luck.  If you are experiencing problems, do let me know, because that could mean that my affiliate program has to fix it.

Anyhow, onto today's post!  I had heard so many great things about J. Crew's silky polka-dot offerings, especially the polka dot popover they offered last year (see it here on Tweed and Toile).  I didn't really see myself in it, especially since I was pregnant when they introduced it last year, but when I spied it in the J. Crew Factory site a few weeks ago (called the Factory Cotton-Silk Classic Popover), I thought I could try to see if I could make it work for me.  It *had* a really long wait to receive it, but as we all know in both J. Crew and Boden land, those waits are usually much shorter than the time frame they give us.  So I got the chance to see it on me sooner than I expected.

Oh, and yes, I do realize that three of my past week's outfits have included polka dots in some form or another.  Must be on a kick.  :)  I promise, I am wearing florals tomorrow.  

Detail shot of the outfit.  The invitation clutch is a near match, but the dots are tiny bit bigger on the shirt.

The cherry blossom necklace was definitely necessary, the blank canvas of the sweater was too square and very blah, so the heft and contrast of the necklace added the right amount of interest.

The shirt is a size extra-small.  I usually wear extra-small in factory offerings, and since this was also offered in a size extra-extra-small, I figured I would be fine with the x-small.  :)  It does fit, but it is definitely a closer fit than I wanted.  I think you should size up if you carry your weight up top, as I found the shoulders and armholes to be the tightest, and that is where I am thinnest, so take that for what it means for you.

The fabric is very thin, but lovely.  Not see-through, but be very careful not to snag it on anything.  

The shirt is all sold out in the smaller sizes, but I am sure there will be popbacks.  

I did orange skinny cords with this look.  I could have gone classic and worn jeans or a sleek pencil skirt, but that look has definitely been done before, and I was looking to try something a bit different, preppy but not...if that makes any sense.

I wore the 60s coat again today.  It was so comfy and warm.  I did a review of this one in the last BWRR.

I do want to let you know that the fuzzy material got a bit fuzzier today.  It definitely bugs me less than when I get pilling on cashmere.  It might be because I don't expect fuzzy pilling on cashmere, but somewhat expect it on lofty textured wool.  Either way, I have a fuzz shaver, so that helps with the pills.

I was taking a self-portrait, and the timer caught this.  I kind of dig it.  I definitely enhanced the photo with filters that are in my picasa photo program.  As much as I would like to live in a 60s retro world, I do realize I can only really get their with heavy editing.  ;)

Detail of the necklace, the popover, and the crewcuts sweater.

Factory Popover Popping Out.

Polyvore is above.

Do any of you own the factory popover?  If so, would you mind linking to your review?

Have a great night, all!!! :)