Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OOTDs: Hipster Me.

Preppy me is often at battle with hipster me.  Because I am old and actually lived during a time period when preppy was the "in" style (but has it ever really gone out of style?), sometimes preppy me feels a bit stale.  So I give the hipster a go...but only so much.  If I were 23 and single and had a blog, I think this twee persona would be me, but since I am not (oh, sadness), I will limit my hipster outings to just a few a month.

Fedora--check.  Sperry's--Check.  (Although I guess with Sperry's I could call this a hipster/preppy hybrid.)  Weird hammered metal necklace--Check.  Heavy on the Madewell and Anthro?  Check. 

Detail of top portion of outfit.

No fedora, plus the dress has pockets!  :)

Hipster occasion?  Winesday at the local Whole Foods with my friend J., and little CW, of course.  Mmm, winesday!

More Madewell and Anthro!  And add a dash of desert boots and the hipster equation is complete.  Of course I could have added an "ironic" winter hat (one with kitten ears, preferably), but again, I am old.  I can't play that anymore.

Brighter shot of the outfit.

Detail of hair, makeup, and necklace.

Wore this outfit to go out with Rex to the city a few weeks ago.  He was having a blast, as evidenced by his jump for joy outside the Museum of Natural History.  I was a bit less thrilled, but I blame the Macalister high-heeled booties since this was the first day I had worn them, and even with the addition of socks, they were very uncomfortable after a few hours of walking.  (This, btw, did not happen the second time I wore them, so at least they wear in fast.)

Okay, that's all for tonight. 

I am in Florida right now (yay, Amelia Island--so pretty) but will be home tomorrow night.  It's just my hubby, my baby, and me, so it has been very relaxing.  We took a nice long walk today all over the resort, so even though it was 60 and windy and overcast, it felt special because the nature here is spectacular.

Have a great night, everyone.  And if you are in Williamsburg or Silver Lake, I tip my fedora to you.  ;)