Monday, November 12, 2012

Closet Cleanout: More for Sale!

One of many from my closet I am saying "good-bye" to...
A few months ago I began my journey to get rid of many clothing items in my closet, as much as I loved them, many of them just weren't working for me for whatever reason.

One of them is the one above, the J. Crew Factory Madeline Dress (from 2008, not the one from last year).  This is a wonderful dress, heck I was even able to wear it when pregnant with Angus, but unfortunately this dress fits me less well not pregnant than pregnant.  (So weird, right?)  The top is far too loose for me, and the hips are just fitting, so I am going to let this one go.  I have the one from last year in a size smaller and that works on me better, so I am not crying big ole tears over losing my pretty pink ruffly dress.  ;)

Anyhow, below you will find the polyvore of items I am selling.  If interested, please do e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or polyvore message me.

I am out of town starting tomorrow, but should be able to get all items in the mail on Friday.

For Sale!

1. NWT J. Crew Merino Sequined Crochet Cardigan (Gold), Size Extra Small, $45 Shipped.

2. EUC J. Crew Infinity Cardigan (Medium Teal), Size Extra Small, $35 Shipped.

3. EUC J. Crew Library Shawl Cardigan (Ivory/Oyster) (can't remember name), Size Medium, $50 Shipped.

4. EUC J. Crew Honeyclover Ruffled Romance Perfect Shirt (Liberty Tana Lawn), Size 6, $50 Shipped.

5. EUC J. Crew Silk Fresco Tunic Top, Size 4, $60 Shipped.

6. EUC J. Crew Frances Cami (Mint), Size 8 Petite, $30 Shipped.

7. EUC J. Crew Classic Stripe Tissue Tee (Navy), Size Small, $20 Shipped.

8. EUC Anthropologie Snowscape Tank (Corey Lynn Calter), Size 4, $55 Shipped.

9. EUC J. Crew Factory Madeline Dress (deep pink/purple shade), Size 8, $65 Shipped.

10. EUC J. Crew Factory Cord Bella (Tan), Size 4, $40 Shipped.

11. NWOT Boden Audrey Dress (Vermillion), Size 8 Regular, $110 Shipped.  I did a review of that one recently.

12. (No photo, but I wore this here.)  EUC J. Crew Cashmere Turtleneck (Tangelo--bright pretty orange shade), Size Medium, $40 Shipped.

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!