Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Popular and Unpopular.

Hi, all!

Here are a few quick reminders and info before we get this review roundup started.

1. There is a 25% off with free shipping promo going on at Boden right now, with some exclusions.  This promo will be going on for a while, so you can take your time deciding on what you want to get with it.  If you love something that is not part of this promo and want to purchase it with a discount, you can grab it with the 15% off promo that is in my sidebar.  I have placed both promos at the bottom of this post for those of you on a mobile device, though.  :)

2. On Monday, November 26, 2012, the 20% off with free ship and returns promo (use PRV3) ends at the Spring Boden preview site.  I still have yet to make my order.  I think I may have to remind myself, too.  I wrote about the extension of the promo here and I did a picks post here.

3. I was asked by a blog friend about the outlet in Pittston, PA this morning over at my facebook page.  All I had known was that it was open only select days and at certain times, and that its location is pretty close to Scranton (yep, as in the location of the tv show the Office on NBC).  But after realizing I should know more, I turned to my friend google and found a pretty good article on it from a British newspaper.  There is also this article on it from a US newspaper, too.  I found this VLOG on the outlet, but since I am on my portable hotspot, I can't stream video as it is very expensive if I go over my data usage amount, but based on the comments, it appears there is good info in it!

I definitely need to get there, but have yet to find the time.  I have the inclination, but no ability.  LOL.  If you do ever go to the outlet, and would like to report your time there, I would be more than happy to have a guest post here.  :)

4. My friend Joanna, of the awesome blog Poppy's Style, wrote a nice little post on why she loves Boden.  You will see it linked to on the bottom of this post, but I think it needs to be linked to here, also! 

Onto the business of the review roundup...I named today's post popular and unpopular because the outfit I am showing off first has both a very popular item and a very unpopular item.  And to be honest, I have no idea why the one that is unpopular is so unpopular.  Maybe it is just a dark horse yet to be discovered and will sell out next week.  Probably not, but who knows?

Fitted Ponte Dress.  Size 8 Regular.  This is the unpopular item I was speaking of in the above paragraph.

I really really really love the way this dress looks, feels, and wears.  Based on what I experienced both wearing it out and styling it, I have no idea why this dress isn't completely selling out.

The outfit above, btw, is what I wore to church and to dinner out with the family.  I could have worn it for a full day and night and felt none worse for wear, it was that comfortable.

This is another idea for styling, especially in the colder months.  It also is a bit more funky for those of you who veer more towards Boden for uniqueness rather than the ubiquitous.

I wore a pair of tights that did not get stuck to the skirt when walking (even though the dress is unlined), an Anthropologie beaded elastic belt, and the insanely popular effortless suede boots from Boden.

I did not wear this outfit out, but could see it being a great option for when I have my room parent duties at Rex's school, just dressy enough to show I care, but definitely comfortable enough for me to get down and be hands on with the kindergarteners.

Yet another pose, but legs crossed like a flamingo.

The dress, because it is made from Ponte fabric, is wonderful at not wrinkling.  Therefore this is a great dress for traveling, as well.

The dress zips up in back, which means I could have worn a size 6 regular (the long would have been too long), but I kind of like how even though it is fitted in the 8, it doesn't feel that way.  I know the 6 could have fit, as this fabric stretches, but I like that I don't have to wear spanx with it.  My hips are grateful, too.

I like booties, clearly, since I wear them all the time.  These are worth the money, though, IF you can get them on popback.  The all leather construction (including the soles) mean these feel good, are going to be long-lasting, and have a richness of hue that you can't get from man-made materials (the patina is really lovely in this suede).

I bought a 40, which is the size I wear in the Leather loafers.  I have decided that I am a size 40 half the time and a 41 the other half.  Heck, I even bought the mini Boden Sequin Ballet Flats in a 39 and THOSE FIT.  (They must run really large, when I say they fit, I mean I don't feel squeezed in like I would expect to.)

The laces stay laced up, too, no double knotting necessary.

I wore these yesterday, the whole day, and I am happy to report they did not hurt nor did I regret choosing to wear them, even though I was in the mall walking around with my mother-in-law and my son (read into that what you want).

Fitted Ponte Dress
Effortless Suede Boots
Fitted Ponte Dress and Effortless Suede Boots.  Not selling out in the Fitted Ponte Dress, but nearly gone in the suede boots.

Audrey Dress
Audrey Dress.  I did a review smackdown between this dress in red and the J. Crew Teddie dress in red.  I am planning on sending back the Audrey dress (had meant to do so last Friday, but whoopsie!), but I still have it, so if you want it and can wait for it till next week (on travel now), I will happily send it to you.  As you can see, this is another super popular item from Boden this fall.

Roma Jacket
Roma Jacket.  Lou really loves this the fitted ponte dress, it is not super popular, but maybe should be?  See it in an outfit of hers here and in the review post here.

Casual Suede Bow Flats
Casual Suede Bow Pumps.  Lou completes her cute outfit with these adorable flats

Crinkle Jersey Shirt
Crinkle Jersey Shirt.  Lou wears the shirt here. In that same post, she writes about the mini Boden Spring 2012 Preview, too. :)

Slouchy Merino Jumper
Slouchy Merino Jumper See this modern take on a wardrobe staple on Joanna in this post.  She also wrote a review here.

Stripy Jumper
Stripy Jumper. See this lovely *almost a* tunic on Joanna in this post.

Fairisle Jumper
Fairisle Jumper.  Joanna has a written review on this sweater in this blog post.

Okay, that's it for today.  If you decide to ignore the fact that I didn't publish last week, I feel like celebrating that I got this post done on Wednesday, which is *supposed* to be my usual BWRR day.  Woo!

Happy Thanksgiving, btw!  :)

P.S. Here at the links to the various coupons I spoke of at the top of this post: