Monday, November 12, 2012

Boden: 25% Off Sale!

She smiles because she loves a good sale.  I am sure that's it.
Hi, and good morning!

Like I mentioned in last night's review smackdown (Audrey versus Teddie), there is a new promotion at Boden this morning.

It's a good one, and even better, it lasts until early December (likely because that is when Boden switches to clearance mode).

I don't know if this means some items are stackable (say they were already discounted and the 25% off is on top of it), but if they are, that means that right now some clothing is at clearance pricing, which is nice...especially if you are like me and like to do the majority of your holiday present shopping in October and November.  (I have already bought CW some of her presents, and all my girl relatives are taken care of...)

Anyhow, do you see any especially great deals out there?  If so, go ahead and comment!!!  Would love to see what is out there.  :)

UPDATE: There are terms and conditions, which include a list of items that will not be included in the discount.  You can see those items here.  If you need to buy one of those items, go ahead and use the 15% off coupon button in my sidebar, which does not have that condition.  :)

This coupon button is in my sidebar, as well.

Talk with you all later today!