Friday, November 9, 2012

Boden: Spring Preview 2013 News!

Ooh, I am actually thrilled to write this...I heard from Lou this morning over at my facebook page (and had heard something similar from CC a couple of days ago) that the Preview would include mini Boden (girls, boys, and baby) plus Johnnie b. as of today.  And it does.  Now I don't have any time today to add to my "picks from the preview" post (I will add text to my choices that I made last night, though, after I am done writing this post), but I should be able to do a "picks" post for the mini items sometime in the next two weeks.

Now, in addition to them adding the mini items, they have extended the 20% off sale to November 26, 2013 (use code PRV3 on the shopping bag page).  I am pretty delighted by that as I sort of felt the turnaround was far too fast for me...I shouldn't complain, after all Boden is one of the few companies that does a preview AND allows us to get a discount, but I really had hoped that they would extend the preview discount for at least a little bit longer.  :)  So, yay!

Okay, that's all!  Do any of you have any choices from the new preview items for the littlest (and in-betweeners) ones in our lives?

Talk soon!