Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Corded.

Hi!  How is everyone this fabulous Thursday evening?

Before we begin this (shorter than usual) BWRR, I did want to remind you that the diminishing discount 20% off ends this evening at 11:59 pm.  Tomorrow the discount becomes 15% off and then it becomes 10% on Saturday.  Since I already have a coupon in my sidebar for 15% off with free ship and returns, I will just take the diminishing discount code away after tomorrow night.

Later tonight you will see a post with my picks from Boden's spring preview.  I will include all the items I have already chosen (see the bottom of these posts--one, two, and three--if you missed them), and will include a few more that I have recently discovered.  I wish we had a few more days to decide what we would like to preorder...I feel like the turnaround between the drop date and the last date for the discount was really fast, but that could just be me and my new and insanely frenetic schedule talking. 

Not a whole lot here in Boden review land tonight, but it was just Sunday that I last published, so it isn't like I gave it a whole week.  :)  Which is fine as I only have a little bit of time to spare to actually write this post.

Regular Boden:
Babycord Shirt Dress.  After rediscovering my love for Boden's Babycord fabric (it is the fabric of the very first item I ever ordered from Boden--a navy skirt seen here in this post), I decided that a nursing friendly (button-down plackets are great for breastfeeding) winter dress would be a smart choice.

I vacillated, should I buy a 6 Long or an 8 Long?  In the end, I went with the smaller of my two sizes knowing that the cord fabric would be stretchy enough that it would be shapeless by the end of a wearing in my larger size.  (I was right, btw, the fabric stretched out to a very comfortable level at the end of the wearing, yet still hugged my curves...the 8 would have been like a box on me).

From the side.  You can see that the belt is nice to have, but next time I wear it, I am going to use my own leather belt in its place as the fabric belt is a bit blah.

From the back.  Pleased that I didn't look like a mack truck from this viewpoint.

Was headed out to Rex's parent/teacher conference and then to dinner out with the whole family at a school fundraiser at a local restaurant.  It was a bit chilly and windy, so I added the J. Crew Colletta coat (this one has thinsulate) for warmth.  The red Andie bag is a direct match to the little florals in the fabric, so that choice was a no-brainer for me.

Close-up of the fabric and the the necklace.

Couple of notes on the dress:

1. The second to the bottom button-hole was made a bit too big, so the button kept undoing.  Nothing that was scandalous, but it definitely showed my leg because I couldn't properly close it.  I will simply stitch it tighter, but wanted you all to know that.  I hope this is a one-off, I would really be very sad if the "quality" goes downhill, we have seen that at a certain American clothing company, and it is not good for loyal customers.

2. The size was a touch small at the bustline, so if you are a larger cup size, you may want to consider sizing up even though there is stretch.

3. The colorway says grey on this version, but I think the background almost looks navy.  Maybe it's just my eyes, and my age, but it didn't read grey to me.

Babycord Shirt Dress
Babycord Shirt Dress.  Not close to selling out (except in a few colors/sizes), but won't stick around long if it makes it to clearance.  This dress is not part of the 20% off diminishing discount, but is discounted with my 15% off coupon.

60s Coat.  I wore this one again on the same day as I wore my new J. Crew Factory popover (in this post).  And then I wore it again on the day I took the kids to the city (above picture--doesn't Angus look adorable in his Logo Hat and Mittens Set?).

Here is my good news.  The coat is so pretty and lovely and warm I am willing to hold onto it, dryclean it, and fuzz bust it. 

However, here's the bad news...this coat is really fuzzy.  Admittedly I have worn it a lot and with kids and I am a big believer in "wearing" clothes and not just styling them and then freaking out if something happens to the fabric, but even still, it is REDONK how many pills have appeared.  If I can't get rid of the pills and the dry cleaner can't make it better, then I will return it.  Sadly.  I just can't justify a coat that will look like complete crap after a winter of use.  And because Boden is Boden, I know they will understand and accept my return.  I will keep you all updated on its progress.  For now I can only suggest you get it if you think you can't live without it...I will change my tune when and if I see the coat looks okay after my fixes.

60s Coat
60s Coat.  There are no reviews of this coat at the American site, and no mention of the pills on the UK site, so maybe it's just me?  Anyhow, it is almost all sold out in the oyster color, so clearly it is a well-loved coat.  Hmm.

Skinny Jeans
Printed Scarf
Skinny Jeans and Printed Scarf.  Lou may be less than thrilled with winter's arrival (and with her babe's visit to the doctor--hope E feels better soon!), but the outfit she pulled together for warmth and ease looks really cute.  I think any of Boden's printed scarves always elevates an outfit, I have been known to put on plain Jane denim, a white tee, and a solid colored cardi, but with the addition of a pretty scarf, it is like I actually gave my outfit some effort.  ;)

Okay, that's all for tonight.  If I neglected your review, do let me know.  My blog reading (I think) is all caught up, but I know I sometimes miss let me know if you had one.  And if you e-mailed me and I didn't use your review, do e-mail again.  My ancient e-mail program is not the best (if I am being completely honest).

Below you will find two links, the first is for the diminishing discount sale itself and the second is for the 15% off coupon (for those items you like that are not part of the 20% off diminishing promo).