Sunday, November 4, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: In Time for a Sale.

Hi, all.

UPDATE: Louise (Lou in many of the reviews) just let me know the code: DUAF.  And it works!  :)  Yay.  So until I can get the affiliate link to work, definitely use this code!  If the item you like is not part of the diminishing discount, then use the code WAFF instead, this is the code that comes up when you use the 15% off with free ship and returns coupon in my sidebar.

Thank you, Louise!!! :)

Today is the start of a diminishing discount over at Boden.  I have the link ready to go in the sidebar, but as of 11:46 am (would have been 12:46 pm, but I say kisses to "falling" back), the link is not working.  (In fact all of the links are not loading, including Pure Collection.)  This means that my affiliate program will need to fix it, and when they do, they should be live and active.  Unfortunately this could mean that they don't work till tomorrow, as I don't know if or expect my affiliate manager to be able to fix these sorts of things on Sunday.

There are some exclusions from this discount, likely the most popular items, so if you really are hankering for one of those and need a discount, use my 15% off coupon instead, and it should work just fine (when the linking problem gets fixed, of course).

If any of you are successful in making the link or links work, do let us know!

Alrighty, onward to the review roundup!

Regular Boden:
Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper.  I was able to snag this one in mulberry melange (very deep, dark pink with hints of purple) for around $100 during the last big sale over at Boden (this was a 30% off item during the last "catch of the day"). 

I am very pleased that I bought it.  I love the color, I love the weight, and I love how very soft it is.

From the side.  I purchased this in a size 6, which is my normal Boden size.  Sometimes in their knitwear, I find I *almost* should buy the 4 (the sixties jumper was a squidge too big overall in the 6), but the length, shoulders, bust, and hipline were exactly right this time.

From the back.  The only small issue is the length of the sleeves, which could be a hair longer, but I have the arms of someone who is 5'10", even if my torso is that of someone who is 5'4".  (In other words, I am used to sleeves not being long enough, so it never bothers me anymore.)

I went out to Bethesda last night with the family for a yummy meal of Cajun Food, and since it was definitely brisk outside, I knew that wearing layers was the way to go.  I had a feeling that the wool Oxford jacket by J. Crew (Fall 2007) would be too warm to wear indoors over the cashmere sweater, but would be great as outerwear.  (It was perfection, exactly what was needed for the 50 degree plus 20 mph winds.)
I found that the sweater was just thin enough to work under the jacket, but had it been any thicker, I would have had to make a choice--gorgeous sweater or gorgeous jacket?  The jacket is a size 4, and with my nursing ta-tas is a bit snug through the bustline (one advantage of weaning--the oxford will fit perfectly when that happens!).

If you like your cashmere warm and thin, then this would be a great option for you.

Best representation of the color.  It is almost exactly the same shade as the inner part of the enamel button.

This color reads as purple, especially when paired with the Loft pants, which always seem more purple than pink to me.  Either way, pink or purple, I like this shade for my skintone, since most purples are too cool for me.

This is a Boden roundup, I know, but I want to give a big shout-out to the J. Crew Macalister high-heel ankle boots, which I have now worn a few times (stretching them out--the first time I wore them it was sort of painful).  I love them for their elevating powers (3 inch heel) but I also love how casual chic they appear, meaning they can be worn for both "flannel plaid" outings like grocery shopping, and for "jersey dress" outings like a nice dinner out with your favorite significant other.  :)  I sized down to a 9, and am glad I did, the 10 would have been too large overall. (But I have narrow feet, so keep that in mind.)

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper
Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper.  Glad I bough the mulberry in six when I did as that combo is currently out of stock.  All the other sizes seem to be in great shape, so you might be able to pick one up in the next great sale (if not this one, then likely another one in the future--November is a great time for sales).

60s Coat.  I bought this in the preview in a size 6, which is my usual Boden coat size.  I had actually felt that a cream-colored coat was a need in my wardrobe because I had sold another one I owned a while back (it was too big).  I had hoped that this one would be more white than it is, but I don't dislike the color as it is (somewhere between off-white and light beige).

It is all done up and buttoned here, and it fits nicely through the shoulders, waist, and hips (especially the hips as it has a flare shape to the bottom portion).

It appears that the coat's placket is pulling, but I can assure you it is not, it is fairly roomy on me.  I think the placket was made with the wrong buttons, I don't know, I have seen this effect on other people, so I don't know if it is the way the placket looks when this sort of tailoring is done, or if it will straighten itself out as the coat gets more worn in?  If you are a seamstress and can weigh in, I would appreciate it.

I love it opened up, too.  The buttoned-up look is very nice, and definitely keeps the chill at bay, but open, the coat takes on a very cool, effortless vibe.  The shirt is the Jersey crinkle shirt that I reviewed here, btw.  (I also review its sister below, btw.)

The flower on the shirt exactly matched the color of the coat, wasn't my intention, but it gives you another opportunity to see the shade if you are curious (go to the Jersey crinkle shirt item page and zoom in on the red colorway).

We were headed out to Potomac Mills on Friday night, and the coat definitely kept me warm, in fact, I could have taken a long walk in this coat and perhaps even gotten overheated.  The fabric is a lot like J. Crew's stadium cloth, but more nubby and textured (see a close-up of the fabric below).

From the back.  Love how easy the hips are, great for pear-shaped me.  ;)

The waist detail is nice, but would have looked cuter, imo, with two smaller tortoise buttons on either end of the detailing.

From the side.  I think you have to be a fan of military styles to get into this look, the seaming and epaulets may be a bit too much if you prefer more streamlined, minimalist coats.

Detail shot of the fabric and button.  This is a pretty accurate color but I would still say it is a shade darker than this in real life.

Here you can see how the placket appears when it is buttoned-up on a hanger, still a bit wobbly and pulling.

The lining is pretty with a silky mid-purple grey and off-white fabric, plus a mid-pink grosgrain ribbon waistband.

60s Coat
60s Coat.  The coat is nearly sold out in the oyster shade.  The other colors still have some stock, but I doubt this one is going to last long if it makes it to clearance.

Crinkle Jersey Shirt.  I wore this on our way back from Georgia last Wednesday.  I felt so festive for Halloween *sarcasm*.  :)

It was so nice to have such a comfy shirt to wear, though. Combined with the leggings and scarf, I didn't feel pinched or pulled at all in the ten hours it took to drive back home.

I bought in the six, which was the size I bought the floral in (see the above review for more on that one).

Here it is under my quilted vest in a Wytheville, VA Bojangles (mmm, chicken, all fried and artery clogging).  Angus looks like he wants some of that chicken (I just said "no" to that).

BTW, it was snowy for part of our drive...Hurricane Sandy dropped tons of snow in the mountains of WV and VA.

When I got home I took a (so glamorous) photo of how I wore the shirt in an outfit.

Crinkle Jersey Shirt
Crinkle Jersey Shirt.  This color is all sold out, but watch for popbacks.  One thing I have learned over the years is that if the model is wearing the color in a Boden catalog shot, that color will be the first one to go.  Only rarely is that not the case.

Velvet Henley
Velvet Henley and Straightleg ChinosLou looks so cute in this layered style.  :)  (To see the chinos, click on the name of the product.)

Spring 2013 Picks:
Classic Denim Shirt.  Every clothing company has done some version of a denim shirt with polka dots, so I guess Spring 2013 is Boden's turn to give us what we want.  I can almost guarantee that this will be very well made, so if you are a fan, get it in the preview.  (The model is wearing this color, so it will be the first to go, as per usual for Boden.)

Fabric Mix Dress.  I am weirdly attracted to this dress, as it looks really comfortable, but very appropriate for work and church.  I don't like it on the model, though.  I am not willing to pre-buy a dress that has this straight of a skirt without measurements, but if you like the way this dress looks and don't have your "birthing" hips to worry about, this may be a preview item to consider (especially if you have a reason for a dress like this).

Cashmere V-Neck Jumper.  So J. Crew has this great 25% off promo going right now and I almost considered buying the pagoda blue cashmere v-neck sweater, but then I remembered that Boden has this one in its preview and for far cheaper (even with J. Crew's 25% off, it can't beat Boden's $148 minus 20% off).  So I will do that instead and wait for the pretty blue jumper to come my way this mid-winter.

BTW, does anyone think it is weird that J. Crew has better promos and coupons than Boden right now?  I never thought that would happen.  Usually by this time in the season Boden has many many things for sale in the 35-50% range, and barring a few unpopular items, it is not happening like in years past.

Spotty Canvas Plimsolls.  If you liked them on Lou here, they will be for sale again come this spring.  :)

Don't forget that the Spring 2013 20% off with free ship and returns promotion ends this Friday, November 9, 2012.  

If I neglected a review that you sent me or you did on your blog, do let me know.  As I was a bit of a jumbled mess this past week, it is very possible I missed something!

I will add the link to the current diminishing discount coupon below, but do be aware that until my affiliate fixes the issue, you will be unable to use the coupon.  Once the link is fixed, I will update this post letting you all know (and probably do a blog post to let you all know).
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