Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Maximize Your Crewcuts Dollar...

Even though J. Crew obviously knows I LOVE crewcuts, they have at this point, not sent me any free crewcuts. Huff. Sigh.

So until that point, I have to spend our money on their sort of over-priced children's clothing. And I know all of you with kids agree...if it is something they are going to outgrow in like no time at all...why spend 100 dollars on it? No, I am not joking. I have even seen some "crewcut collection" pieces in the 200 dollar price range. way, Jose (Crew).

So here are my tidbits (especially useful if yours are as young as mine):

1. SALE! I think I have only bought two items not on sale from crewcuts. The rest of the items have been on some sort of DEEP discount. If it is a 40 dollar dress down to 10 dollars, yep, that seems pretty darn reasonable to me.

2. EBAY! I have gotten some of my favorite pieces, either barely worn or not worn at all, from ebay sellers. You can also use this for mini-boden. There are some not so good resellers out there, but the ones I have worked with have been awesome, reasonable, and quick on getting the items to me.

3. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! My daughter is barely 9 months and in the photo above she is wearing a 3-year old top as a dress (and the lovely woman holding her--her grandma, my step-mom Amanda). In the summer, she may be able to wear the dress with no under-onesie at all. (Maybe just one of those frilly diaper covers.) BTW, it was E. (HeidiG.'s daughter) who showed me this item in the first place. I basically told her, find cute things on sale for CW and she found this and more...I was elated to see this one because I knew CW could wear it now...and LATER. Awesome. I think the top was originally 40 dollars? And I got it for 19 dollars? Cost per wear? Very, very cheap.

4. Stretchy, Stretch, Stretch! Rex is clearly ready for 3-year old sized garments but can still wear the 2-year old size because crewcuts typically is made to stretch and give a little bit. So I anticipate that my very large son will still fit into his 2-year old stuff until he actually turns 3. But on the same note, he is able to wear some things before he is ready to because the shirts don't look ridiculous a little bit too big.

Any other ideas out there on how to maximize your crewcuts dollar? (But, honestly, J. Crew...I would be willing to "test" some of your "samples" out...hint, hint...)


Anonymous said...

My daughter is very thin. The waists on the Crewcuts pants have the adjustable waist. She has to adjust them to the smallest. When the lenght is outgrown I cut them off and make capris or shorts out of them. If we need to as she grows we just let the adjustable waist out a bit. Works on jeans and chinos.

Slastena said...

Fantastic recommendations! So far I haven't been buying much from Crewcuts for the precise reasons you have stated. Also, I feel that the boy's clothes lack that 'oompa' factor girls' clothes have. I am sure if I had a little girl, I'd be totally "j-crew"ed, sale or no sale, lol!

Kat said...

Well I don't have any kiddies, but I do like what Crewcuts has to offer! Aside from the price, that is. I think you've got some good ideas. It pays to be very resourceful when you're a mom! And that little CW looks just like a baby doll. So precious!

Kat said...

aha! She looks like one of the little Campbell's Soup kids!

Summerilla said...

She is so flipping cute in that "dress". I didn't see it on her when you bought it that Saturday so I'm glad you posted it. What a great idea of turning an older girls shirt into a dress for mini's. You are so smart - when I have kids I'm going to email you for advice all the time.

Ann said...

With 3 girls, I am also becoming an expert at wearing the clothes different ways to make them last (and reduce that "cost per wear"). In addition to taking a larger-size top and using it as a dress for a smaller girl, as you did...I like to do the reverse: When a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress gets too short, I use it as a top over capri pants or shorts. This doesn't work with every style, but with many Crewcuts ones, it does. I just have to make sure the sleeves or armholes aren't too tight.

In addition to the first Anon comment about pants: My oldest is very slim also. I, too, cut off pants--or just roll them up for a cute summer look.

Joyce said...

My son has discovered Crewcuts and is running around in a pair of madras shorts and a polo. All that's missing is a golf cart. Free shipping was nice, maybe we can start a Crewcuts swap, except I have very little to swap. Luckily, I can still purchase his clothes at Target.

dinagideon said...

Anon at 2:43: Thanks so much for such awesome son is fairly thin through the waist so I bet your advice would work for for CW, who knows what she will be shaped like!!! :)

Slastena: Oh, I have found SOME precious stuff for Rex, but you are right, the girl stuff is so CUTE! I have even managed to sneak a couple of things for her that have the same print as something I own. :) I have a feeling if you have a girl it will be the same in your household! BTW, I have some fantastic maternity tops in a size small that you could borrow if you wanted...even some from pea in the pod!

Kat: Thank you...CW will get a big hug from you...from me. :)

I agree that she looks like a campbell's soup kid...all cheeks!!!

Summerilla: CW got so much stuff that night...lil E. was such an enabler. lol. :) Call are AWESOME!

Ann: Fantastic advice...I will totally use all of your ideas!

Joyce: Sometimes I wonder if my kids are going on a yacht they look so I get the golf cart thing... :) SMILE!

I remember when I turned 14, all of a sudden Hechts and KMart, etc. were not cool enough for me to shop at...instead it had to be Macy's, Nordstrom's, the Gap, or J. Crew. You can bet I am going to keep these kids in Target stuff (where the majority of their clothes come from) for as long as I can...

HeidiG said...

Go E, my little enabler!! That was the first time she had a dressing room and tried things on in store. Love love love the dress on CW - I'll have to show E when she gets home from school. so adorable!!

Boys clothes are harder to get multiple seasons out of, I think. With E, skirts and dresses become short skirts and tunics that she wears with leggings or bike shorts. Pants become capris. With M, I just hope to get a season and a half out of his shirts.

dinagideon said...

HeidiG.: Funny you should mention that about the boys' outfits. Rex went to church in rolled-up sleeves (the shirt sleeves were "bracelet" sleeves on him) and his pants were cuffed to clamdigger length. I thought he looked adorable...Mr. Dina thought he looked like a waif. :)

I know E will love seeing CW in this outfit...I wish I could see her reaction!

HeidiG said...

You need to shorten Rex's pants so they are "board shorts." hehehe.

E loved the pic of CW!!