Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Results of the White Tee Poll!

Where should a woman go to get a great white tee (not see-thru, substantial weight, well-made, etc.)?

J. Crew, of course... 22%

Gap struts its stuff for me... 16%

L.L. Bean puts out a darn good tee... 0% (so sad for your Maine institution...)

Love Old Navy! 9%

Land's End is the end of my search... 3%

Talbot's is the ticket! 1%

Ann Taylor show me the way... 3%

I just go to a Department Store for my basics! 1%

Other...I will divulge my secret in the comments for this poll's post... 41%

Wow...by a landslide...it was other. To see all the awesome ideas on where to find a great white tee, see this post. (Also in those comments is some VERY interesting info on the owner of American Apparel. WOW!)

I still stand by my Eddie Bauer tee. See here for pics.

Next up: What underwear should we wear for seamless, gorgeous, perfect outfits?

Next poll...still haven't decided. Probably will take one of HeidiG.'s ideas from this post.

Have a nice afternoon, everyone.

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