Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Mish-Mash of Everything...Even I am Lost...

You know what? When it rains SO HARD that you can't even see four feet outside your window, it is CRAZY RAIN. CRAZY!!! That is what we have been having here in the inner-burbs of the DC area for the past twenty minutes (it is around 2:15 pm as I write this). Jeez-louise.

Onto my (LAST) weekend wear...part deux. My first weekend outfit was the insanely popular "owl-eye" miniskirt. I already posted it... Then I went ahead and posted my outfit from Thursday of last week because I like to confuse you all, obviously. I hope you all aren't getting whiplash from all my starts and stops.

I CANNOT wait until every last bit of my classroom is packed up, my grades are done, and I am outta here...anyone want to help? ;)

Please try really hard to only laugh a little bit at this outfit. I chose to put it up because well if I spend 50% of my summer at the pool it seems a bit disingenuous not to show what I wear to cover-up my swimsuits (NO, I will NOT show my swimsuits...sorry or Thank Goodness!).

This cover-up is from J. Crew, Summer 2008. So cute, right? Look at all the seahorses, crabs, and shells...precious! Obviously Rex doesn't really care for it...or maybe he was just ticked off because we weren't allowing him to do something dangerous (he always has a fit if we take away stuff that he shouldn't be playing know, letter openers, permanent markers, ant spray, etc.). (We really have child-proofed our house but--and this isn't something they tell you--a lot of kids figure out the locks and things, thereby making the locks, etc., totally useless...sigh!)

Onto what I wore after the pool on Sunday...the blue, jersey, tie-front dress from J. Crew, Spring/Summer 2008. From what I read, a whole lot of you have this dress. Isn't it AWESOME? I love this color, especially...what a unique, vibrant, almost Tiffany-box color. The necklace is the yellow-glass bead ladybug piece from J. Crew this last fall, 2008. The wedges are from the Gap Outlet last spring 2008.

We were heading to church which is why I look all dressed-up.

This pic is for you all to see how sweet CW is (like you all didn't know this).

I have a picture of me and Rex that is very similar and which I had framed as soon as I printed it. When I saw this picture, I decided this would be the one I would print of me and CW to place next to the one of me and Rex. The one I have of Rex I look at daily (and hopefully will get up on this blog for you all to see), so I knew I wanted one of my precious little girl.

This is a picture of what my next post will include--the in-store only Ikat print Bermuda length shorts. This pattern is popular, but this seems to be the only piece that was done in this melon/yellow combo. Anyhow...I need to publish this pic so I can put it in polyvore!

You all have a great day. If you live near me...can someone pick me up in their boat? I am not sure our streets will be vehicle passable... ;)


AppGal said...

Such cute outfits, all of 'em! (yep, even the coverup!) I have that tie-front dress in papaya and navy, but always wanted it in the bright blue color. Could never snag it, though! Maybe one day it'll pop up on ebay!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again--your children are PRECIOUS! Oh my gosh, that picture of you and CW is breathtaking. You can just see the adoration on each of your faces. Beautiful. Good luck on all of the end-of-year school junk! If I lived closer, I'd definitely help :)

melissamolasses said...

If I lived in your Washington (D.C.) instead of mine (state), I would definitely come pick you up!

Those are such cute pics of the kids. I couldn't tell at first if Rex was mad or just wanted his Mommy.

Looking forward to seeing the review of the shorts. Love the colors!

MMM said...

Cute outfits & cute kids!!! They're both so precious! :)

I almost purchased those Ikat print shorts but I end-up leaving them behind- Now I wish I would have gotten them! :(

Thanks for sharing!!!

Drewablank said...

*raises hand and waves it enthusiastically*

I'll pick you up! I'll pick you up! In my trusty amphibious Jeep. :)

Heehee. But seriously, I love how you've matched that vibrant blue with the equally vibrant ladybug glass necklace! I so adore those two colors together.

And you couldn't have chosen a better photo to frame of you and CW. It's so dear. :)

And aww, Rexy...don't worry, next time I'm there, we'll play with all the permanent markers you want. ;) Heehee. (Reminds me of a friend who lets her daughter put a ping-pong ball in her mouth. Hahahaha!!)

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Love the blue with the yellow necklace! and those Ikat shorts are great!! I didn't notice them today when I was in today. Have a great day! :)

Tippy said...

I absolutely love the cover up! It has been raining here (NJ) all week. I am glad I have some J. Crew wellies :)

Summerilla said...

I love the cover-up the beachy print is so cute with the crabs and seashells. How come J.Crew didn't make any of these cute patterns for this summer? I was hoping they would.

I don't have the second dress you are wearing like everyone else but I sure do wish I did, it's super cute!

This rain HAS GOT TO STOP. I have a constant rainy weather headache.

Lady Jane said...

That blue dress is to die for!!!! So cute. The yellow necklace was a perfect choice

Patina said...

yes, this rain is really affecting my mood. i was so glad that the sun peeked out this evening.
Thanks for the pics of rex...even though he is crying, he brightened up my day with his cute self. i love how you paired the yellow neclace with the blue dress...very nice. also, the coverup is sooooo cute.

Emily said...

CW is so adorable in that pic. I really like the blue dress on you with ladybug necklace!

HeidiG said...

Love the outfits!

Coverup is way cute. We spend so much time in them in the summer, we may as well wear something we love, right?

Love love love the blue dress/yellow necklace combo on you. Perfect!! Cute shoes (and your toes still look like they are pedi-ed, so yay you)

Can't to see the full pic of the shorts outfit. I know what a fan you are!! Love the melon/yellow combo, too.

Cloggsy said...

Laugh? Are you kidding me, you look AMAZING in that coverup. Far better than what I go down to the pool in!!

Anonymous said...

I have the same coverup and I love it. You look nice in the dress too.
I don't care for the IKAT print at all. Does nothing for me...except maybe save me money! he he

3-Penny Princess said...

I love the blue dress, and I love the yellow necklace and shoes with it! Such a great color for you, and also a nice shape.

MMM said...

I just wanted to update that I just purchased these Ikat print shorts on ebay for $30 (including shipping)! YAY~ I'm glad that I tried them on in store so I knew what size to get! I guess it was meant to be!?! :) Now we can be cyper-twins!

Anonymous said...

I need a big, huge favor...
I was unable to coment at gingersnap blog, if it is possible can you please delivery this MSG in my name.
I am sorry that I never came here to say how beautiful you are (we have a lot of the same J CREW. I am always too busy and checking on blogs is the way I clean my mind and have some fun after a busy day with kids.
thank you.:)
You are a beautiful and smart girl, and that is what you will ALWAYS be!
I am older than you, and I have 2 boys, both of them have autism... it is hard... but day by day we take care of things, one by one.
there are perfect days that I don't want to end and there are days that I just hope for tomorrow.
I will always read your blog and you know why? because that is how I clean my mind.
be strong.:)

Slastena said...

Lovely outfits, Dina! The cover up is cuet cute cute, I am with you on not showing my bikini, lol!
The turquoise color of the wrap dress is absolutely scrumptuous. I adore how you paired it with the bee necklace(one of my favorites, btw!).
I hope you are done with all the schoolwork, I can see Rex missing his mom very much!I have 1.5 month off myself and looking forward to spending this time with my family!

dinagideon said...

Hi, everyone: Wow, it has been a while since I posted this. I totally remember that ridiculous day with all that freaking rain. At least it is all green here because of it...but still...CRAZY!

Thanks for all of your comments. I guess you all know now that J. Crew makes some great jersey dresses. I think that is why AppGal and I own so many...

The Ikat shorts are definitely an acquired taste. I still think if they had made these shorts in a navy blue Ikat, they would have sold out of them. I also think they should have made the skirt in a orange Ikat. Whatever...they pay Jenna to make these decisions, not me. :)

Have a nice day, all...

dinagideon said...

Oh, and P.S., Anon who left the very sweet message to Gingersnap? I will post it on the post she originally wrote about her illness. I don't know that she spends anytime over here (I don't think she is a "follower)...but I will help you out. Sorry it took so long...end of school and all.

I have a feeling Gingersnap won't care how long it took me to get her the message...she will love it! Thanks for your awesome!