Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DC JCA Fun at Montgomery Mall...Plus a Good Time for the Littlest JCAs...

I want to start this post off by showing a pic of me, Drewablank, and CW. Drewablank came to my house, posed for a picture looking all gorgeous (seriously...that top looks so good on her), and drove me and my baby to the mall (I was feeling groggy from the medicine I took).

Once we got to the mall, and EVENTUALLY spotted a space (thank you, nice man from Pennsylvania), we went in and found HeidiG. (and her sweet as pie daughter E.) and Summerilla at the Nordstrom Cafe. The dinner there was so delicious. I highly recommend it. One thing, bring a little cash for the tip. You can't add the tip to the bill so you have to give it at the end. I ate a nicoise salad with salmon and a cup of tomato-basil soup (both yummy). I washed it all down with a cup of some delicious herbal tea by Mighty Leaf (Organic African Nectar). I loved this tea so much I bought a whole package later on my way out of the mall.

After dinner, we went to J. Crew and had lots of fun returning things, suggesting things to each other to try on, suggesting things that our little girls should wear (E. found the CUTEST top that CW can wear as a dress now and as a top later), and finally, last but not least, discovering naughty things in J. Crew tops (read HeidiG.'s post for more info on that).

I ended up getting some MINI-skirts! Whattup with that? Really, me? Not to worry, they are still long enough (lower than mid-thigh) and I will promise you all never to wear them with anything other than casual flats, or in the winter, with tights and boots. :)

I also went ahead and returned the hole-y sweater from this post and got a PERFECT replacement. No holes, and the pattern matches so well. YAY for J. Crew! I was so worried that my beautiful sweater would be lost to the gods of retail.

Two other tees made it into my bag (the naughty one and the one that has trumpeters and the New Orleans theme).

Hopefully these outings will continue...I love this new group of friends! So, thank you, Drewablank, HeidiG., Summerilla, and little E. for a great evening.

BTW, I am wearing in that photo at the top:

(Picture from ebay seller who is selling theirs...)
J. Crew Linen Embroidered Top from Spring 2007 (supposedly a fast-seller, but look--you can get it from ebay in a medium--thanks for the heads-up, summerilla!);
Target Merona Plaid Shorts from Summer 2009;
J. Crew Poppie Capri Sandals from Spring 2009.


Summerilla said...

Such a great write up! I had such a great time on Saturday and I love reading about it and reliving the fun!

I still want that yellow shirt you wore - I put a "looking for" on JCA about it but haven't heard anything. I also checked Ebay but they only have it in a medium.

I am seriously dying laughing thinking about the naughty tee. Some how when I was shopping I seriously missed looking at all the graphic tee's.

Can't wait for the next event! It's really great to have made such fabulous new friends who have the same interests!

HeidiG said...

Funny story - I washed E's ruffle skirt today - and don't ask me why I didn't notice this when I looked at the tag to check price - it is a size 10. I can't believe it stays up on her. Guess she'll get multiple, multiple summers out of it. (that would explain why it is so long though...)

So fun to see you all Saturday. and yeah, I kept cracking up wearing my pasty-tee on Saturday.

Summerilla - I just ordered the Esplanade in black in M. they had it online. Now I'm on the hunt for the weathered stone, which they had Sunday, but I was an idiot and didn't press the button. (And Dina - pacific blue Parisian polo in that order so we can be twins...again)

3-Penny Princess said...

So cute! I enjoyed reading your play-by-play! I am sorry I wasn't able to join you :( Heidi also gave me a recap. I would have loved meeting the Junior Crews!

I'm glad you had fun and scored some fab finds. Maybe we could do another trip sometime?

A said...

This sounds like another fun shopping trip for the DC area JCA's. Thanks for sharing and the photo with CW and Drewablank.:)

dinagideon said...

Hi Summerilla: I posted the info on the top in the post because I figured maybe one of my readers wants this top and in a medium. The top ended up selling for 50 bucks! I hope you find it. I bought mine in a small. Good luck in an extra-small, but if you found a small, grab it...the shoulders a perfect fit on me but since it is meant to be looser...the looser fit may look really nice on you!

HeidiG.: The "dress/top" E. found for CW is size 3...but like you...I have found CW will be able to wear it many different ways for a long time...yahoo. :)

I bet that blue will look amazing on you...looking forward to in real life pics!

3PP: Of course we are going to do another event...with you and everyone else there...and minis, too!

A Bigger Closet: I wished we could all meet up sometime...so awesome that our countries are so vast (with lots of natural beauty) but so hard when wanting to meet up with people!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo could you post pics of the tees you got? I think I know the New Orleans one, but the other one I'm not sure about :)

Sounds like you ladies had a great time!