Monday, August 12, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day! Dresses!

Good morning.  :-)

It's time for another {lovely} catch of the day at Boden.  I am glad it came right now, I wasn't sure when Boden was going to do their first *big* promotion, especially since so much of their fall 2013 has been selling so well.

Anyhow, it is as per usual, with the catch (haha) words being "up to," and "selected."  In other words, only some dresses are the full 25% off, but from what I saw, there were a few great and much buzzed about dresses in the sale, including one I had been eyeing, so I was pretty stoked.  (And, yes, I did order it.  I just really hope in the right size!)

The code is below, and I have added the coupon in the sidebar, as well.

Here are the two dresses I decided to give a try, figuring I would get them at the lower price, so if I needed to exchange, I could exchange at the lower price for a different size (if that makes sense).

Daisy Jacquard Dress.  I chose to get the 8 L, since the chest measurement wasn't too much bigger than my own (I have a 35 measurement, and this one is 38) and the hips were spot on for comfort (I have 40, and this says it has a measurement of 41.5).  Plus everyone who has reviewed it has loved it, so I bet it sells out fast, and if I can get it at 25% off, and love it, and in the right size, I will be thrilled.

**Just saw that the blue is not 25% off, instead that version is only 15% off (using the sidebar coupon here on the blog).  That version must be selling very well.

Sally Sweater Dress.  This a Johnnie b. dress that I saw the first day the autumn items debuted, and I didn't remember seeing it in the preview (I probably just skimmed right over it).  It is young, and it is basically a really long sweatshirt, but since I am a SAHM of a little girl who loves seeing me in items just like this (hearts! pink! sparkle!), and it is a mere $36 on sale, I figured, "eh, why not?"  I chose the 15-16 size, which has fit fine in the past.  The length in both the 15-16 and 16+ are exactly the same, so I went with what the chest measurement was, and in this the measurement was the best for me in the 15-16.

Do you have any picks from the sale??? 

Save up to 25% off with Boden's Catch of the Day Sale!