Thursday, August 1, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: First of Fall 2013!

I am not going to bore you all with a really long intro as there is a lot of reviews of both new and old here at this post today.  :)

Enjoy the first Boden Weekly Review Roundup for Autumn 2013!

Regular Boden:
Ooh, the pretty fall pieces.  :)

From left top and in clockwise order, we have here:

1. Heritage Sweater.
2. Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.
3. Chunky Knit Tights.
4. Heeled Brogue.
5. Heeled Loafer.
6. Smithfield Wool Skirt.

Smithfield Wool Skirt. Size 6 Long.  I sized this based on my waist since the description and photo in the preview showed a very full skirt.  This was wise, as the 30" waist in the size 6 fits me exactly right, while the hips are very free.  This silhouette is far better for me than the skater skirt from fall 2012, which had a small waist, a more fitted hip area, and then a fuller lower skirt portion.

I love the wool, very soft, luxurious, and lined fully in a silky poly.  I think the price I paid was well worth the investment since you really can't go wrong with a black wool skirt in a fit that works with your body shape. 

This skirt style may be too much for smaller frames, though, since this is a whole lot of skirt.  Its fullness reminds me of  the skirt on my Finsbury wool dress from last year (review on that one here).  The length is also very long, at 25", and sitting at my very high waist, the skirt still fell to right below my kneecap, which is very unusual on me.  I love that it is so long since most skirts are never that long on me, unless I specifically choose one that is a midi- or maxi-length.

Smithfield Wool Skirt
Smithfield Wool Skirt.  In stock, nearly fully, but if it gets enough great reviews, it may sell out seeing as it is a versatile, useful item.

Heritage Sweater.  Size 6. The intarsia on this sweater in the cameo blue shade is of a darling hummingbird.  Upon receiving it, I realized that this bird was quite big, bigger than I expected.  Don't mind it, though, but I love this little hummingbird, I find him charming and colorful.  (Having said that, I do realize this little guy is either a love or a hate for most Boden fans, I have read some people are charmed, while others find him very ugly.)

The knit is very soft, the usual cotton/nylon/cashmere blend.  It is true to size, if a bit baggy through the waist area.  Nothing so large that I have to send it back, but if you prefer a more fitted, sleek look, this sweater may be a bit too slouchy for you.  I wouldn't size down, since the shoulders and bust fit fine, but it is your call, ultimately. 

Heritage Sweater
Heritage Sweater.  This may sell out, in either color, but right now it is in stock.  If someone well-known wears it (like an actress or a famous blogger), then it might go out of stock since it is a statement piece, and very distinctive.

Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.  Size 6.  The love I feel for this sweater, and its darling, unexpected color combination cannot be fully expressed with mere words.  I have seen fair isle done in so many colors, but this may be the first time I have seen a silver/orange/lime combo, and that bit of distinctiveness appeals to me. 

The fit is spot on, and the lambswool is so so so soft.  If I had unlimited funds and a larger closet, I would buy all three colors.

Fair Isle Yoke Sweater
Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.  Don't see any evidence of it selling out, but by winter's start, it may be gone for the reasons I mentioned above.  If you are a fair isle fan and would like to ensure you can get the color you want, you may want to pick it up when it gets to a price you can bear.  (I thought the price during the preview was fine, and would pay it again for this sweater.)

Chunky Tights.  Size M.  I bought the dotted version last year in a size large, and darn it all, they were about up to my bosom and were very large in the legs, so even though I could wear them and they wouldn't fall down, I realized that I needed to buy a size smaller, even though on Boden's sizing chart, I am supposedly right in the "L" category with my height and size 8-10 bottom. 

I did end up purchasing the size M in another set of colors, and they fit great, so I knew that if I wanted the chunky tights in the dotted version this year, I needed to buy them in preview since last year the dotted version sold out first and only came back in stock sporadically and as popbacks.

The medium this year fits like last year's, so I chose the correct size.  The blue stripy ones in the pack are cuter than I thought they would be, not sure what I will wear them with yet, but they will definitely add some visual interest to any outfit.

They may be better stocked this year since it was clear they under-ordered last year, but I don't really know so don't shoot me if I am wrong.

Chunky Knit Tights
Chunky Tights.  I also picked up the teal/brown colorway since I have never, ever seen thick sweater tights in a teal shade.  Umm, gorgeous! 

Heeled Loafer and Heeled Brogue.  Size 40 and 41, respectively.

The Loafer is so pretty and I really really wish the 40 fit better, and that they had a size 40.5, since I know that the 40.5 would be the right size for my narrow/long foot.  My issue with the 40 is that the length is a wee bit too short (right at the 4th and 5th toe) and that could be a problem, especially with socks/tights.  The 41, I fear, will be too long and possibly too wide, but I am at least going to try them and compare them to the 40 before I decide which size to return.  I ordered the 40, btw, since my other loafers from them are a 40, and they fit very well in that size.

The Brogue, though, is amazing!  I am glad I purchased the size up since I figured that even if they were too wide/long, the ties would help cinch the shoe in making it wearable, regardless.  As it turns out, the 40 would have definitely been too short and tight, so luck was on my side when I made the order.  So size up if you have wider feet, and go true to size (which, I guess, technically is what the 41 is for me since I wear a 9.5 US) if you don't have wide feet.  

The colors on both pairs are true to the computer screen, and versatile enough to work with most outfit.  The height on the loafer is fun, a nice heel for getting a lift but not impeding any daily duties you may have on your agenda.  The brogue has a much higher heel, but the structure of the shoe combined with the non-skid sole (still leather, but has a rubber bit on the piece that comes in contact with the floor) means the heel feels less high than on your favorite stiletto.

Heeled Loafer
Heeled Brogue
Heeled Loafer and Heeled Brogue.  Not selling out right now, and as per usual with Boden shoes, may not sell out until clearance.  I always buy mine early, in preview, and even though by the end of the season they are reduced by a fair bit more, I never regret buying early since I wear my Boden shoes constantly.  I have sold a ton of my J. Crew/Anthro shoes, but my Boden ones are still in my closet, sitting pretty, knowing that I probably won't sell them until they go out of style.

Anyhow, you can probably wait these out until you see them at a price you like, but the Loganberry shade of brogue I purchased could sell out faster, since that shade is exceptionally lovely for the fall.

Also of note, I did not receive pink laces, instead I received a lime green pair, which for my wardrobe is more than okay.  If you want pink, beware!

Lois Skirt
Lois Skirt.  Jacquelyn writes up a very detailed review of this skirt.  Sadly it wasn't a winner for her wardrobe, but she points out many things to bear in mind if you are interested in this one for yourself.

Also on the Lois skirt front, one of my FB friends, E.H., wrote this about the skirt:

"Love the Lois (I got the aquamarine), but I'm going to have to get it shortened. I normally order long from Boden, and this time could've used the regular length - the long was just below my knees (and I'm 5'9" and all leg)!"

Clearance Boden.
Jersey Maxi Dress
Jersey Maxi Dress.  I wore this one recently, and in a size smaller than I originally had, since the color I wanted came back in the size smaller.  Verdict?  Very little difference!!!

BTW, Boden's facebook page has a "Bloggers Do Boden" feature, and for the second time this summer, they have included me (whee!), this time from that very post above.  It thrills me to bits that they include me.  They have also included other blog friends in their feature, like Poppy's Style.  :-)  I don't know many of the other blogs on their feature, so I have yet to ask them if they would like to be part of the BWRR, but if you are a blogger who wears Boden and would like to be part of this roundup, I definitely would put your blog here since we clearly are big Boden fans, too!  

Sparkle Cotton Top  
Sparkle Cotton Top.  Darling Joanna looks fully ready for our heat here in the South with this cute sweater as part of her ensemble.  It also goes to show that some knitwear is okay in some heat.  ;-)

Colourblock Points
Stripy Breton
 Colourblock Bag
Colourblock Points, Stripy Breton, Lightweight Scarf (click on name to get to item page), Colourblock Wallet (no longer available, as far as I can tell), and Colourblock Bag.  Darling Avril of School Gate Style has many photos of the above items, along with reviews, so if you are interested in any of these winners from clearance, definitely check out her blog post on her "haul."

Modern Woven Top
Modern Woven Top.  Avril looks perfectly polished with this striped top, a pair of boyfriend jeans and a pretty necklace. 

Marcy Top
Marcy TopEgyptomaniac pairs her ivory colored version with coral printed trousers.  Such a fresh combo!

Peplum Jacket
Palazzo Jumper
Spring Chino
Embellished Tee
Relaxed Colourblock Dress
Strappy Heels
Peplum Jacket, Palazzo Jumper, Spring Chinos, Embellished Tee, Relaxed Colourblock Dress, and Strappy HeelsLou has some nicely written reviews for all of the above items here at her blog.  She also links, where appropriate, to posts with photos where she wears them in real life.

mini Boden:
Button Pinafore Dress.  Size 6-7.  Apparently CW sees this dress as a summer frock and will happily wear it even if it now, even if it is *supposed* to be layered with a long-sleeved tee and tights.  ;-)

The fit is generous but keep in mind that she is not even 5, and I chose to size up so it would be loose for one year, fit her exactly right for one year, and be a tunic top for one year.  Three years of use, woohoo!

The details are lovely and this dress is very well made, with gorgeous printed cor fabric, and an invisible zip in the back.  The buttons on the bib are well-placed, too.

I look forward to seeing how cute she looks all in winter layers!

Button Pinafore Dress
Button Pinafore Dress.  Pretty well stocked, but some versions/sizes are going into backorder already.

Okay, that's it for today, hope this assisted some of you in making your decisions for fall or clearance items. 

If you want to have your review included in the next roundup, and you think I may miss your blog post (or you aren't a blogger), please do e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.  Thanks again to all my blog friends for their fab reviews!

The only coupon I have right now from my affiliate is for 15% off and free shipping, which is both below and in the sidebar.  If I receive anything else or read of another sale, I will update the blog, tout suite!