Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day! Tops and Tees!

Good Wednesday morning, all!

I am going to keep this short and sweet since I have plans to do this week's BWRR this afternoon and if I am going to get it all organized, I better get a move on!

The deal for the "catch" is the same as it has been the past few days.  Selected items are up to 25% off.  I only choose items for these blog posts that are the full 25% off.  Some of the items I choose may be the only color that is on sale at the 25% off, while with other items, all colors may be 25% off.

If you decide you want to try something in addition to the items that are 25% off, my blog's sidebar coupon will still get you 15% off (with free shipping) on any item not included in the "catch" sale.

Okay, onto the few picks I have from today's sale!

Alice Lace Top.  This is one that I own, having purchased it in the preview.  This shade and the ivory are the only ones at 25% off, while the grey and navy are 15% off.  I found this top true to size, and very soft, with a pretty cotton lining.  The green shade is actually a true emerald, so very pretty.

I have read the reviews and many women are saying it is too boxy, and I would agree with that to a degree.  I had envisioned the top would fit me the way it fits both the fit model and the catalog model and it does fit like it does on them.  I think it fits them a bit boxy, so if you prefer a more fitted look, size down unless you have larger ladies (since this top is most fitted at the bustline).

I could review this top in today's BWRR or I could review the Heritage Sweater below, but I won't have time to do an IRL review of both, so if you have a strong preference, please let me know.

Heritage Sweater.  Like the Alice Lace Top, I purchased this one in preview.  I am surprised to see it in the 25% off sale, since I thought this particular sweater was the biggest hit from Boden this fall, but I guess you need to really like hummingbirds and/or fishing lures (the other color features that) to want this sweater.  Oh, well.  :-)

I have a photo of this one at this blog post with a written review of it, however if you *really* want to see this one in real life, let me know and I will feature this as an IRL instead of the Alice Lace top.

Tuileries Top.  I find this yellow intriguing, so I threw this one in the picks today.  It is a viscose/silk blend, and some of the reviews are a bit wary since the top is a bit sheer, however I could see this looking beyond adorable with a cute cami under it, and tucked into a sleek pencil skirt.

All colors of this top are on sale, btw.

Olivia Top. This one is from the Johnnie b. line and reminds me of something we would see at Anthropologie.  If you can wear a women's smaller size (say 0-8), you might be able to make this one work on you.  I looked at the measurements, and while the size 15-16 would fit, I would size up to the 16+ so it could be a bit more flowy and free.  (My measurements are 35, 28.5, 40.5.)  It is viscose, too, so that would worry me since viscose does shrink, even when you baby it in the wash.

Both shades are in the sale.

Evie Bag.  This bag in all colors is inexplicably in the "tops and tees" sale today.  I guess if you want this bag, you are in luck.  :-)  I have this navy shade and since I had actually been searching for a navy bag for years (no one really makes them anymore), I bought it in preview. 

I would say it is "regular" purse sized, much smaller than many of the bags I use, but definitely bigger than a clutch.  I don't have plans to use the strap since I think it looks clunky, but it is nice to have that as an option.

Okay, that's all for now...let me know if you have a preference for a review of the Alice Lace top or the Heritage sweater.

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