Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day! Pants, Skirts, Tops, and Jeans! (And Let's Throw Some Shoes in There, too!)

Good Thursday morning!  I am about to leave to go the Little Gym and the Spray Park for the day, so I have to be very precise with my writing this morning, so here you all go, today's "catch of the day!"

Remember, the sale is for selected items in the Boden fall range, and not all colors of a item may have made it to the 25% off "catch."  If there is an item that is not in the sale today and you would still like to grab it with a % off, the sidebar coupon (which is also at the bottom of the post) will give the other items (not in the sale) 15% off with free ship and returns.

Okay, so here is what caught (ugh, pun!) my eye this morning.

Brasserie Pant.  I had liked the look of these in the preview, but wasn't going to attempt them without reviews rolling in, and still probably won't since the one review that sounds like my shape (tall and pear) says the pants weren't for her, but if you had your eyes on this pair of pants, all the colors are on sale today.

Note that the plum shade above has a NAVY contrast velvet trim...the photo must have been taken of the sample pair and they changed the trim at the last minute.

Daisy Jacquard Skirt.  So apparently less women are enthralled with the orange version of the gorgeous daisy jacquard fabric than I am since the Daisy Jacquard dress and skirt were both in the catch at 25% off, but the other colors were not.  Hmm.  Oh, well.  I am not complaining since I got the dress for 25% off, but I thought the orange would sell faster since the color seems to fit the "autumn" colors better than both the ice blue and yellow/green shades.

CC reviewed this skirt briefly (in a comment here at the blog) saying:

I have the skirt (in the blue/grey, ivory version). I think you were right to go with your largest Boden dress size (she is speaking of me purchasing the dress), as the skirt fits slim, which is a rather nice surprise after I tried on the very ill-fitting Lois skirt. I think the blue jacquard will transition well into autumn with a blue sweater. Because the material is very thin (polyester, mostly, with some cotton), I don't think it will be worn much in winter, although I do like how Boden has styled it with black tights and navy shoes.

The reviews at the site echo what CC is saying, mentioning that you should size up, which means that there is likely less give.  I would probably purchase the 10 L in this skirt, even though I bought the 8 L in the dress (the reviews said the dress has a fairly nice a-line to its skirt, so more friendly to those pear shapes out there).

Thanks, CC!

Monmouth Skirt.  This pretty printed skirt is in the sale, which again surprises me.  Maybe the print is a touch too much, or maybe the initial cost was too high so most ladies are waiting for a better price?  Hmm.

It seems to be fairly straight, and is supposed to sit at your waist, so it may not be best for those more curvy since the 10 L (which I would buy) is a 33 inch waist with 42 inch hips.  My natural waist is 28.5 inches, so that is a MASSIVE amount of ease just to ensure I can squeeze my hips bear that in mind when purchasing.

Swishy Jersey Skirt.  I am sure none of you that read my blog regularly will be surprised by this choice, since I heart jersey items from Boden, and I heart long skirts and dresses.  In fact, I have this skirt from last year, but in the grey/ivory dot version (review here--that outfit, btw, is one of my favorites ever).  I have zero need for another one, but I can absolutely and highly recommend this skirt.  Unless things have changed you can size down, I bought the 6 L and could have even gone with a 4 L, it has that much stretch and ease built into it.

Tassel Loafer.  These have a one star (of five stars) review from one reviewer owing to the fact that these shoes do not come in the American sizing equivalent of half sizes.  I totally understand her frustration, especially since my size in Boden would probably be 40.5.  Boden now has half sizes in some shoes (YAY!), but not these loafers.  However, even though these shoes (all colors are in the sale, btw) are not in half sizes, if you can make them work for you personally, then I recommend them since I find Boden's loafers to be super comfortable and very well made.

Now if only Boden would put my Heeled Loafer in the sale so I could buy the size 41 that I need (I bought the 40 and surprise, it's too short for my foot!).

Boyfriend Jeans.  This is from the Johnnie b. line, and at the price they are selling them at, I figured some of you may want to give this a try.  (Only this lighter shade is in the sale, though.)

Word of warning...these jeans have a lot of ease in the waist and hips.  Like 44 inches for the hips in the size 30 R and 30 L and 46 in the 32 R and 32 L.  Now, I have big hips, but I would seriously suffer from major baggy butt if I were to purchase the 32 L since my hips are a 40.5.  I get these are boyfriend jeans, but "boyfriend" doesn't mean "lose shape entirely."  I would purchase the 30L since those measurements seem more comfortable without being too big.

Okay, that's all!  Hope your day is going well and hope you enjoy (sale) shopping!

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