Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: The Boden Military Wool Jacket and the J. Crew Tartine Satchel

First up is the Military Jacket review, followed by the review of the Tartine Satchel.

For more on the "Catch of the Day" sale that Boden is currently offering, please visit this post.  The Military Jacket is 25% off today only, which is why I bothered to put on wool in the middle of a 90 degree day here in VA.  (It is now hung back up in the closet, since I am not crazy.)

The jacket is a size 6, which is what I wear in Boden tops, jackets, coats, and some dresses.

I made the right call with the 6 since the waist fits exactly, which is where it seems to be the smallest.  So definitely go with your waist size if you want it to fit well.

It does run a touch big in the bodice, especially if you have smaller gals and/or shoulders (which I definitely do), but I have also read that it doesn't run *quite* big enough for some ladies, so whatever end you are on, it may end up being a touch too big or a touch too small.  Only a fortunate few will find it exactly right.

I prefer to wear it open, anyhow, so it really doesn't matter if it is a touch too big in the bodice.  I like it a bit more relaxed since when I wear it buttoned up, I look like this...

A German Frau who *might* work in a prison.  Just saying that it looks a bit severe on me.  LOL.

My waist looks really small, though, so small victories, right?

The back detail is darling, especially the self belt at the waist. 

I am wearing the jacket buttoned up here, when it is unbuttoned, it looks a touch more casual, obviously.

Look at the lining with the pretty pink piping.  What a special little treat tucked inside the jacket.  :-)

The tweed is an amazing shade of olive green, one of my favorite shades to wear in the fall.  The tweed wool is not super thick, but it is a touch itchy, so beware all sensitive types.

The buttons are absolutely nothing to shout about.  Seems a shame to have all the other details exactly right (including the lining, epaulets, waist belt detail, and buttonholes) and not bother with buttons that are a bit more special.

Heck, even the tag is pretty darn special.

And look at the pink and yellow thread there on the top button/buttonhole of the sleeve closure.

Military Wool Jacket
Military Wool Jacket.  Not selling out, but I suspect that is because people are having a tough time with the sizing.  Based on what I see in my jacket, if the sizing was better for more folks, this jacket would be sold out fairly soon since it is a pretty special piece.  Definitely worth the money since it will stay in one's wardrobe for many years since it is a classic piece that is made very well.

Tartine Satchel.  So I loved the Tillary Tote last year but didn't even notice it until it sold out completely.  Many fruitless ebay searches later and I decided, "eh, not worth my time."  Good thing because the Tartine Satchel came out this past year and although I wanted it, I saw that the stocks were looking pretty decent at J. Crew, so I figured I could wait for a big sale...which is what I did.  As soon as it went on sale, and then J. Crew issued a 40% off sale, I bit.  Basically I got the bag I wanted for more than half off the original price, which I was pretty thrilled with...

The moment I received it, I kind of freaked since I worried the leather wouldn't stand up to my lifestyle, but since I have started using it, the bag's leather has held up well, with barely a scratch or stain.  Of course it won't stay perfect forever, but at least I know it has a hearty soul.  ;-)

BTW, the link I have provided is to the fall version of this bag, a beautiful pebbled leather.  Yes, I have my eyes on that one, too, in the grey.  But I'll wait!

Close up detail of bag's hardware.  The top zips up, with the extra added security of that foldover bit.  The foldover part is a false buckle, rather than "unbuckling," the whole part is magnetized to the bag and when you gently lift it up, the whole part comes up and over to get to the zip in the middle.  Pretty clever!

Okay, that's it for now.  Do any of you own either one of these pieces?  Any thoughts on fit or function?