Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Smithfield and Some Texture.

Welcome to another BWRR.  Lots of reviews, both written by blog friends commenting at the last BWRR and from blog friends publishing reviews/ootds over at their own blogs. 

So let's get down to business, shall we???

Smithfield Wool Skirt and Textured Party Top.  Skirt, 6 Long, and Top, 6.  I wasn't sure when I would actually wear this skirt for "real" so I decided to make an outfit and play dress up this morning* (I have since changed into my real outfit of the day, a jersey dress from Garnet Hill).  Jacquelyn (from the blog Musings by Jacquelyn) really wanted to see this skirt on me, not just in still life form, so here you all go.

Sizing is perfection in the size 6 long in the skirt for me.  Just long enough to graze my lower knee cap, it fills a place in my closet for a simple, versatile, full skirt.  Most of my full skirts that are this long are of the whimsical variety, you know the type that Anthropologie does so well.  The more useful full skirts in my closet, like this one from J. Crew, are a few inches shorter, so not quite the perfect length for me (I believe this length is considered my "ideal" length based on this post by my friend JCAUNCMom).

The Textured Party Top in the size 6 is fine, size-wise for my frame, but is a bit too long on me, especially in the back.  I think if this top had a slightly more peplum shape from waist to hem, this would have been a homerun on me, but sadly the top really really bunches up in the back because my torso is really very short in the back and the hemline rides up because my bottom's "roundness" pushes the fabric up, even if the measurement at the hemline technically means it fits.  You will see what I mean in a few photos.

*Although considering all things, this skirt isn't that oppressive, it is made from a nice, lightweight wool with a smooth and slightly silky lining.  I wouldn't wear it in midsummer here in DC, but if I needed to in a pinch, it isn't that bad.

Where my hand is placed is where the top of the waistband is on the skirt.  It really is a very long skirt with a whole lot of wool fabric.  Considering how much this costs (less than I actually think they could sell it for), I think it is one of the best values in Boden's fall lineup, since the cost per wear (especially if you have a job that requires you to have a fairly conservative wardrobe) will be pretty low.  Even for someone like me the cost per wear will be low since I will have this lurking in my closet for years, ready to be worn when I need something like this for dinners out, church, and/or a skirt that is more plain to offset a more embellished/colorful top.

Fwiw, the skirt is 25" in the long length.  The regular is 22", I believe, and had I ordered that version, it would sit right above my kneecap.  No petites, sadly.  Maybe Boden will get the memo for next fall?

If your waist sits lower than mine, the skirt may be too long in the long sizes, but if you are a high-waisted, long-legged kind of lady, then go now and get the skirt.

Although my hips are full, and this skirt is full, the weight of the fabric means that the skirt isn't especially puffy, so the effect I see is more of a "skimming the curves" kind of look.  I don't mind showing that I have curves, so yay, but if you like to completely hide your curves, this may be the wrong skirt for you (but I think all women should show off whatever their assets are).

Left side view.  The zip is in the back, which is fine.  It's an invisible zip, so it wouldn't have been seen regardless of where Boden decided to place it.

Here is a great shot of how the top works on me from the front but not the back.  The darn top has a zip, so in order for me to alter it to work for my torso, I would need to remove the zip, sew the seam back up, and then somehow tuck up the waist area in the back, which would create its own seam and also mean the hem would sit a bit unevenly, as you see it sitting in the above photo.  That doesn't look bad, but ugh, it just seems like so much work on my part.

Back view.  Skirt looks the same from the back as the front.

Here is the best view of the vertical lines that happen when I wear the top as it feels best, pulled down a bit in the front, and hitched up a bit in the back.  Sigh...had the top had side vents and a bit of stretch and a touch shorter, it would have also worked for me.  So many possibilities, but not the one the designers at Boden chose.  Too bad for me since the top is adorable as is, in the prettiest color and with a really neat jacquard daisy pattern.

Here is a shot of the skirt showing the waistband.  I chose the size 6 because I knew the hips were free and the waist measurement was one I am comfortable with for ease.  No matter what, choose your waistband size and don't worry about the rest of the measurements.  (Well, length, but that is less to do with comfort and more with style.)

Only thing I wish they did with this skirt?  Added some on-seam pockets, that would have made this skirt amazing. 

Close-up of the top.  I love the slightly sheeny grey/silver color.  I tend to wear warm colors, but I am a huge fan of this particular shade of silver, even though I usually stay away from "cool" colors.

Texture of the textured party top close-up.

Smithfield Wool Skirt
Textured Party Top
Smithfield Wool Skirt and Textured Party Top.  The skirt is in low stock/backorder in many sizes.  The black is the most fully stocked.  If I had more money and wardrobe space, I would happily purchase all three shades.

The top is in low stock, but it is a clearance item from the spring.  If you can make this top work for you, it is a great buy considering the amount of tailoring and how unique a piece it is.

Canonbury Clutch
Stripy Merino Sweater
Canonbury Clutch and Stripy Merino SweaterJoanna takes a closer look at these two darling items at this blog post.  She also shows off some pretty cool shoes from Zara, too.

Bow Tie Belt
Montpellier Top
Ballet Flat
Bow Tie Belt, Montpellier Top, and Ballet FlatsJacquelyn does another set of in-depth reviews for these three items, and also takes the time to show us the close-up of the polka dot version of the Lois Skirt that she reviewed last week.  Even if the only success Jacquelyn is having with Boden is from their accessories line, she has chosen some fab-u-lous pieces for her wardrobe (the bow tie belt is ADORABLE!).

Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater
Merino Collared Sweater
Skye Sweater
Cashmere Crewneck, Merino Collared Sweater, and Skye Sweater.  PDXElizabeth wrote a mini-review of these pieces in the comments section of last week's BWRR:

Got the rest of my preview orders and had to return two (the cashmere crewneck in Ivory/Pop Pink/Navy and the Merino collared sweater in Black/Grey Marl) because they were too big - not a problem I'm used to having. Might well be more a factor of losing weight after I placed the order than the items actually running large overall. I think the smaller sizes will work better! Also got the Skye sweater in Dark Plum - I recommend sizing down, but it's still a bit boxy. That likely won't work for a lot of folks, but for me, especially for weekend wear, I can deal with the slight boxiness, especially because the color is divine!

Libby Dress
Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan
Libby Dress and Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan. Kitsmommy had a few thoughts on these two items in the comments section of last week's post:

I bought the Libby dress in the stripe and adore it. I bought an 8, and it is loose, but a 6 (my usual Boden size would be too small). It is as comfy as a sweatshirt and very flattering on me. It might not suit taller women due to the waist placement as it is high. I also bought the cashmere cardigan in the gray. I also picked up an 8 in this as the 6s I bought in the summer version seemed a little skimpy and it just fits. The cashmere is awesome - very thick and plush. I am 5'4, 126 just for reference.

Laura Dress
Military Wool Jacket
Laura Dress and Military Wool Jacket.  Anna wrote up her feelings on these pieces in the BWRR last week.  She said:

My absolute favorite is the Laura Dress, it exceeded my expectations, I got it in black in my usual Boden size, fit is fantastic, so comfy, the little buttons on the back provide just the right amount of adornment to an otherwise simple dress, and most importantly, the wool is soft and surprisingly heavy, hangs well and feels just luxurious. My other item was the Military Wool Jacket and I'm on the fence about keeping it - very well made, but not sure about the fit on me, shoulders are a bit too broad, not sure if I would fit into one size smaller since waist on this is comfortable (though there is some room). I will be trying it on a lot this weekend to decide whether it's a keeper or not. I adore the little belt on the back, and all the details (pretty lining, meticulous button hole finish, including one with pink thread on the sleeves).

I bought the military wool jacket, too, and received it last week, as well, and everything Anna is saying is spot week I will feature this jacket, much like I featured the Smithfield Wool Skirt, worn, but not "really" worn, since it is still August here in VA.  :-)

Rainy Day Mac

Rainy Day Mac.  VAMum wrote about a staple in Boden-land that is utterly perfect for our winters here in VA (I see it everywhere here every year, so she is 100% accurate about how nicely it shields all of us here in wet and cold VA).  She said of this coat:

I received the rainy day mac in the blue spot and tried it on this evening. Keeper. As you know in Virginia, a showerproof, fleece lined item can take one most of the way through most winters, and I think this is the coat. Ideally I'd like to have a dress winter coat too, but the rainy day mac is the more every day coat. a dress coat would be like my dining room - used for special occasions It is very well made and the color is flattering, subtle and pretty. Comes to mid-thigh, a bit longer than I envisioned. It has a nice shape, which is good because it lacks an internal drawstring at the waist or neck, but I think its coverage is fine for this area. The lining and zipper are mid-gray and blend nicely. 

Daisy Jacquard Dress
Daisy Jacquard Dress.  Carol officially caused me to add something to my growing Boden "wants."  Thanks to her review in the comments last week, I now have the size 8 Long in my basket:

Got the Coral Daisy Jacquard dress 2 days ago Better than described- the lining is a sumptuous charmeuse-y polyester and the dress is very well made with the contrasting piping. I am wearing it to a country club wedding in mid September and think it will work well. Fits very well, exactly as the product dimensions described, and husband said 'wow' when I was trying it on. And the pockets are pretty deep for a dress like this (good for that wedding kleenex!)


Clearance Boden:
I don't have a ton of time today to add extra to this BWRR, but three blogs last week added some really great reviews/ootds from the Spring/Summer 2013 clearance items. 

WhatLouWore365 has been in France (umm, jealous), and has featured quite a few Boden dresses in her blog posts.  I went for the photos of her clothing, but her photos transported me to France, so thank you for that, Lou!  (Shame she had to come home, I was definitely loving living vicariously through someone.  LOL.)

Egyptomaniac recently wore her favorite version of what Boden does best, the amazing jersey dress.  Check it out on her here.

WhatLizLoves is a newer blog friend, discovered over at the Boden FB page.  She features a ton of Boden, and recently has worn quite a few outfits featuring the best of the best of Boden Spring/Summer 2013.

Alrighty, that's it for today, headed out tonight to Winesday (mmm, Winesday) so won't be around much, but if you have a question, I will do my best to answer in a timely manner.  :-)

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