Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: Boden Alice Lace Top with a Peek at an Evie.

Alice Lace Top and the Evie Bag.

I purchased the Alice Lace Top in the emerald color since I have a big ole soft spot for lace, in any form.  And even though I *suspect* I could sew something like this up on my own, I also know that I am the world's slowest sewer and I know that I couldn't get it done in time to wear it by this fall.  (And definitely not by tonight which will be its first official outing--yay for cooler, drier DC weather!)

The Evie bag filled a long lost desire of own a navy bag that can be taken everywhere and go with almost everything, and I am happy to report that this is exactly the bag I wanted.

The Alice Lace top is a size 6 and fits exactly as I expected, a bit loose, but not so loose I would go down a size.  The most fitted portion is through the bust and shoulders, with a slight swingy shape through the waist and hipline.

The Evie bag does come with a long strap (which you will see in my more in-depth review of it during the BWRR*), but I don't care for long straps like that so I am choosing to store it and just use the top handle instead.

*Went out swimming with the kids today and am going to Winesday with my bro tonight, so as much as I really wanted to get the BWRR done, I just can't get the timing to work.  If only I could be split into three separate folks, it would all get done. ;-)

Back view of the top.  The wrinkling bit is because I have a much shorter back length than the Boden fit model does.  The only way I could get rid of those would be to shorten the top at the waistline, which would cause a horizontal seam in an odd place.  Or I could size up to a 10, but then I would have a sack for a top and lose any definition in my torso.  Or I could just not care and accept this as a part of my particular figure and know that if it *really* matters, I will tuck in the top to keep it neat and tidy looking.

The torso is lined in a green cotton fabric, but the sleeves are unlined.  I like the look, but if you prefer it to be all lined, this is not the top for you.  

Close up of the lace.  I adore the look, it reminds me of this Rosea Lace at, but in this amazing shade of green.  The top can read teal or it can read a more proper shade of emerald, it really just depends on the lighting of the room.  This color above is the most accurate representation of the color.  The other photos show it appearing more teal, which I can see in the brighter conditions of the room I was in, but it doesn't really look that blue in real life.

I love this shade for my complexion, but I have noticed that some shades are universally lovely, like this version of green.  I think if you have worn colors like this before and been happy with how they work with your skin tone, then you should be good to go.  Just make sure you are aware of the sizing before you purchase (read the garment measurements).

Alice Lace Top

Evie Bag
Alice Lace Top and Evie Bag.  Both are fully stocked, but I would bet the Alice Lace top sells out sooner than the bag.  That said, the bag is really awesome and if you can use it and will use it, 25% off is a pretty good price for what you receive.

Regarding my last post, there are a lot of questions from a lot of you...I am working to get the questions answered, but (and God bless the babies and all) my kids are driving me crazy with their inability to clean their rooms without my hovering over them, so I am not promising squat till they go to bed.  LOL.

Have a great day, and we'll talk soon!