Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day! Layering!

Once again, as per usual with Boden's Catch of the Day, we have a new crop of lovely items on sale today.  If you live anywhere that gets cold or has cooler weather, then this may be exactly the sale you have been wanting.  (I was, and was hoping that the Saint Germain coat would be included, sadly it is not.)

But there are still lots of goodies out there, included two that I currently own and have in my closet.  (And since it is on sale today, I will happily include the Military jacket in a review today here on the blog since I suspect many of you would like to see it on a "real" body.)

Okay, the link in the sidebar works, as well as the one at the bottom of this post.  Don't forget that if something you want isn't in the sale, but you need it now, the coupon links still give 15% off with free shipping.

Barcelona Cardigan.  I look at this and see a teacher reaching for it when her classroom gets too cold to stand.  I had a chunky, miserable wool cardigan when I was a teacher for that purpose, but I suspect this one would have fit me better and looked better on me.  LOL.  :-)

It also comes in more neutral shades of navy and ivory, especially if orange isn't your thang.

Chunky Knit Tights.  I own these in many colors now, some from last year and some from this year.  They are so warm and cozy, and they stay up very well (that was actually my biggest concern since there is no control top).  Word of warning--the medium is at the higher end of my size range and fits me very well.  I am 5'8" and wear a size 8 or 10 in Boden bottoms.  Based on their chart I would supposedly be a large, but the large is very very long and big on me.  They still fit, but more like a unitard, since the top of the tights come up right under my bustline.

Military Wool Jacket I will go ahead and do an IRL review today, so you can see how it fits me.  I adore the jacket, but can see where some reviewers would have an issue, especially if the bust is far too large, or if the bust is off in some way.  I ordered my typical Boden size 6 in this jacket and it fits great, possibly a tad too large at the bodice, but it looks fine and quite special, especially with all the detailing, so I am keeping it.  I think it is very important to find the right fit on this since it is meant to be fitted, but not too fitted.

Military Moleskin Coat.  I hadn't noticed this one in the preview period, probably because I just thought it was the Autumn Trench, but this is different, it is made from the velvety soft moleskin fabric that is great at shielding the skin from harsh winds.  Anyhow, I just thought it was really nice-looking, especially in this blackberry shade, which is a wonderful color for fall.  :-)

Preppy Blazer.  Um, fans of J. Crew...look at this dupe of the Lexington Blazer.  Okay, it isn't as "special" as the Lexington since the buttons aren't the enamel naval buttons, but the piping and really beautiful wool are definitely reminiscent of the iconic blazer of Old School J. Crew.

Okay, that's it for now.  Do you have any picks from this current crop of catches?