Friday, August 16, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day! Three Days of Lovely Styles!

Hi, and Happy Friday!

So there are "loads of lovely styles" on offer for today (and this weekend's) catch of the day.  That is code for "whatever the heck the staff at Boden felt like putting on sale."  ;-)

Daisy Jacquard Dress
And let me tell you, it appears there is a LOT in the sale.  Not everything that has been on sale this week is in the sale, but there are quite a few repeats, including the item I ordered on Monday, the Daisy Jacquard Dress.  I have received it, and so long as I have the time (which means Mr. Dina has to take the kids for an hour or so), I will get up a review for you all since I LUURRRVVE it.  (It appeals to me the way the Lace Dress does, very pretty, very feminine, and exceptionally unique.  It even fits in a similar way.)

Anyhow, since I have to go to a birthday party at 10 am and then to the uniform store to pick up Rex's school uniform (he wears a tie this year!), I don't have much time to write up my picks, but as usual around here, I would love to see what you all are choosing for yourself or your loved ones. 

BTW, if you are only buying a few items, the code Y7P1 (THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jaclyn, for commenting with this code on the last post) will get you $10 off $50 or $25 off $100.  The code works with the catch of the day promo, and I did try it last night with my purchase of some mini Boden and Johnnie b. items.  This promo may get pulled because it is the "catch of the day" period, but we can always cross our fingers that it won't.  ;-)  Use the code on the shopping bag page, btw.

Anyhow, I hope to talk with you all soon, I look forward to seeing your favorites.
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