Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boden: Autumn 2011 Preview, My Picks!

Computer issues kept me from doing this post with any sort of timeliness. Grr.  Thank goodness that I was able to get my darling little workhorse back in order, let me tell you, nothing is more irritating than trying to download photos and each photo taking up to ten minutes to download.  Ugh.  I just gave up, but last night was able to get it all together, and the downloading was happening WAY WAY faster.  :)  So, yay!
Many folks have already done their picks, and from what I can see, even if we only get half of what we choose from our picks, the pockets of Johnnie B. will be lined with lots and lots of Pound coins.  LOL.

I am only showing off what I personally fell in love with, but in no way, shape, or form do I plan on pre-ordering all of it (will most likely limit myself to two or three Boden pieces and one or two mini-Boden pieces).  I like to see a few of them right away, especially anything that I can wear in August, September, or October here in Virginia (it is always HOT until mid-October at least).  Therefore, I tend to hold off on coats, merino knitwear, and long pants.  Skirts, cotton dresses, and tops are fine earlier, and are my go to for pre-orders.  

I also plan on holding off on anything that looks like something else I have in my closet.  (Although I may order them eventually, I know I need to wait on those initially.  When and if I order the look-a-likes, there is a very good chance that the older "look-a-like" would be sold on this blog, ebay, or consigned.)

Okay, blah, blah, blah...

Here are my favorites!
Fun Skirt.  I love the Boden fun skirts, and last season they had NONE.  I thought that meant they had gone the way of the dodo bird, but I gather Mr. B received a lot of flack for taking them away and this season chose to rectify the situation.  Good on you, Johnnie.  I like this fern print, it is unusual, but with the grey/black colorway keeps it in a very versatile hue.

Printed Cord Dress.  I have this dress almost exactly.  If I were to order this at any point, I would definitely sell my other one if I fell in love with this one.  It does strike me that I must be very predictable if I. KEEP. CHOOSING. THE. SAME. DRESS. OVER. AND. OVER.  ;)

Show Stopping Tunic.  This print is very Orla Kiely.  I am swooning.  I may just pre-order this pretty.  :)  Not sure about the neckline, though.

Leopard Tote.  I need another bag like I need a hole in the head, but wouldn't this bag be wonderful to bring to Paris (I am going there this fall for our 10th anniversary)?  Definitely not going to pre-order, but I will order with a good discount in the fall (unless it looks like it is going to sell out).

Printed A-Line Skirt.  This pattern is a lot of fun, and so very impractical.  I would be able to wear it a handful of times a season, and that's it.  That said, I can see it being a fun piece in my closet for years...it may come home with me at some point, not sure about pre-ordering it, though.

Animal Bow Flats.  I am very tempted to pre-order these, but I think I should hold off as I won't wear them till Paris, at the earliest.  But the flats are fun and would look wonderful with J. Crew minnie pants and jeans.  And the bow is darling!

Retro Knit Tunic.  Haha, it is another multiple.  Remember this one that I own and wear a ton?  LOL.  :)  Still, because I find that I wear Boden's tunics constantly, ordering this colorway may be a good idea (and it is a bit different, so I wouldn't feel bad holding onto both).

Printed Scarf.  I own this in the red/blue/white colorway, and unlike clothing, I feel not one whit bad owning multiples of accessories and shoes.  This olive/grey/white colorway is very unusual and very much matches quite a bit I already have in my closet.  Definitely NOT pre-ordering, though. 

Notting Hill Jumper.  Won't be pre-ordering this, but I do love this shape, color, and when I saw Edda in the pic below, I knew the look they put her in would be something I would want to do, as well.

So casual, but oh, so chic.  Love it!

Parade Coat.  OMG.  Not a pre-order, but I would be shocked if I didn't pick this up at some point.  The lines, the buttons, the shape, classic, perfect, awesome.  I may even order it before Paris.  (I can see this being perfect for Paris.)  It is pricey, too, so I would have to save up.

Vanessa is totally not the reason I am salivating all over this.  LOL.  Yeah, right.  ;)  She looks perfect in this!

Embroidered Skirt.  My darling blogger friend Louise told me all about this skirt, so I knew to be on the lookout for it.  She was right, I want this for CW!  I already love CW in the summer version of this with the pretty little birdies (see the bottom of the post), so I know I will love her in this fall version with precious owls!  Definite pre-order.

Funky Print Dress.  I adore this print!  How lovely and feminine!  I plan on getting CW this dress in the pre-order AND I will try the 13-14 size for me.  (The shape and style and measurements--that 13-14 size runs big!--seem to be the sort that would be a tunic on me...I never know, but with free shipping and returns, I am always willing to give things a chance at least once.  I know it will definitely work for CW as a dress.)  :)

So what are your picks and definite pre-orders?  Cannot wait to read them!  :)