Monday, June 20, 2011

Mommy Style Monday #21--Resized!

It looks like I am going to break out into a dance here, which I could do, as I finally got the right size!
I have little pride when it comes to proper sizing.  I know I have to just get over it and deal with the size that fits.  It has always been like this, even when I was a skinny minnie teenager whose "swimmer thighs" were the bane of my existence.  All my itty-bitty teeny-weeny little friends all wore size 2 (and this was back when a size 2 would *probably* be even smaller than J. Crew's current 00).  I was the heffalump who wore the size 8 (cough, cough size 4 by J. Crew standards today). 

Here's the crazy thing.  Even though I was far thinner in high school (imagine me minus 15-20 pounds), I have FAR more confidence in my body now.  I don't know if it is because I dress better and for my shape rather than in whatever sack/sister wife dress I *thought* made me look good but really just made me look kind of sad, but I love all my lumps and bumps and skinny arms and long "finger" toes and ridiculous bottom that no woman with my shoulders should ever have mixed (thanks for that, mom and dad!)  I also just sort of laugh that I have a petite upper body with the legs of someone who is 5'10".

So because of this sanguine attitude of mine, I take all sartorial mistakes made by yours truly and the measurements that my most favorite retailers provide me, and roll with the punches.  Case in point, the Relaxed Silk Dress by Boden and the Boardwalk shorts by J. Crew.  Both were "supposed" to fit my hips (it is ALWAYS my hips, btw) based on the measurements at boden and net-a-porter.

Packages come.

I eagerly open them...I mean come on, yummy grey dress with diminutive floral print and bright green cotton shorts (I was gleeful over these pretties, minimalism is clearly not me)...

Only to try both on.

And then realize that while they *fit*, they really more just emphasize that I am most definitely being squeezed into these pieces like the proverbial sausage in its casing (and just for my lovely British readers, I will link to a banger, lol).

I have no proof of me trying to wear the size 8 Boardwalk shorts because, and I want to emphasize this clearly, I do not want to do that to you all.  If you read my blog, you deserve better.

I did try on the Relaxed Silk Dress in the size US 6 Regular (UK 10 Regular) and while I look decent (I get it, it looks pretty okay), it. did. not. fit.  (Even with spanx, I know, RIGHT?!?)

But (and here is my point, some many many paragraphs in)...I knew that if I HAD the right size, I would rock the two pieces.

So, yes, I smacked the littler teenage version of me to the ground floor of my subconscious, told her to take her V.C. Andrews books, Don Henley/Eagles tapes and CDs, and her "dramatic diary," and just shove it.  I didn't care that the smaller size looked better on the label, I LOOKED better in the less glam larger size.  And...thank God, dramatic teen Dina shut the bleep up.

Does that mean that an extra few pounds here and there don't sting?  Of course they do.  I am human and I do prefer that my bottom only look significantly larger than the rest of my body, not clownishly larger.  LOL.  So I will always watch what I eat, exercise, take care of myself, etc.  But I do also know that this body is what has been handed to me, and even at my thinnest, I had a booty and teeny, bony shoulders.   And to not accept me, fully, is to not be the best Mommy in style that I can be.

And here is photographic proof of the successful return and exchange of the Relaxed Silk Dress:

It's arty and it's farty, but this dress, in its correct size, is meant for a party.  (Couldn't stop myself.)

I love this image.  I love that I look my best.  I may not be a size 0, but I wear my size 8 well.  And you all should celebrate the best you, whatever size you are.   (You even get a tiny glance at my finger toes, lol.)

From the side.  These photos were taken in our driveway.  This is what constant rain, humidity, and heat does to the forest primeval that we live next to.

Pockets.  The original pockets on the wrong size made the dress lay poorly and I hated them.  On the right size, my goodness, gasp, perfection.

From behind.  With the right size, my bottom actually looks a bit larger than a normal-sized bum, but like it is meant to be on my body...and in my world of fashion, that is the recipe for happiness.

For the comments, what is your body type and when do you know when a piece of clothing is perfect for you?  How do you know when they have enhanced what you have?

A good Mommy Style Monday would never forget to mention "Happy Father's Day."  The outfit, plus the rest of my darling family's, were because we were all taking Mr. Dina out for Indian food and a (I am a good wife, btw) comic book convention.

I want to give mad props to Mr. Dina...only he could have a James Bond smile while the rest of us are clearly melting down.  (Open the pic, trust me!)

Family photo, edited fully, and all of us are at least somewhat smiley.  :)  (And comfortable.)

I want to leave you with this image. I know I have waxed poetic about feeling good about your body image for YOU, but remember, great mommies of style, what you do, your kids see...and mirror. Please...don't let your teen "hang-ups" spoil their body image. Chances are, it will happen to them, but let them have a great role model who loves themselves and their bodies more than the size label.