Monday, June 6, 2011

J. Crew: Mirabel Dress Review!

I first spied the loveliness that is the Mirabel Dress one night, late at night, whilst pondering all the pretty over at J. Crew (you know, you totally do it, too, lol).

Then I saw the catalog image at JCA, and I was hooked.  I knew right then and there the black version with the white embroidery was all for me.  :)

And THEN Audrey Bella and dinster wore it and I was all, OMG, yes, please.

I asked my online PS for measurements, and once I could pay for it, I did.  And then the pretty was all mine.

And I actually wore it within five days of receiving it (not a record or anything, but still proves how awesome it is)...

I love pretending to be a model.  (There will be a superfluity of that to come, B & T are back...)

The Mirabel Dress does not run true to size in my opinion...I think it runs big.  The measurements I was given by my on-line PS informed me that I needed the 4 and not the 6.  The hips are generous enough to accommodate my pear shape and the top fits perfectly.  If you are a pear shape, it is celebration time!

It has pockets.  Yum to that.  I don't *miss* pockets when I don't have them, but when they are there, I definitely use them.

Word of warning: There is a slight small pooch on the front, nothing that bothered me, but if you are sensitive to that, keep that in mind. 

The cotton is a mid-weight cotton and the black is a muted black, not really dark, and the cream in the embroidery is on the yellower side of cream, and not white.

For those of you that are curious, the flip-flops are the antiqued stone flip-flops, size 9.  They were half off (but no longer, huh?), and I don't actually own any black flip-flops, so I figured, why not?  (And what do you know, they were exactly right for hanging out with friends at dinner that night, a bit casual, a bit dressy with the bling and all, lol.)

From the back.  You can see a bit of extra fabric at the upper hip...I don't mind that, it happens to me all the time since my hips are so much larger than my waist, but if that sort of thing bugs you, once again, fair warning.  :)

Isn't this embroidery amazing?  I know it was done on a machine and all, but it is exquisite.  It is almost Anthro-like in its feel.  Very special.

It also comes in a white/poppy colorway, which is now sold out.  (Oh, yeah, the black is, too.  I guess there is always popbacks.)  There is an in-store only white on white version, as well.  The Mirabel awesomeness doesn't stop there, it has a skirt, and shorts, too.

Yeah, I haven't been posting a lot lately (for me, anyhow).  It is all my husband's fault.  No, I kid.  It is only his fault if his name is Mr. HP. 

So my computer issues?  It all boils down to Firefox being faulty and to my power cord being on its last legs.  Yay!  I feel like I have realized a new lease on life for my wonderful workhorse, the HP Pavillion D7.  Welcome back, little guy.  :)

I almost had given up on even doing a Boden Autumn Preview post because downloading pics was a big ole pain in the you know what, but since my little lovely has come back from the graveyard, I was able to get them all downloaded in record time tonight, woo!

I also have put a few items up for sale, check this post out for more info

And finally (FINALLY), I have added a gift with purchase (over $85) to my Arbonne's website, so if you have been holding off, this may be the time for you to bite.  :)

Alrighty, hope this review helped some of you.  Have a great night, everyone!