Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boden Summer Sale: Women Tops and T Shirts Review Roundup!

The Breton, The Brittany, and The Textured Cotton Skirt...Why The Heck Not?

In each of these posts, you will see the Boden stock photo (which takes you directly to that page at Boden) and a link to where the original review was. If the review was from me (or my darling little mini-Boden Aficionados) or a Boden blogger friend that has no blog of their own, you will end up at one of the (in-season) Boden Weekly Review Roundups. If the review was from a Boden blogger who is not me, I have included a link directly back to their blog.

The sales do not include “coupon stacking” or free ship/returns (or at least no free ship/returns in the past). *If I have access to ANY special offers to promotions like free ship/returns, you had better believe I will immediately post on it AND put it in my sidebar!*  :)

ALSO--I NOTICED SOME OF BODEN'S LINKS ARE BAD.  If you wouldn't mind, if you see any, would you put it in the comments so I can see if I can fix them? 

Artisan Top
Artisan Top. Suburban Mom does a wonderful review here.

Twist Jersey Top
Twist Jersey Top. As seen on Suburban Mom, and reviewed by Lauren PhD halfway down in this post.

Silk Feather Top
Silk Feather Top. I did a review here.

Breton Top
Breton Top. Egyptomaniac did a review here. Kitty Witty has a written review of this top in this post (halfway down).

Printed Cotton Top
Printed Cotton Top. Suburban Mom models it for us here.

Printed Jersey Top
Printed Jersey Top. As seen on Suburban Mom, me, and Louise.

Pleated Trim Top
Pleated Trim Top. Louise does a review of this top here.

Safari Spot Top
Safari Spot Top. You can read Kitty Witty’s review in this post (halfway down).

Textured Jersey Tee
Textured Jersey Tee. Louise does a review of two of the colorways here.

Gypsy Top
Gypsy Top. Fiona wore hers here, I wore mine here, and did a review here.

Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck
Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck. Suburban Mom has worn it here, here, here, and Louise did a review here. Kitty Witty wrote a review of the top here (halfway down).

Forget-me-not Top
Forget-me-not Top. Suburban Mom wears it here, here, and does a great review here.

Perfect Silk Top
Perfect Silk Top. Shown on the first lady in the video made by the Rachael Ray show (click through the video in the post).

Pretty Ruffle Top
Pretty Ruffle Top (Maternity). Jenn does a written and IRL review of two of the colorways for my blog in this post (halfway down).

Happy (Sale) Shopping!