Monday, June 13, 2011

J. Crew: Paisley Bermuda Shorts IRL and an OOTD. {Smile.}

You all were SO sweet with my last post.  I still haven't gotten around to doing the review of the Floral Swing Skirt, but I anticipate being able to do a bit more on it fairly soon. 

In case you are wondering, I *do* plan on being more inventive with my photos.  That doesn't mean an arty-farty party every day, but I will at least try to get a few "fun" photos a week.  I definitely can't guarantee they are true, original B & T photos, but my hubby/tripod does just fine in a pinch.  LOL.

Up today is a review of the paisley bermuda shorts.  I grabbed them on the last promo (shorts/flip-flops at 20% off), and along with the 20% off cardholder code that I received, I believe I bought the shorts for around 35% off (woo!).

Paisley IRL!

Above is the polyvore that I immediately created as soon as I saw the shorts had shipped (they have proven to be popular, and QUICKLY sold out during that promo).  They are back in stock, but only in a few sizes.  I love the paisley print with the heather agate cashmere short-sleeve tee, the quorra high-heel oxfords in tawny orange and the crystal track necklace.  I also have recently acquired the Cutler and Gross sunglasses #0930 (on one needs to know that, lol) and they worked very nicely with the outfit, too, kind of gave it a mid-century feel.

A-ha!  The fun shot.  :)  This was taken with the smart phone by dear Mr. Dina.  See how we captured "atmosphere?"  LOL.  That is the Masonic Temple in the background, which is a pretty darn cool structure from the early 20th-century built to honor our dear first president and beloved son of Alexandria, George Washington.  It also makes a wicked background drop.  ;)

The night was a movie and dinner, and yes, we saw Bridesmaids.  I love the fact that Kristin Wiig was a protagonist that we all felt for but also sort of understood how she got what she deserved.  How great is it to have a comedic movie where the characters are developed so fully?  (Yes, I am the literary nerd who prefers great characters to great plot.)

Full on shot.  (Non-arty.)  :)

The shorts are a size 8, and fit great upon purchase.  I always, ALWAYS err on the bigger of my two sizes with J. Crew.  I have been stung by buying too small from them, and it bugs to have to return and re-buy.  The 8, at the end of the night, was a touch big (it stretches out a wee bit), but overall, I prefer the shorts be like this.

The shorts have a nice, long inseam of nine inches, which is perfect on me.  I am THRILLED that the powers that be at J. Crew finally (FINALLY) deemed that a print CAN come in a longer inseam.  Forever it seems, dear Mr. Mickey and Ms. Jenna determined that only the shorter inseam of three inches can have a print.  (And, Ms. Jenna, aren't you crazy tall?  You, more than anyone, should get how hard a three-freaking-inch inseam is to wear when you have a super-long inseam yourself!  *For reference, mine is 34 inches.*)
Close-up of the insanely beautiful Cutler and Gross sunglasses.  I still wear my A.R. Trapp Sunglasses ALL. THE. TIME., but it is nice to give them a day off here and there.

The Crystal Track necklace lays flat, but looks like it is a bunch of bejeweled barbells strung on a wire.  It is some sort of optical illusion, because even in the above pic it looks like the necklace is not laying flat.  Huh.

I tried tucking in the shorts and did not like the look at all, but I had to show you this pic because CW posed right along side of me in her own beautifully printed frock.  Also you get a great side view of the Quorra high heeled oxfords in this shot.

She is so CUTE.  CW is getting so big!  (She will be 3 soon.  Crazy!)

You all have a great night.  Hope to get another J. Crew review/ootd in tomorrow.  :)