Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jayne, Meet Carla!

Rosa was literally blinded by Carla's super sunny personality.  Rebecca was wearing shades.  :)

UPDATE: The very awesome Suburban Mom let us know that the coupon does not work today. Sadness!!! Until then, I have put the maternity coupon back up in the sidebar!

Maternity Coupon:

Before I begin to explain what the heck my post's title means, I want to let all my Boden friends out there know that the sale has been extended into tomorrow, so if you are unsure of what (if anything) you want to buy, you have an extra day of deciding (which I often use...so I always love it when sales get extended).

Okay, you all know Jayne, right?  She is the pretty, super 120s fabric, cowl-necked suiting dress that J. Crew put out a few years ago.  This dress was much loved by the J. Crew Aficionada community, and I fell in love, too.  Eventually I had purchased 3 (!!!) of these lovely, feminine frocks.

And then, just as quickly, I sold two of them.  I didn't rationally have a reason to hold on to three, after all, I am a stay at home mom who has a part-time job teaching and a more full-time job amusing the masses with my witty banter (lol, not really).

But I held onto the turquoise version because it is an amazing shade and in the super 120s fabric, bright and colorful is fairly rare.

You all know Carla, right?  She is making DC seem more friendly, sweet, homey, and lovely with every hootie-hoo she yells.  It is nice to know that for every brash, over-the-top, full of hot air politician we get here in this area, we have Carla Hall to prove that this area is appealing to some really awesome folks.

I am not going to get into great detail, I will leave the description of Rosa and I melting into a puddle of unsalted butter in the presence of the beautiful Carla to Rebecca (who was there with us and told the whole, hilarious story on her well-written blog), but I will tell you, it was Jayne who caught the eye of Carla first! 

That's right.  Carla Hall noticed me wearing the Jayne dress before Rosa and I noticed her.  (SQUEE!)

Rosa yells "Carla" (after I told her that we. absolutely. had. to. go. over. and say "HI!!!"), and she turns, and after the giddy giggles and squeals of excitement that I let come from my huge smile, Carla admits to admiring my dress from a distance and was wondering if she could wear the same shade.

To which school girl #1, Rosa, and school girl #2, me, titter at, as Carla is wearing the exact same shade as my dress is.  When we pointed this out to Carla, she just laughed and said, "I am, I am!"

And she hugged us.  She hugged us as a way of saying good-bye.  If I thought Carla could fit into my dress (it is a size 8, she would likely need a 4 or 6), I would give it to her.  So if any of you have a 4 or 6 turquoise Jayne dress, you should think about giving it to Carla.  :)

Needless to say, I heart Carla.  She rocks.  Thank you for helping make my region of this country just a little bit more special!

Jayne Dress, Tropical Aqua color (really more turquoise, but whatevs).

I belted it, which helps define the waist a bit.  As it was super steamy, I also wore sandals and no cardi or jacket.  The purse is the shimmerveil purse from the J. Crew Collection, Holiday 2009.

This was exactly how big my smile was when I met Carla.  I was literally floating on cloud 9.  Meeting her is about a bazillion times better than meeting all the famous politicians (can you tell I am jaded about politics?).

I love this dress.  Seriously, people, consider getting it for yourselves off ebay.

Have a great night.  If you all have a Boden review for me, would you mind e-mailing me?  Thanks!!!

And, Hootie Hoo!