Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Feeling Good.  And the bottom part of a birdbath is surprisingly more comfortable than I could have ever imagined.

Hey, all.  The Boden Weekly Review Roundup was supposed to be today, except that I went from feeling and looking like that in the above picture to...

needing this.  Yes, to make matters even more lovely, CW still looks and feels great.  Turns out Nick, Jr. on TV is a mom's best friend.  And so are lunchables...did you know a 4-year old can completely open and eat a package of food without needing any assistance?  LOL.

I am feeling better now (of course, *after* Mr. Dina gets home), but I suspect I don't have the energy for a huge blog post tonight.  (It is a long one, btw, LOTS of great reviews out there!)

Terrazzo Tunic
If you are curious, the tunic I am wearing the first photo is the Terrazzo tunic, and was one of my popbacks from this season.  (This does pop back, but it is infrequent, so my best recommendation is to check the site every morning and it could come back in your size and choice of color...)

Have a great night, I will talk with you all tomorrow morning!